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Suprabhaatham put a land mark in the history of Indian Journalism.No newspaper in India, except Suprabhaatham, has started publishingwith six editions and six lakhs copies in the very first day. Thereare a lot of media establishments in Kerala including print media.All of the newspapers started with very few copies and achievedprosperity only after a struggle of long years. But, with the graceof the Almighty we could take off easily by achieving the thirdlargest newspaper in Malayalam. Though, Suprabhaatham is only aninfant in Malayalam journalism, the Enlighted readers admit that ithas acquired maturity by birth and set new trends in Malayalamjournalism within a short period. We are trying to restructure theway of news presentation. We believe in change according to theneed of the reading community. At the same time we are against theviolation of ethics in journalism. News should be factual. Nojournalist or news paper establishment has the right to distortreal news to appease any section. We understand that journalismshould be away from partialism. So, the goal of Suprabhaatham, isto establish an unbiased news culture. As mentioned above,Suprabhatam is a new comer in Malayalam journalism. It startedpublication on 1st September 2014. It was inaugurated by theHonourable Chief Minister Oommen Chandy. Honourable ministers likeRamesh Chennithala, P.K Kunhalikkutty, K.C Joseph, P.K Abdurub, Dr.M.K Muneer and dignitaries like Panakkad Sayyid Hyder Ali ShihabThangal, Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, E. Ahmed, Abdussamad Samadani,Thomas Jacob etc had reached to bless the new-born news baby.Suprabhaatham is the dream project of Iqra Publications, a unit ofthe great organisation, Samatha Kerala Jam Iyyathul Ulama. Samasthaa muslim organization which is fully engaged in the development ofeducational, cultural and moral activities of people, entered inanew venture in the Media titled as Suprabhaatham Daily. SamasthaKerala Jam Iyyathul Ulama formed in 1926 at Kozhikkode, under theleadreship of great Scholar Varakkal Mullakkoya Thangal. Samastharoots in all over the villages in Kerala, other states in India andalso in abroad. Samastha is the supreme religious andorganizational commanding and decision making body of more than 85%of the Muslims in Kerala. More than 1200000 (twelve lakhs) ofstudents are studying in 10000 Madrassas in the state. As per thelatest intimation the Madrassa Teachers limits are exceeded to morethan 100000, Apart from this 30000 Masjids are existing in variouslocations in the state and abroad. Anakkara C Koya Kutty Musliyarand Cherussery Zainudheen Musliyar are the current President andGeneral Secretary of Samastha Kerala Jamiyyathul Ulamarespectively. The desire of the leaders of Samastha is to establisha novel news culture with high moral values. Being a product ofSamastha, Suprabhaatham is against all anti social activities likecorruption, alcoholism, bribe etc. Our motto is not to dig money,but to serve the society and safeguard the good values in thesociety.