LandShark Games Apps

Fast SMS 1.0
With Fast SMS you can send a message toacontact with a single touch! This is great if you need to sendthesame message to the same contact often, eg: "Be there in 5 mins"-if you pick them up each day. The message text and numberarestored locally on your phone, so when you start the app,themessage is ready to send.
Monster Candy
This sweet puzzle game is for all logic game fans out there!
Zen Koi
A beautiful game about the life of a Koi, from an egg into aDragon.
Zen Koi 2
Zen Koi 2 is a calm, relaxing game about a Koi's journey to becomea dragon.
Zen Koi Pro
Zen Koi Pro features single player offline play, and shiny rarekoi!