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Apple Knight: Premium Action Platformer 2.1.2
Brand new game! No ads! No coin IAPs! This is a premium gamethatcan be played for free initially. Then the whole game canbeunlocked with a single purchase. We set out to create one ofthebest action platformer games for mobile devices.Effortlesslycontrol the character, explore vast levels filled withsecrets,quests & loot, and defeat tough bosses. Choose frommultiplecontrol layouts and customize each of them to your liking -or playwith a controller! Apple Knight is a modern retro actionplatformerwith tight controls, fluid character movement, andsmoothanimation. Move effortlessly through levels - this game givesyou alot of freedom from the get-go. Try it out and see foryourself!Fight your way through hordes of evil wizards, knights,andcreatures. Activate traps to take them out from a safedistance!Features: - 40 levels: 4 worlds with 10 levels. 4 bosses.-Customize character skins, weapons and abilities. -Modernplatformer with double jump, dash, wall climbing, ledgehanging. -Pets! - 2 secret areas in every level. - 6 customizabletouchscreencontrol layouts. - Gamepad support. - Keyboard supportonChromebooks. Supports Samsung DeX. - Cloud save support.-Achievements. - Made with lots of love and care!
Apple Knight Action Platformer 2.3.4
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