Witch Weapon 1.6.0
The price of saving the world is to become a girl? Super-fantasy♂→♀RPG: Witch Weapon [Backstory] In the summer of 2037, the worldisdestroyed by the activation of Substance H. Ren, the only boywholived, made a wish on the Ross Goblet, wishing that all thiswerejust a dream. With a flash of white light, he found the cityback tonormal the next morning and himself a girl. Meanwhile, theRossGoblet disappeared from its site under the watchful eyes of adozensurveillance devices. After a confusing battle, the younggirl gainsthe magic of witches, and the conspiracy of Substance Hamongvarious political forces got underway... [Features] *Afantasy sagewith over 300,000 words: Become the savior of theworld in thechaotic time. *An aesthetic yuri story: Enjoy yourlove story withdifferent Witches. *Assemble the most powerfulsquad: Wipe allenemies out with strategy. *Extraordinary voiceacting: It'spainful... but you kind of like that, huh? Ren (Voice:Rie Kugimiya)Mariru (Voice: Shizuka Ito) Elluka (Voice: MiyukiSawashiro) Beth(Voice: Kana Ueda) Astariel (Voice: Mamiko Noto)Sonya (Voice:Satomi Arai) Alice (Voice: Yui Ishikawa) Liliana(Voice: SumireUesaka) Rei (Voice: Aya Hirano) [Details] SubstanceH Substance H,a.k.a. the Divine Touch, is a general term for itemsand tools thatactivate supernatural phenomena at certainconditions. They are notbound by any known barriers such asdimension, time, space, or mind.Substance H has long been lurkingaround. Most of them exist underthe cover of daily items and arehard to notice. But once touched byspecific activators, they willtrigger unknown anomalies. [SevenYears War] As more and moreSubstance H are discovered, manycountries gradually realized theirgreat strategic significance. Anarms race over Substance H hadbegun. In the summer of 2027, WorldWar III broke out as the mainzone of Tokyo was destroyed bySubstance H, which ended in 2034with the loss of half of thepopulation and the dissolution of morethan 200 countries andgovernments. This war is also known as SevenYears War. [AcademyCity] Six of the most advanced organizations inthe field ofSubstance H have formed a peace alliance. The reasonfor the truceis that each side has a weapon of Substance H, beingcapable ofdestroying the world. Under such circumstances, theresult is aglobal standoff. In response to strong anti-warsentiment, the sixorganizations branded themselves as AcademyCities through politicalpropaganda. [The Ross Goblet] On July 6th,2037, a group ofterrorists broke into a public exhibition ofSubstance H andunsealed the Ross Goblet. Its curse was unleashed,causing brimstoneand fire falling from the sky. The Fifth AcademyCity was destroyedin the blink of an eye... That was how it shouldbe. However, thecausality had been forcibly manipulated by anunknown force as ifthe catastrophe never happened. The Ross Gobletmysteriouslydisappeared, and a boy became a girl because of thechange of thecausality... Follow our Facebook or Discord to getmore information!Facebook:
Dungeon Survivor II: Dark Tide 1.2.10
The Great Subterrane Awaits You Coming in the 2nd Anniversary
Dungeon Survivor 2.8.92
*** ULTIMATE DUNGEONS, ENDLESS ADVENTURE! *** The experienceofDungeon Survivor is like a different journey in the dark world,youface the danger of weird creatures, learn how to collectmoreresource and being stronger, establish your territory and trytosurvive longer. IMMERSED STORYLINE ● Over 10 maps and totally500+areas/dungeons to be unlocked ● Tactical missions indungeons,survive and achieve greatness through the journey ● Randomevents,simple but elaborately text-based changing plots MORE THAN80CLASSES ● Endless customization, over 20 types of upgrade pathwith6 lethal tiers ● Improve your strategy, learn the unique skillsforperfect team combo ● Easy-to-control but eye-catchingbattlesTACTICAL AND STRATEGY ● Form up your expeditionary force andtryall the methods to survive longer ● Improve your strategy foraperfect team, explore the unknown world for epic loots ●Upgradeyour buildings to increase your kingdom’s productivity ●Train,level up your adventurers with superior strength, go out tothewild for adventure CHALLENGE MIGHTY POWER ● Explore and conquertheunknown world for epic loots ● Leaderboard to watch yourfriendsand competitors! ● How far can you go in the Dark Rift? Havefunplaying Dungeon Survivor!! ===CONTACT US=== If you like ourgame,please welcome to contact us give suggestion! ● OfficialFacebook: ● Email:[email protected]
Idle Knight - 3D Cartoon Idle PRG
New 3D Cartoon Idle PRG IDLE KNIGHT OEPN BETA now! You are aknightentrusted with a special mission, fighting against enemies,slayingdragons on mysterious lands to claim bountiful rewards. Allyouneed to do is sparing one finger to help your heroes whenthey'rein trouble. You can either fight with your team when you'refree orlet your team fight for you when you're AFK, while earninglootsall the time. ——Idle play, Mind free! Stress-free auto battlemodeand auto upgrades, free your hand, free your mind. Adjustlineupand upgrade skills occasionally, win loots all the time. It'sjustthat easy! ——Turn the Tide with Spectacular Skills! Dozensofskills and abilities with spectacular effects are ready for youtobegin battles, release your powerful skill with just one taptotwist the tide and crush the enemies down! ——Summon Heroes,CreateYour Own Team! Recruit the best of the best among hundredsofheroes of various occupations from 5 camps and build up yourownformations to go in to battle, let them slay the enemiesandcollect countless treasures for you! ——ForgeGears&EquipHeroes, Prepare for the Fight! Collect and forgelegendary gears,equip your knight with upgradable armor and weaponsand fight tothe end! ——Command Your Heroes, Wipe the Enemies Out!Deploy heroesof different clans and skills properly, slay enemieseffortlesslyand challenge world-wide real live players in the PVPArena! IDLEKNIGHT is still under open beta. All suggestions arewelcomed! Feelfree to tell us through SNS if you have any idea.Facebook: In order to saveyour gaming data, we have to get thepermission of file access. Weonly have the access to your gameaccount and data. All the photosor other personal files will not beaccessed.
Give It Up! Bouncy 0.7.12
A new sequel of the extremely popular rhythm-based platform gameGive It Up has arrived! Bounce across gaps, among traps, and overspikes. The little Blob awaits you to proceed an amazing adventurewith our new dynamic music. Game Features: -Strategic Puzzle Youthink this is just a simple jumping game? Big mistake! In Give ItUp! Bouncy, you must utilize your brain and various props to helpthe little Blob survive in this critical platform world. -Timingand Racing Fast and furious? Join the race in timing mode andfinish all the tasks in certain time to win the final reward. -72Complicated Levels Practice! Practice! Practice a lot! Finish allthe crazy levels with your cute black Blob. Danger is everywhereand remember it is a game habitual to die. -29 Devil DifficultiesYou think this is hard? It can never be hard enough. 29 devildifficulties await you to accomplish and be aware that it coulddrive you crazy and throw your phone away. [Community] FacebookPage:
Elona Mobile 1.1.5
The Bizarre Open World RPG
EZ Knight 1.6.1
Easy try EZ Knight
Stellar Hunter 3.0.17
Stellar Hunter is a space-themed RPG with upgradedroguelikeelements to make it full of possibilities. You can evenclearstages by simply rolling a dice, and the darkened-mapwithuncertainties inherited from Dungeon Survivor II will surelyspiceup your experience. It all begins with a spacecraft crash.You, theonly survivor, have to go on an adventure on differentstrangeplanets. You could gather your own squad by recruiting alienraces,make full use of weapons and skills, overcome all thechallenges,become famous and make your own fortune!--------GameFeatures-------- ● Random Events >>>ExperienceupgradedRoguelike! With upgraded roguelike elements, your luckcounts asmuch as your strategy. You are not only facing exoticaliencreatures, but also dilemmas of different choices. Is it atrap ora surprise? You can never tell, but there are always ways tosolvethem out. ● Assemble & Upgrade >>>Gather themightiestsquad ever! At the edge of the universe, there's a secretstellartavern where you could meet hunters of all kinds. Interactwiththem and recruit whomever you want; forge weapons andselectsuitable promotion paths from five classes for them. Buildyour ownperfect squad! ● Win Strategically >>>Put enemiesto routwith your brilliant tactics! You could only bring up to 4memberswith you for each adventure. Choose wisely and select therightweapons, gears, and skills. Make right tactics fordifferentdestinations to crush your enemies! ● Explore UndiscoveredGalaxies>>>8 alien galaxies await your exploration! Everyplanethas its own secrets and rules. By the time you land on theplanet,you’ll be placed in a fully mysterious environment. Wonderwhat’shappening here in space? Take a step onto these bizarreplanets andreveal the secrets. ● Epic & ChallengingBattles>>>Battle against the most dominant Boss in thegalaxies!Gather your squad and get ready for the epic Boss fights.Defeatthem and loot their treasures. Challenge the impossible andearngreat achievement. Make your own rules and be the onlycommander ofall galaxies! For more information:Facebook:
Fury Survivor: Pixel Z 1.065
Pixel-art Zombie Slaughter Party
Fury Survivor: Pixel Z 1.065
Pixel-art Zombie Slaughter Party
Immortal: Reborn 1.1.1
Free to build, free to chill
Tap and nap, grow into trump!
一念逍遙 1.1.22122301
The strongest ink style place Xiuxian mobile game
Just one. more. floor..! ★The Abyss connects the humancivilizationto a world overrun by demons. Hordes and legionstirelessly invadeand massacre unfortunate souls caught in theirpath. The wheel oftime turned and turned, until finally a powerfulrace had emerged-- the Halfbreeds, born with demon blood in theirveins, and withstrength equally matching the Daemari. TheseHalfbreeds now servethe king under the Daemon Inquisition, actingas the first line ofdefense against the vile wretches of thisworld. As the Inquisitorsexplored the Abyss over the years,astounding secrets have begun tounravel... ★Delve into the Abyss★[Intro] Leave those fancy tricksat home -- for in the abyss, beingpractical is king. Get ready forpixel-perfect combat dodges andmeticulous dungeon crawling, aspermanent death skulks in theshadows of every step. Fortune alwaysfavors the bold -- leave nowwith what you have, or spelunk deeperfor even more treasure? ★Fullycustomizable gear setup★[Professions] Each Inquisitor must endurethe harshest trials tobecome proficient in all weapons. MostInquisitors possess aspecial affinity toward a particular weapontype, and are thusencouraged to wield ones they find especiallyhandy. Weapons do nothave profession requirements -- instead eachcomes with its ownunique set of skills. Now, pick up a weapon anddefend your landagainst the Daemari! ★Randomized Dialusconfigurations★ [Dialus]Survivor Inquisitors tell of a strangestatue deep under the Abyss,on it three turnable dials slottablewith elemental orbs foundduring venture. Different orb combinationsgrant powers beyonddescription, be it immense energy surges withinthe body, ormystical Chain Lightnings imbued in one's attacks.Among veterandelvers, finding the right arrangement of the Dialusis essentialfor survival. ★Adventure with friends and foes alike★[Bonds] Eversince five winters past, there's been reports ofencounteringunidentifiable Inquisitors during venture. Somemanifest as ghostsand specters and attack with a fierce vengeance,while others mayact as helpful allies in vanquishing the Daemari.Forming a partybefore braving the depths should lower the risks ofsuchencounters. ★Power through complex challenges★[Trainings]Inquisitors may take virtual lessons and participate incontests tofurther hone themselves. Many types of challenges awaitfor thoseon a path of self-improvement -- with lucrative rewards toboot.Don't miss out on these trainings, as being fully prepared foranexploration is always a great idea.
Valueless real-time competitive fighting mobile game
Turmoil 3.0.60
Drill like a 19th Century Oil Baron!
Shop Heroes Legends: Idle RPG 1.11.0
Build your Business Empire in this Epic Shop Tycoon Simulation RPG!
Overmortal 1.3.22092101
Eastern Fantasy Wuxia Idle RPG
OHHH! Sheep
Meet the official mobile version of this CRAZY FAMOUSTile-MatchingGame!
Rizline 1.0.2
Let music be the thread that connects the world! Pigeon Games'second music rhythm game after "Phigros"! Dots and lines areintertwined with rhythm, bringing you a simple and extraordinarymusic journey with wonderful geometric sense!
신선놀음: 이모털 월드 1.2.22112301
Massive 2.0 update! A new world "Spiritual Realm" opens! Good orbad, the beginning of choice!