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Lirbi Reader: for reading books 8.4.56
You are mistaken being sure that this is anordinary book reader, similar to many other book readers in themarket! Unlike all other applications, Lirbi has the widestrange of possibilities for comfortable reading of all populartext formats: PDF, EPUB, MOBI, DJVU, FB2, FB2.ZIP, TXT, RTF,AZW, AZW3, HTML, XPS, CBZ, CBR. At the same time, it issurprisingly easy to use. We are quite sure that you will fall inlove with our application by getting to know it a littlecloser.Moreover, you can change its color to your liking , if youdo not like any of the colors we offer. And the effect of realisticbook covers will make your work with the library even morepleasant.You are a MUSICIAN and face difficulties reading music fromthe device screen? It's not a problem! Everything is provided forthis, as Lirbi has the functions of automatic music scrolling at aspecified speed, quick transition between the previous and the nextfragment of the sheet music, and return to the first page. Ofcourse, all this will come in handy not only for creative people,but also for people of many other professions, such aslecturers.Or maybe you like to have the background of pages as before inbooks, as if you are holding a real paper book in your hands?We took care of everything! Select one of the existing backgroundsor set the background to your liking, including from images. Inaddition, you can change fonts, their color, size and style. Ofcourse, we also paid attention to the night reading mode, whichalso provides the ability to change the background and set the fontcolor. It is convenient, isn't it?For those languages where the text is read from right to left(Thai, Hebrew, Arabic) the direction of reading may be switched.However, the use of this function allows you also to bringconvenience to reading books in other languages, in case you liketo hold the device in your left hand and simultaneously flip pagesby tapping on the screen with the thumb of the same hand. Tryit!You do not want to see empty fields of books and at the same timeyou want to get rid of the annoying displacement of pages to thesides when you flip them vertically? Just set the desireddisplay area, click on the lock icon and enjoy reading! Now thepages are protected from moving to the right and to the left.We also took care of those who appear to be avid bibliophiles andcannot imagine the process of reading without creating bookmarks.Any highlighted word or the whole phrase in the text can serve asthe name of a bookmark. In addition, we implemented a powerfulsystem for their subsequent sorting: both by the time of creationand by each book separately. And if you did not find the item youwere looking for, just use the built-in search engine, insensitiveto the case of the input letters. As an addition, you will find thefunction of exporting bookmarks to various formats for theirtransfer or backup recovery.And now briefly about some other advantages of Lirbi Reader. Itcan:– open files directly from archives;– convert files from one format to another through an onlineservice;– convert PDF to text view (“Text reflow” function);– read texts out loud (TTS, Text-To-Speech) with the possibility tochange speech tempo and voice height;– cut pages into 2 parts with different division ratios;– search inside of the text with the indication of all pages wherethe searched word or phrase is found;– apply embedded styles;– show the hierarchical content of books, if any;– make comments and draw in PDF files;– create a list of favorite files;– display books on the desktop using a convenient widget;– work with installed and built-in online dictionaries.Our application is already 5 years old (Previous name PDFReader) and we are constantly working on it. If you like it, pleasebuy its paid version - Pro Lirbi Reader
PRO Lirbi Reader: PDF, eBooks 8.3.110
Lirbi Software
PRO Lirbi Reader is an easy touse and highly configurable reading app that supports mostpopular document formats, including: PDF, EPUB, EPUB3, MOBI, DjVu,FB2,, TXT, RTF, AZW, AZW3, CBR, CBZ, HTML, XPS, MHT andmore. With its simple, yet powerful interface, Lirbi makes documentreading a true pleasure. Lirbi even features a uniqueauto-scrolling, hand-free music mode.Some of Lirbi main features include:✓ Easy document discovery with optional and configurablelists:Auto-Scan (with user selected folders)Browse (with an in-app file explorer)Recent (with a progress percentage bar)✓ Support for bookmarks, annotations, and quick-jump contents✓ Individually configurable Day and Night modes✓ Support for many popular translators and offlinedictionaries✓ Vertical scrolling lock✓ Auto-centering of documents✓ Single page view of dual paged documents✓ Music mode with configurable scrolling speed✓ Voice reading capability (via TTS Engine or "text tospeech")✓ Fast and easy document searching✓​ ​Word search in multiple documents✓ Online document format conversion✓ Opening of files directly from archives (.zip)✓ ​Right​ ​to​ ​left​ language support ​(Thai,​ ​Hebrew,​ ​Arabic,etc.)✓ Continue reading from where you left off✓ Much, much more.....With Lirbi Reader, you can easily create self-maintained librariesof all your documents by specifying which formats to include andwhich folders to scan. All document collections can be viewed ineither a list or grid pattern. Documents are easily identified bysize-adjustable thumbnail covers and detailed descriptions. Yourlibrary can be sorted by path, name, size, or date and, there is afilter to help locate specific documents or document groups.While reading, documents can be locked into a vertical onlyscrolling mode and can be set to either page or screen flipping.Text can be reflowed and annotated. Volume keys can be configuredfor scrolling and backgrounds customized. Excerpts can betranslated, shared, copied, and searched on the internet.The list of features goes on and on!But, the only way to truly appreciate PRO Lirbi Reader is to usePRO Lirbi Reader. Try the free, ad supported version first anddecide for yourself; you won't be disappointed. When you areconvinced, to help support further development, please purchase anad free, PRO license.
PDF Reader Classic 8.3.137
Application for reading and viewing any PDF,DjVu, documents, books, files, presentations, comics, musicnotes.It has all that you need and even more for free!It reads eBook formats: PDF, EPUB, MOBI, DjVu, FB2, TXT, RTF,AZW, AZW3, HTML, CBZ, CBRPDF Reader Classic is a good book reader and easy fileviewer for all popular formats.Free PDF Classic can reads :- PDF- EPUB and EPUB3- Mobipocket - MOBI- DjVu- FictionBook - FB2 and Plain text - TXT- RTF- Kindle - AZW, AZW3,- HTML, XHTML, MHT- Comic book archive - CBZ, CBRPDF Reader Classic has many features:- Scan device and create library- Configure cover size and columns count- Custom color themes, day and night switcher- File manager with cover preview and file information (Author,Title, Size, Date)- Go to next page by tap on screen, volume keys or hardware keys one-ink device like Sony, Nook, Onyx- Auto Scroll the document, real-time speed control.- Comic Viewer for comic books (CBZ, CBR)- Kindle book reader for (MOBI, AZW, AZW3, PRC)- Dictionaries and Translations from the app (online andoffline)- Open PDF with password- Convert PDF to text, change text size- Support CSS for EPUB, EPUB3, MOBI, AZW- Read books from archive (.zip)- Custom book background like real old book or your own- Text-To-Speech or TTS reading aloud with any language- Export bookmarks to email or to .txt file- Background and text color for Day and Night separately- Desktop widget for recent books or for starred- Pages preview, bookmarks, table of content- Music mode for musiciansIt's too many functional to write about all of them it's betterto try the PDF Reader Classic