Game of Kings: The Blood Throne
Be on the lookout, king warriors! The weave of magic is on turmoil.Soon the ancient Rune Continent will open for a short period oftime and allow you all to enter it and face challenges like younever had, fight like you never had, rally with your alliance likeyou never had, get rewards like you never dreamed of. The RuneContinent is not for the faint of heart. It will challenge yourspirit, your willpower and your resilience. Your alliance brotherswill be the beacon of light in that mayhem, hold tight to them,fight with them, shoulder to shoulder, back to back and conquer theRune Wonder together. Game of Kings: The Blood Throne is a FREEmobile real-time strategy and simulation medieval war game whereyou fight armies, dragons, and monsters to achieve your destiny: toforge your empire and become the king. Gather your resources, buildyour Empire, train your Warriors, enhance your city, prepare yourdefenses, join or create alliances, attack errand monsters, leadyour armies, wage epic wars, use your strategy to outsmart yourenemies and destroy them. Sit on the iron throne, forge your empireand dominate the kingdom! GOK Features: ✔ Players vs. Players EpicWars. ✔ Explore the world map, seek and attack many differentmonsters like Dragons, Minotaurs, Leviathans, Medusa, Gryphons,Goblins, Centaurs, Cyclops, Evil Reindeers, Anubis, Fenrir, Naga,and Hellhounds. ✔ Gather 6 different kinds of resources (food,iron, stone, wood, silver, and gold) to use to build and upgradebuildings, train armies, and research new technologies. ✔ Gatherhundreds of thousands of soldiers among swordsman, archers, knightsand siege machines, in 4 increasingly powerful tiers! Attack otherplayers and defend your empire! ✔ Create or join alliances and wagewar to other coalitions. Make friends with other players, developtogether and fight your common enemies like brothers! ✔ Rally yourguild friends and fight together! ✔ Forge Epic and Legendaryweapons to become immensely powerful! ✔ Power up your Hero with 2different skill trees system. ✔ Develop 142 different skills: War,Defense, Trade, Economy, Tactics and Construction skills. ✔ Nolanguage barriers! Talk to anyone freely with our real-time in chattranslation of 34 different languages. ✔ Frequent events with freegifts and engaging activities. Don’t miss the chance to forge yourempire and become a legend. Game of Kings: The Blood Throne iscompletely free to play; however, some items still can be purchasedwith real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, pleasedisable this function in your device or the setting of the store.For any questions or comments, please contact us via Email:[email protected]