Light Core Game Apps

Fantasy Isle: Merge Game! 1.0.1
Fantasy Isle: Merge Game! is a cute cartoon-style merge game.Inthis game, players will travel with our lovely Yun Bao tothemysterious Four Season Island. Through continuous item merging,youcan obtain various materials, complete different tasks, andfinallysave the island from pollution and the gray fog. At the sametime,as the game progresses, a variety of small animal partnerswillappear in the game to help Yun Bao to save the island. Theymakefood for her, help her with the work, and become herindispensablehelper. Interesting gameplay and easy controls allowplayers toplay anytime and anywhere. Head to the island now!
Idle Zombie Shelter
Idle Zombie Shelter:A Casual Idle Game
Sweet Topia
A cartoon-style farm simulation game.