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Ottoman Wars 3.4.9
Ottoman Wars is an exciting action and strategy game thattransports you back into the age of the magnificent Ottoman Empire.Feel the thrill of expanding one of the world’s most historicempires as you build your base, strengthen your troops, and conqueryour enemies. Put your tactical mind to test against opponentsacross the globe in this real time global MMO. Join players fromaround the world in their quest to be the strongest army. Build& customize an elite military force for defensive strength oroffensive might. Deploy historic units such as Janissaries, Azabs,Miners, Akinjis, Tatars, Cannoneers to crush your enemies Enjoy theaction with stunning 3D graphics on your smartphone or tablet.Upgrade buildings & walls to defend your bases. Supply yourarmies with cutting edge firepower as you upgrade your arsenal.Invite your friends to create unbreakable alliances and wage war onyour enemies together! Your strategy will seal the fate of yourempire: Form a formidable fortress to defend your city from enemyattacks Construct an awe-inspiring city; command workers to gatherresources and use architects to engineer greatness Build and traina powerful, effective army; ready for battle Attack and conquer newand bountiful lands to strengthen your empire Create a clan toforge mighty alliances, but beware of the enemies you createRemember: Courage leads to victory, indecision leads to danger andcowardice leads to death! GENERAL INFORMATION & GAME FEATURES -Ottoman Wars is a real-time, multi-player, online strategy gameSupported on both tablets and smartphones Learn fun facts aboutOttoman History as you proceed into the battle against realhistorical characters Battle with Janissaries, Azabs,Bashi-bazouks, Miners, Akinjis, Sipahis, Tatars, Cannoneers. Allare ready to fight for your empire. Immerse into the Ottoman worldvia realistic, Ottoman-themed 3D war and vessel graphics OttomanWars is free to play and supports in app purchases. Facebook: Facebook_GlobalPage: Instagram:@osmanli_savaslari_1299 Support ; You can always contact us aboutyour problems and suggestions : [email protected]
Super Soccer 3V3 1.67
Forget all you know about soccer! You are about to experiencesomething you have never done before! Super Soccer is a fast-paced,thrilling soccer game. Play 3v3 soccer matches across a variety ofgame modes against opponents. Unique Gameplay Dismiss everythingyou know about the soccer from your mind!.. because you are aboutto experience the soccer in a way you have never done before. SuperSoccer is a 3 a-side soccer game which will ensure you an amazingsoccer setting. Dribble, kick, strike, dash, jump, and score byusing your hero. Use your basic skills and superpowers to beat youropponents. You don't have to play soft because the referee is notaround for a while. Remember, the ends justify the means! Strategyand Competition Team up and strategize your game play. This is ahighly competitive game that requires each player to be strategicin a team setting while constantly looking for opportunities toout-strategize your rival. Build Your In-Game Career -Choose theright character that fits your style and progress to get better!-As you score and win more games, you can unlock new skills -Be alegendary soccer player and create your own team to challengeothers Upgrade Your Character Upgrade your character to demonstratethe best of you. Follow up the career mode to unlock unique chests,items, and heroes. The more you proceed, better rewards you willget. But keep that in mind; as you advance, the challenge willincrease as well. Are you up to it? Note: You can download SupperSoccer for free and it is completely free to play. Yet, if you wantto increase your pleasure, you can also find in-game items whichyou can puurchase for real money. This feature can be disabledin-app purchases in your device’s settings if you don’t need it. Anetwork connection is required to play.
3 Hanedan : Türk Dünyası Bu Oyunda Birleşiyor 1.0.45
☾Savaş stratejin, Tuğ binasını kurup Türk Dünyasınıbirleştirmenisağlayacak☾ Osmanlı İmparatorluğu gözün, Hunİmparatorluğu yüreğin,Timur Hanedanlığı sesin olacak Kağanım.Kağanım, şunu unutma!Yolumuz uzun ve çetindir. Bu yolda karşına birsürü engelçıkacaktır. Bu çetin yolda dayanabilecekleri yanına seç.Sen kiTürk Dünyasını birleştirecek o yüce Hükümdarsın!! Türk yapımıolan“3 Hanedan” ile tarihe 3 ırktan birini seçerek yön ver! Aynıandabinlerce oyuncu ile oynanabilen, hem tablet hem de mobilcihazlarlauyumlu; fantastik öğeler içermeyen ve gerçekçikarakterler,grafikler ve sahnelerle dolu 3 Hanedan, zekanız veyeteneğiniz ileön plana çıkabileceğiniz bir strateji oyunu.Kağanım! 3 farklıırktan arkadaşlarını tek çatı altında birliğetoplayıp 3 ırktan 3oyuncunun tuğ binasını 10 seviye yapmasınısağla. Sağla ki Türkdünyası senin sayende huzur bulsun! Anaşehrinle beraber 10 altköyüne hükmedip diğer oyunculara karşısaldırını, savunmanı veekonomini güçlendir. 60 günlük sezonlarsonunda oyunda tuğ binasınıkurup tamamlayan birlik olursa sezonusıfırlamaktadır. Sezonukapatan birlik, Türk dünyasını birleştirirve oyundaki bütün altköyler sezon sonunda sıfırlanır. Oyundakidiğer oyuncular ilesohbet edebilirsiniz. Ayrıca birlik içi sohbetile oyun içindestratejiler oluşturup diğer birlikleri ve oyuncularıyenip sezonusıfırlayabilirsiniz. ==İletişim== InstagramFanpage: Facebook Fanpage:[email protected]