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Supermarket Manager - Store Cashier Simulator 2.5.1
Do you like the supermarket manager and cash register storemanagement games for girls for free? Enjoy being a supermarketcashier manager in an incredible challenge for boys and girls of 5,6 or even 10 years old! Kids and girls like to shop and work ingames about shopping management in supermarket or becoming a storemanager, probably not only because they like to spend money withtheir parents, but mainly because they see all the action that isgoing on! Give them the money to handle the supermarket and storecash register and you will be surprised! In these amazing kids andgirls games, they can discover how to be a supermarket manager inreal life! In this addictive cashier manager shopping simulatorgame you will have to fulfill and manage the tasks of a supermarketcashier for girls and kids: Dress up yourself with a dress editorfor supermarket shopping girls and kids. When you are ready foryour workday, solve the puzzle to get to the next level! The fun inthis kids supermarket is about to start! Begin your day in thegirls grocery store: Clean it up, throw the overripe vegetables tothe rubbish, and replace the bad food for fresh ones. Finish thelevel with a supermarket shopping cart minigame where you have tocollect fresh vegetables of the shop! Continue in the cleaningshopping store: Your job as a shopping supermarket cashier in thestore mall includes cleaner skills. Clean the trash of the storeusing a mop and a cloth and leave it as good as new! Replace thebroken cleaning materials for new ones and proceed to the next stepin this cashier simulator for girls: Refill with fresh fruits inthe fruits shop! Take care of supermarket clients. Sell food,desserts, and drinks in the cash register with a barcode scannerprice checker and allow your customers to pay in cash or with acredit card. This is an amazing time for numbers learning while youcharge the clients' payments. In these kids supermarket shoppinggames for girls, you will explore grocery shopping, numbers forkids, store cashier, the lost and found section, and supervisingthe shopping mall as a kids supermarket manager in this shoppingsimulation for girls! Discover the magic in buy and sellsupermarket trade, in this shopping time management foods simulatoradventure! Similar to other shopping manager job simulator gamesfor girls, here you will also have to explore different ways inmanaging your shopping clients, your items and workers all in orderto upgrade your shop and get it to be as great as the societyrequires and as best as you can in order to handle all the clientsand this girls supermarket mania challenges. FEATURES OF THESE KIDSSUPERMARKET AND CASHIER SIMULATOR FOR GIRLS: - Best store managergirls minigames. - Foods puzzle minigame for free: finding numbersgame and minigames. - Educational game for girls: supermarket mallmanager game! - Best cleaning game in town: recycling garbage inthese educational simulation boys games. - Simple and intuitive forgirls of 7 years to 8 or 9 years old: a fun kids supermarketmanagement game for girls! - Learn more about making a grocery listand serve shopping vegetables! Are you ready to be the bestsupermarket cashier in this fun idle adventure mall simulator game?Twitter: @LabCave Facebook:
Skate City Adrenaline Race 1.0.0
The most addictive skateboarding game! Complete the missions ridingyour pixel skateboard through the city. Enjoy the ride in stages.Make some freestyle tricks and jumps like in real life: Crazyskateboarding features such as loopings and tricks are some of thefeatures of this funny game. Ride through entertaining ramps or onthe floor around the city. Let your adrenaline flow! Our goal isto help you master your balace on the skateboard along thestreets. AVOID THE OBSTACLES Skate in the city and do neat tricks!Maintain your balance, avoid all the obstacles and enjoy freestyleloopings. Be careful with all the hurdles while you are on the run.Ride fast and accurate. This race will switch on your adrenaline!MAKE FREESTYLE MOVEMENTS To be a skater requires mechanicalaccuracy of movements: any little slip can cause your rider to comecrashing off of his board! Be careful and keep the balance or youwill fall down. Practice your skate skills and funny movements inthis top notch skateboarding game full of surprises. RACE WITHOUTEND Master skateboarding skills dodging all the obstacles of therace. Remember not to slow down! It seems easy but the obstaclesare distributed randomly at the start of each level, making italways a fresh experience when the skater hops on his board. Pureadrenaline! Appropriate for children and adults who love skatemovements in this blocky game. You are the skater: grab your boardand join the crew! All you need is a skateboard, smartattitude and a good challenge! Grow as an experimented skater andshare your results via Twitter, Facebook or Google+. Twitter:@LabCave Facebook:
Blocky Superbikes Race Game
Accept the motorcycle challenge of this amazing blocky superbikesrace game!
Real Motor Rider - Bike Racing 3.0.0
Do you love to race fast paced motorbike racing games and hear theroar of a real motor? Enjoy the motocross and trial madness like areal rider! If you like digging your wheel down into the mud, thendirt bikes games are for you: Superb races and nitro speed whilebreathing the outdoor freedom of this motor bike sport! In thisreal motorcycle and bike racing game you are being chased by othertrial and motocross bike riders. Amazing graphics and exceptionaltracks and, of course, powerful motorbikes are waiting just foryou. Become the guru of this real racing track. Pass all themotorcycle rider group and trial bikes to win this game. Hist! Ifyou get stuck on the motorcycle highway racetrack, try switchingyour racing motor bike, because all bikes have their own racingfeatures. Compete in this exciting real racing game, no matter howgood your rivals are! Get a higher score than your friends! Be themost dangerous motorcycle rider with a motorbike on a track.Features of Real Motor Bike Racing: 🚵 Incredible 3D graphics ofreal motorbikes 🚵 Amazing racing game full of speedy movements andfunny rival motocross and trial real riders 🚵 An infinite race as agreat challenge to improve your skills 🚵 Choose your racing bike:There are different bikes you can pick up depending on theirfeatures Beat all the motorbikes as you run for your safety and beprepared for the next racing bike attack! Beware of the features ofthis funny real motor simulator game to help you improve yourracing and real rider skills! This racing bike game is appropriatefor children and adults who love dirt bikes and racing bike mobilegames! Win points, gain experience and tell your friends about yourhighest bike racing scores. Are you ready? Twitter: @LabCaveFacebook:
Wild Motor Bike Offroad Racing
Feel the adrenaline in this challenging offroad bike motorcycledriving games!
Dessert Chain: Café Waitress & Restaurant Chef
Fancy baking cakes? Serve tasty desserts and drinks in these FREEcooking games!
Idle Supermarket Empire Tycoon
Build your Shopping Mall. Manage your supermarket, idle money &become a tycoon!
My Love & Dating Story Choices
Make a correct choice and discover romantic stories in this love& dating game.
Dirtbike Survival Block Motos
Drive a motorcycle in this motocross trial racing! Speed up yourdirt bike now!
Burger Clicker - Idle Business
Make money, become billionaire with your burger restaurant in thisIdle Clicker!
Royal Garden Tales - Match 3
Decorate the mystery mansion and its garden with this match 3puzzle fairy game!
Tooth Fairy Horse - Pony Care
Care for and breed your little pony on the farm! Become a horsekeeper!
Robber Race: Police Car Chase
Bad boy, escape from the cop car chase in our mafia gangster cityas a robber!
My Adult Choices: Love Stories 1.4.3
Have you watched episodes of a TV series or read books where youdidn't like the decisions of the protagonist of the story? In MyAdult Choices, YOU will be the main character of the episode andyou will make your own choices in each chapter! Live your ownstories of love, romance, passion, lust, and drama, making yourbest decisions! Live a romantic journey, chat and flirt with yourdates, date different guys and girls, live erotic moments and enjoythe stories of each episode in this interactive narrative game andremember that ONE choice can change everything in the chapter! MyAdult Choices - Chapters FEATURES ▶ Customize your avatar: chooseyour gender and sexual orientation, choose your outfit and thenstart a love affair. ▶ Lots of dates with different boys and girlsto choose from. What relationship will you have? Friends, lovers,enemies...? You can decide and make decisions about your romancefate! ▶ Play a unique "choose-your-own-story" style with a richnarrative and an extraordinarily immersive romantic fantasyadventure. ▶ Each episode is different and just like in real life:you can decide and make choices for your future. All your decisionswill have consequences, so choose wisely! ▶ Tons of different storybooks ends! ▶ Enjoy different genres from our collection ofinteractive stories with updates and new chapters, includingromance, samurai and ninja, action, drama, or thriller! ▶ Multipleoptions to choose from: kissing, having a dirty moment, sharing asecret message, dating your crush, having a sexual date, etc. Whichof the interactive stories will you start with? 📖 SUMMER CRUISE OnSummer Cruise love is not taboo! Get yourself ready for intensefeelings and narrative stories that will make you feel realbutterflies in your stomach! Will you choose to speak with David,or maybe you just prefer to move on? Think carefully, you may bemissing the romance of this summer. 📖 LADY NINJA Welcome to feudalJapan!" Lady Ninja " is an amazing interactive story that allowsyou have to choose from multiple options as a samurai and combinefriendship and memories of life as you travel through Japanesecities! Your choices will determine whether you will live a romanceor if you prefer to kill your enemies in this story! Isn't life allabout love and adventure? "My Adult Choices: Love Stories is thenarrative episode game. Through multiple stories and novels, youcan decide how your character's life will end. There is a surprisewaiting for you every time, sometimes you will have to make hardand other tiny life choices, like starting a relationship orrejecting your crush, dating boys and girls, falling in love,discovering your friends' taboo secrets, or murdering your enemies.Make your decisions through pages and pages of interactive storieswhile enjoy the wonderful storytelling of the chapters! Each choicecan lead you down a new path of passion. Which one will you choose?
Doggy Doctor: Pet Care & Animal Hospital Simulator 1.0.0
Do you ever dream about being a professional vet doctor andhelpingall those adorable sick animals? Doggy Doctor helps you tomakeanimals healthy and happy again. This is the best dog &puppycaring simulation game where you can take care of cute dogsfrompet store, so if you love animal games and dogs, do not lookanyfurther! Doggy Doctor is the best game for you!!! Some of yourpetshave fever, ear infection, sore throat or stomach ache, so youcanuse your medical knowledge and a lot of instruments tocuredifferent diseases and injuries. Make your hairy friends healandrecover so they will be able to enjoy running and playingagain.Play as an expert pet animal doctor at local vet clinic inthe bestanimal hospital games. At pet vet clinic you have thechance totreat pet animals including furry pets and animals inthese puppydog simulator games for free. Manage your own animalhospital inthis pet clinic simulator and research new treatments todo petsurgery. Whether it is a bruise, a broken paw, an earinfection, asore throat or a bad intestinal infection – the initialmedicalexamination shows you the first symptoms of a disease. Hereyouwill set up the diagnosis and treat sick animals as a petdoctorwith pet surgery in this veterinarian pet hospital simulatorgames.If you find the right symptoms, the animal simulator is sentto thesuitable ward for further treatment in pet games, such asX-rayspicture or ultrasounds in these animal doctor simulatorgames. Workas a professional veterinary clinic doctor in this newanimalhospital simulator game: rescue furry pet & cute babyanimalpet like dog & puppy and prove that you are the best petdoctorin these animal hospital games. These pets need your love andcareto be treated well as soon as possible to return home fromthevirtual animal hospital simulator. Our pet hospital simulatorgameshave many kinds of medical instruments for pet surgery on dogsandcats in veterinary clinic games. Experience being an expertanimalveterinarian in this pet doctor hospital game and enjoy petanimaldoctor games for free. Feature of Doggy Doctor: Pet Care&Animal Hospital Simulator games for girls: - Manage your ownpethospital and learn the daily tasks of a veterinarian. -Provideanimal hospital care treatment like wound cleaning anddentisttreatment. - Many kinds of medical emergency levels likepetsurgery games. - Multiple medical instrumentals to play withinthese pet doctor games. - Choose from a variety of medicaltestdiagnosis to perform in this free pet hospital game. - Exploreafully functioning hospital full of doctors and nurses! If youfeelexcited about pet care hospital games, then you'll liketoexperience being a free pet hospital doctor in these animalvetgames & pet clinic games. Learn how to heal animals inthisamazing and funny game! Are you ready for the best experienceas adoctor ever? Show your skills!
Dentist Care Adventure - Tooth Doctor Simulator 3.5.0
If you always take care of your teeth as you were a realdentistdoctor, this could be your favorite game ever! Also, if youseeyourself like a doctor in the future, this amazing title willteachyou some of the things you need to know to develop a career asthebest dentist in town! Get ready to take care of every tooth inyourhospital or dental clinic. Learn all the secrets oforthodonticsand braces and use them in your patients. Performdental surgeryand care for your patients after the operation inthis doctor crazyadventure simulator. Live this dentist adventureand become themost admired tooth doctor! Teach the children thetooth care isessential to be healthy! Have fun learning how to be adentist inthis adventure simulator and show off your patients youcan be thebest doctor for them! Enjoy this tooth care simulator andhavehours of fun taking care of your patients! Play now! Features:-Many tooth care tools to perform surgeries and take care oftheteeth! - Dentist adventure simulator with many patients to careof!- Great graphics and dentist sounds! - Several dentistadventurelevels to explore! - Tell all your friends to visit youfor a toothcheck! Become a professional dentist in this doctorsimulator andlive the adventure of taking care of the patients'teeth! You canbe the next best doctor in town! Play now!
Bingo Cruise: Love & Dating Stories 1.0.20
The cruise is about to set sail! Are you ready to take outyourbingo chips and start playing? This bingo game is just awesomewithromantic stories. Let's start the party! But wait a second, doyoualready know what choice you are going to make? Because this isnotjust a bingo game: you will be the one who decides how thebingoand interactive love story ends. Amazing Journey! Lotsofinteractive episodes just for you to choose. Are you ready toplaybingo games and interactive love stories on this cruise ship?WithBingo Cruise: Love & Dating Stories you will choose if youjustpop in and play awesome board games and travel around the worldorif your choices are different, you may end up in anentertainmentbingo journey! Your destiny is in your hands: Startplaying thislove and dating story episode in this interactive bingogame! Likeany other interactive "choices", "stories", or "episodes"games,you will be in total control of how the interactive storyends, ifyou play bingo or enter the casino, if you decide to bet orkeepthe chips ... or if you choose to fall in love! With BingoCruiseyou can break the monopoly of big casino games and change thestoryof these board games tournament for endless fun andentertainment!Here's how it works: you can play this classic mobilebingo gamewith 1 to 3 cards in live rounds simultaneously while youcanchoose what action to take at each moment of the game. Do youwantto keep playing? You can do it. Do you want to meet thatmysteriousboy who is watching you from the back of the casino? Yousimplyhave to choose to save your casino chips and go talk to him.Witheach election you determine the future of the story: romance,loveand dating stories in these interactive bingo games! If youlikeplaying bingo or casino and mobile dating story choices gamesforfree, you just will love Bingo Cruise: Love & DatingStories.FEATURES OF THIS REVOLUTIONARY BINGO EPISODES GAME: - Fun,freeonline bingo mobile game for all ages. - Choices, episodes,storiesand tons of different ends. - Add up to 3 cards to increaseskilland entertainment. - Practice your casino game skills insimple onecard play. - Discover the five oceans playing bingo onluxurycruises. - Exclusive to Bingo Cruise: Amazing sunset andsunriselandscapes with incredible interactive love and datingstoriesbehind! - Spread the word with other devoted bingo playersandfriends! Everybody will want to choose how the episode ends.-Meeting and dating with incredible people while enjoy endlesslivebingo tournaments free to play: Pop in and enjoy withtruly,awesome entertainment! Are you feeling lucky? Ready for thebestbingo pick game and love stories? Start playing classic bingogameswhenever you want and challenge your friends and otherplayers. Ittakes decision making skills, personality,concentration, speed,and strategy to become a bingo master. Butnobody said it was easy.Great minds play board games. Alreadyfeeling the pressure andburn-out of the daily life? Why not tochoose to relax and enjoyour entertainment game? We can guaranteethat with this free bingogame and choice of romantic stories andepisodes you will immerseyourself in a new world where you canforget about all yourproblems. What are you waiting to play? Seeyou inside! Good luckand please have fun when playing this casinoand bingo sagaresponsibly! * This is not a slot or bet casino game.Bingo Cruisedoes not offer real money gambling or implies futuresuccess atreal money gambling.