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Solitaire Classic Era - Classic Klondike Card Game
Solitaire, the classic solo card game, comes to your phone withSolitaire Classic Era! 🃏 Play free solitaire with new game modes,options and customized cards. ♥️ Card games are a great way toenjoy your free time, and Solitaire Classic Era gives you fun,customizable way to enjoy it! ♣️ Don't miss this soiltare game!Customize your cards and game screen to make a Klondike game that’struly your own! The solitare free games have settings for any wayyou like to play, from left/right handed modes to animations! Playsolitary for fun, or track your scores and compete to reach the topof the scoreboard! Play Klondike patience whenever you feel theneed ♦️ you don’t need a deck of cards, you just need your phoneand Solitaire Classic Era. ♠️ Download now! Solitaire Classic EraFeatures: Play Solitaire ♥️ Play card games from your phone,anytime, anywhere ♥️ Classic card games with player levels – playmore and level up! ♥️ Strategy card games with a scoring system andleaderboard – can you make it to the top? Brain Training ♣️ Trainyour brain with solitaire! ♣️ Play strategy card games that requirecareful planning and strategy to win Customizable Cards ♦️Customize cards with designs and pictures you choose ♦️ Cards canchange their fronts and backs based off your designs ♦️ Game screencustomization Card Game Settings ♠️ Solitaire with settings so youcontrol how you play ♠️ Card drawing options ♠️ Play salitaireright or left handed ♠️ Card games with animation – adjust ♠️ Tapto play cards settings ♠️ Patience hints and tutorial Play soiltareclassic free right from your phone! Download Solitaire Classic Eranow! Read/write storage permissions is used for screenshots.Privacy Policy: https://kooapps.com/#faqsTab-privacy2
Crowd Buffet - Fun Arcade .io Eating Battle Royale 1.0.6
Do io games make your heart sing? Test your skills! Dash throughthe city and recruit crowds to raid restaurants and eat as much asyou can! Crowd Buffet is the addicting and fun free game you’vebeen looking for! This challenging game urges you to rush throughthe city and grow bigger and bigger. This not-so-typical restaurantgame is infused with the classic io game feel. Upgrade your crowd’sskins by consuming and eating your way through the city. Level upand become the king of the hill! Eating games are fun and addictinggames, and Crowd Buffet brings the newest io game challenge!Compete to be the biggest crowd in the city and rank on the onlinegame leaderboard! As you dash through the city eating, rush buffetsto grow your crowd faster! Upgrade your skins as you play this iogame online or offline, no wifi needed! Eat, grow, and dash in thisaddicting casual game! Do you think you have what it takes? CROWDBUFFET FEATURES: Upgrades & Customization: - Rush, dash, andeat your way to upgrades! - Level up as you take the city by storm!Classic io Feel: - Online game play - Level up to be featured onthe leaderboard - Eat to grow into the biggest crowd and conquerthe city! Addicting & Fun: - Fun free game play withcompetitive but casual feel - Eat and gather crowds to take overbuffets - Upgrade skins and customize your crowd - Rank onleaderboard in this online game Don’t miss out on this best arcadegame. Download Crowd Buffet today and challenge yourself to rank onthe leaderboard! Privacy: https://kooapps.com/privacypolicy.php
Pictoword: Fun Word Games & Offline Brain Game 1.10.18
Want a better word game to play with friends? 🤩 This wordpuzzlegame is perfect for adults of all ages! Get Pictoword forfree andjoin millions of trivia players worldwide. Fans of brainteasers,this is for you! Pictoword is a cool, simple yet addictivewordgame where you "read" two pics that combine to create a wordorphrase. Guess the word and have fun. Challenging word puzzleswilllight up your day. Play word games with friends in solo singleormultiplayer gathered around the tabletop at a party. Pictoword isafun game for everyone. Link pictures and solve mind puzzle -forexample, pics of SAND and WITCH, combine them for SANDWICH!Thisbrain pictogram has you stumped? Match picture to words bysayingthe words out loud or ask a friend by sharing on social medialikeTwitter or Facebook! 2 Pics, 1 Word - Can you guess it? Out ofallthe free family games out there, Pictoword is top oneveryone'slist. Fun and addicting games don’t get better than this.Face theword challenge from Pictoword, a fun thinking app for yourphone.Non wifi games? Here! Play fun offline games, free games withnowifi on the go such as on road trip car rides. There is nointernetrequired to save your progress, so yes, play now and don’tneedwifi. Play Pictoword when you stay at home or in a group.BESTFEATURES: - Learn spelling in English and test your wordsearchtrivia in this nice vocabulary game - Brain training, sharpenyourIQ gets even more fun & addicting with extremely trickymindgames for free - New picture theme packs with varyingdifficultylevel of skill, Easy or Hard mode - Updated with newcategories -food, new games, more! Start with the free classic packand unlockmore as you play and get better - Guess the celebrity,cartoon,superhero, brand or logo, and test pop culture knowledge inmoviesand famous TV shows - Each level in this app has no timelimit,sharpen your mind, train your brain to solve the quiz andriddle -Improve your cognitive abilities and active mental health–reasoning, problem solving and critical thinking skills byguessingevery correct answer Fun Games: Interesting photos are inHD,unscramble letters to make words and guess what, cool gamesandamazing, addicting brain teaser! Classic word games for free canbethis popular? Now would you like to play? Lack of good gamesoutthere? Pictoword is an addicting thinking puzzle game you canplayalone or with friends at a party! Free brain games,excitingpicture packs, challenging word puzzles and tons of IQpuzzle gamesto play and test out - it’s endless hours of braintraining fun!Guess the word, earn coins & train your brain!WARNING FORPARENTS: Even if you want your kids to play this game,Pictoword ismeant for teens and adults only. We want you to havethe best timeand experience playing our fun and trending new wordgame. AllGames: We love to hear feedback from our customers sodownload thisapp today. Also try out other top popular games fromKooapps likeWord Beach for spelling and Solitaire Classic Era forrelaxing.Read/write storage permissions is used for screenshots andcacheuser save files. Privacy:https://kooapps.com/privacypolicy.php
Stacky Bird: Hyper Casual Flying Birdie Dash Game
Stack your eggs to pass obstacles, but watch out for monsters andspikes. Stacky Bird is the fun, addicting game you’ve been waitingfor, with hours of flappy fun! The square bird is on a mission tofly to new lands. Build up a long chain of eggs and flap aroundobstacles to reach new levels and locations, with beautiful birdhouses for you to claim. Stack the perfect amount of eggs and make3 perfect landings to enter Shooty Mode. Build up to greaterchallenges and flap your way to the finish as the best bird on theleaderboard! The bird games are fun and addictive, but you canunlock even more characters! Chickens, cats, pigs and more – findyour favorite character and fly across the obstacles. Stacky Birdis easy to pick up, but challenging to master. Flap through thecolorful levels of Stacky Bird and help your bird fly home! StackyBird Features: Stack Eggs - Stack eggs to cross obstacles and avoiddangers! - Build up a chain of eggs - Fly to the end of the levelwith extra eggs for bonus coins Explore & Collect - Flyinggames take your bird to new lands and biomes - Earn coins while youplay to unlock different characters - Unlock secret charactersthrough the minigame Square Bird Houses for Blocky Birds - Flyinggames lead you to new bird houses - Choose your favorite house todisplay Leaderboard for the Birds - Climb to the top of theleaderboard - Build up points for the daily, weekly, or all timehigh score Limited Live Events - Minigames and special levels! -Unlock exclusive characters Stacky Bird is the casual flying gamefrom the makers of Snake.io! Download this addicting and fun hypercasual game today! Your reviews are important for the Stacky Birdteam, let us know what you think! Read/write storage permissions isused for Stacky Bird screenshots and cache user save files.Privacy: https://kooapps.com/privacypolicy.php
Helix Stack Jump: Fun Addicting Ball Puzzle 1.8.1
Play Helix Stack Jump now, and enjoy this addicting arcade styledrop game! Hyper casual time killer game that you can play for 5minutes or 5 hours - download now! ❗️Jumping ball awaits yourcommand❗️ – blast, smash and bounce through helix platforms. Smashballs through colorful platforms that block your descent, but watchout - if you hit a black one it’s all over! Helix Stack Jump iseasy to play, hard to master. Simple gameplay at first with hardchallenges as you progress! Stack king legends are ready to bemade. Ball falling addicting game - smash and blast through thehelix stack. Ball falling strategy lets you launch the ball at fullspeed and create a fireball to smash through even unbreakable blackplatforms! Play offline, anywhere you go - this helix jump game isa great no wifi game. Fast ball game is exciting and addictive!Jump free and avoid the black to keep your ball falling all the wayto the end. Block, fall down and crash through the helix platformslike no other game - it takes some serious skill to jump your ballto the end. 💥Blast to the bottom💥! Simple One tap, easy-to-learncontrols and amazing visual effects takes this casual game fromawesome to epic! Download today and find your fast ball groove! 🤩Helix Stack Jump Features: Casual Game - One tap helix gameplay iseasy to learn - Addicting game, hard to master - Jump game that isfree to play - Helix games are fun for all ages - Hyper casualhelix stack jump game Addicting Games 💪 - Arcade game style jumphelix game keeps you on your toes - Stack hit strategy will get youto the end - Smash ball through the helix tower Play Offline - Nowifi games keep you entertained wherever you are - Addicting gamewill hook you - Play offline anywhere - One tap and the helix gamestarts! - Free games for fun Download this relaxing jump game todayand stay entertained for hours! Easy and simple to start, a hardblast to the finish – challenge yourself to play every level!Read/write storage permissions is used for screenshots and cacheuser save files. Privacy: https://kooapps.com/privacypolicy.phpEmail us at [email protected] with any questions.
Snake.io - Fun Addicting Arcade Battle .io Games 1.16.65
Slither through a new competitive version of Snake 🐍 and survive aslong as you can! Challenge your friends and try to be the biggestworm in Snake.io! Classic arcade Snake.io gets an upgrade forunique online live events play. Slither to the top of theleaderboard in this popular mobile version of the beloved arcadegame! Snake.io combines new trendy art with the oldest classicsnake game mechanics. Start Snake.io as a small worm and try to getbigger by eating your way through each level. Worm your way throughfields of food and try to beat other players’ scores - how long canyou survive? 🎮 Classic arcade games meet online leaderboardcompetition in this new, addicting free game! Join millions ofplayers and play Snake.io now! Snake.io is designed for a smooth,fast performance, with controls designed for every mobile device.Snake has never been this fun or competitive before! Play withoutwifi for free or newest online mode with live events. Best Snake.ioFeatures Snake Classic Games - Slither through a field of food andeat to make your snake grow - A fun io game version of Snake - Playold school Snakeio and try to beat your high score MultiplayerGames for Free - Online leaderboard – see if your snake can beatthe rest! - Challenge your friends to beat your high score - Doubleplayer mode – sit next to your friend and compete - Watch SnakeGames from our fans and join the online community Free AddictiveGame - Play games with fast performance on any device - .io gamewith smooth gameplay and mobile joystick controls 🕹️ - Snake.io isfree, or you can remove ads! - Watch online games on YouTube andlearn moves from top streamers Live Ops Events - Battle againstother snakes and the boss snake - Compete high scores with friendson the leaderboard - Fun new events every month with unique skinsNo Wifi Games - Offline io games require no internet connection.Play Snake.io whether you’re offline or online! Offline is no wifineeded. Play Snake games with a new io twist! Download Snake today!Your reviews are important for the Snake.io team! Read/writestorage permissions is used for Snake.io 2 screenshots and cacheuser save files. Record audio permission is used for recordingYouTube video for sharing. Privacy:https://kooapps.com/privacypolicy.php
Pocket Family Dreams: Build My Virtual Home
Design your home and create a dream house in Pocket Family! Createa virtual family filled with adorable animated characters and helpbuild the house of their dreams through match 3 collapse games andpuzzles. Build a family with an amazingly cute and fun cast ofcharacters that are ready to move in and live in your new house!Play puzzle games to complete their requests for household itemsand keep your home happy and growing! Play match 3 collapse gamesto design and build each room any way you please. Decorate yourroom and watch the furnishings grow, or help your new virtualfamily with their requests. Pocket Family Features: HouseDecorating Games - Design your home and decorate using stunningcustomized rooms and furnishings. - Create a family home for a castof adorable animated characters, each with different personalitiesand tastes. - Decorate your rooms to your heart’s content withincredible wallpapers, floorings and interactive decorations. Match3 Collapse Games - Play match 3 puzzles to build and decorate yourhome. - Complete puzzle game missions to help your virtual family!Virtual Family Home - Listen to your virtual family’s requests andkeep your home happy! - Build a family: help the twins Dewey andElroy perform cute pranks, Great Uncle Oscar build his dreamgarden, or Cousin Ellie become a head cheerleader! - Send gifts toyour friend’s family for a chance to have more characters move intothe house! Play match 3 games to take your decorating skills to thenext level and design the house of your dreams. Help your virtualfamily by completing their requests and create a home in PocketFamily - download now and start decorating! ****Contact Us****Visit our support forum: pocketfamily.uservoice.com We will respondASAP! Let us know if you have any questions or concerns! Privacy& Terms http://kooapps.com/#faqs and email [email protected]
The Moron Test: Challenge Your IQ with Brain Games 4.4.3
Bored? The classic test of IQ intelligence is back on the PlayStore! Test your mind and graduate from Moron to Genius as you tap,twist, and shake your way through these fun and tricky challenges!The Moron Test is a fun, addictive game with puzzles and questionsthat challenge your wit, memory and more. Play mind games, masterchallenges, then laugh as your friends and family struggle throughthese seemingly simple puzzles! Brain teasers test your memory,reading comprehension, math, patience and more – no two questionsare exactly alike. Solve tricky tests, perplexing puzzles andbeguiling brain teasers designed to confound and confuse. Proveyou’re not a moron by solving them in record time! Mind puzzleseven include holiday themes so you can test your wits in anyseason! Play now and experience why The Moron Test is an all-timefavorite for over 10 million players worldwide. How smart is yourbuddy? Is he dumb or an idiot? Test your friend with this easy IQtest. The Moron Test - you will FAIL! THE MORON TEST FEATURES: MINDPUZZLES - Brain teasers with simple, addicting gameplay - Puzzlegames with six sections featuring hundreds of fun puzzles -Impossible? Nope! Frustrating? Subjectively! GAMES FOR THE BRAIN -Brain training is probably a breeze for a genius like you… right? -Memory games that test your cognitive capacity - Logic games withtricky, unexpected twists - Knowledge games where you have to (tryto) think fast - Trivia games let you flex your knowledge - Shapepuzzles to challenge your spatial prowess FUN AND ADDICTING GAMES -Puzzle games with funny characters, sound effects and music -Global leaderboards of the smartest minds on Earth! - High IQachievements! We also have Low IQ ones if that’s more your speed. -Fun casual games with beautiful graphics. Lots of pictures justlike in your favorite books! - You will LOVE watching your friendsFAIL! MORON TEST LEVELS - Old School - Late Registration - WinterBreak - Food Fight - Skip Day - Tricky Treat NO WIFI GAMES - Playoffline games, no internet required The classic benchmark ofintelligence is back, for FREE! Play brain training games and proveyou’re not an idiot - Download The Moron Test today! It’s the greenbutton near the top of the page. Check out other popular mobilegames from Kooapps like Snake.io and Stacky Bird. Read/writeexternal storage permission is used for screenshot when sharing.Privacy: https://kooapps.com/privacypolicy.php
Word Beach: Fun Relaxing Word Search Puzzle Games 2.01.20
Play new word games in Word Beach 🏖️! Word jumble and braingamesfans will love these hidden word puzzles. Unscramble wordsandconnect letters to test your puzzle & vocabulary skills.Theword search doesn’t end once you’ve crossed words off yourwordlist - there’s still more to find! Find hidden words in one ofthebest word scramble tropical games out there! Word Beach isarelaxing tropical vacation on your phone. Unscramble letterstofind words to test your vocabulary skills! Find hidden words intheword puzzles in your fruit plate, as well as even a fewsecretones. The spelling games start out easy, but you’ll soon besolvingchallenging scrambles to cross words off! These vocabularygamestake you deep into the jungle to find more and morechallengingword puzzles! 🌴 Play word games to connect letters andunscramblejumbled words! Find words and test your brain in WordBeach, fromthe makers of Pictoword! Word Beach Word Scramble GamesFeatures:Free Word Puzzles - Unscramble Words: Find and unscrambleletters -Find Words: Unscramble to find secret words - Word Search:Findwords in the list to complete the level - Spelling Games:Crosswords off your list to fill Polly’s Smoothie Relaxing,TropicalGames - Word search: Letters will appear on your fruitplate allmixed up! - Tropical Locations: unscramble words and solvepuzzlesin exotic locations - Vocabulary game: fill the smoothiewith thewords you find Find Hidden Words - Unscramble Letters:Keepconnecting letters until you find them all! - Word GuessingGames:Swipe letters to spell & unscramble words! - Spellinggame:learn to scramble the letters for a new perspective! Find theWord- Create Words: Connect the letters to create words. - WordSearchChallenge: Find hidden words, cross them off your list, andadd toyour hidden list! - Word Unscramble: Swipe and connecttounscramble words - Jumble Word Game: See what you can makefromthese jumbled letters! Word Puzzles - Word Challenge: Come backtochallenge yourself daily and receive huge rewards! - Wordpuzzlegot you stuck? Use your coins to ask for a hint! - Vocabularygameswith no time limit: Don’t worry about the time - none ofthepuzzles have time limits, so there’s no pressure. - NewPuzzlesGames: Puzzles are added all the time! If you love fun wordgamesdownload Word Beach and become the unscramble master! WordBeach,from the makers of Pictoword, is the best puzzle word gameoutthere! Read/write storage permissions is used whentakingscreenshots. Privacy Policy -https://kooapps.com/privacypolicy.phpEmail us athttps://kooapps.com/#email for any questions.
Bullet Knight: Dungeon Crawl Shooting Game 1.2.12
Somebody forgot to tell these monsters not to bring a club to a gunfight! Tap to play, release to shoot and mow down the evil thatthreatens the realm. In this bullet hell, you’ll need quickreflexes, powerful equipment, and a mountain of bullets to survive.Like roguelike games? Never ending games? Dungeon games? Shootinggames? Bullet Knight is a bullet hell game that brings the best ofthem all into one fun, offline game! Collect weapons, try heroabilities and use creative combinations of skills and powers! Runthrough fun, free never ending games with unique dungeons and wreakhavoc! Bullet Knight Features: Roguelike Dungeon Game - Random andexciting abilities make every dungeon run unique! - Explore thevast deserts, magical forests, and war-torn battlefields featuringhundreds of maps. - Never ending games filled with monsters tofight and weapons to collect! Fantasy Game - Knight games with acast of legendary heroes you can choose from to suit yourpersonality. - Feel the power of devastating ultimate attacks thatchange the face of the combat. - Dungeon Boss battles againstpowerful monsters! Bullet Hell Shooting Game - Tap to move andrelease to attack - shoot your enemies down! - Enter bullet timefor amazing ballistic action! - Get powerups and make your weaponseven stronger. - Collect thousands of weapons and craft themtogether to form the ultimate gun! Offline Game - Play offline withno WiFi to enjoy Bullet Knight anytime, anywhere! Get the best freegames that combine bullet time, action and roguelike dungeoncrawls! Download Bullet Knight today! ****Contact Us**** Let usknow if you have any questions or concerns! Privacy & Termshttp://kooapps.com/#faqs and email us [email protected]
Power Up: Rise Up To The Superhero Skill Challenge 1.0.15
Rise up and be the hero in this hypercasual, addicting game! PlayPower Up and help crazy heroes dodge obstacles today. The Power Upchallenge is here, can you go the distance? Obstacles will try totrip you up, fly as far as you can and defend your hero fromdanger! Swipe away dangerous objects to survive as long aspossible. Be the hero! Unlock exciting and unique super heroes withunique super powers! Play as long as you can - the longer you go,the more heroes you unlock. Can you collect them all? A casualarcade game that will surely test your skills out. This addictinggame is easy to play, hard to master! Power Up is a fun flyingsuperhero skill game that can be played offline - no wifi needed.Download Power Up today and lead your heroes through the sky! PowerUp Features: Casual Game - Endless games of flying and dodgingobstacles - Play superhero race levels as long or as short as youlike - Fun and free hero games! No commitment - Survive as long asyou can! Unlock Crazy Heroes - Unlock heroes and upgrade heroabilities when you survive obstacles - Power up your lineup withcrazy hero skins - Survive as long as you can to unlock new heroes- Each hero has their own unique special power! Addicting Game Play- Challenging game with unique obstacles - Easy to play - hard toconquer - Rise Up and beat your high scores! No Wifi Needed - Fightevil anytime, anywhere - Offline or online, with or without wifi!More fun features coming soon! Download Power Up today! -- Yourreviews are important for the Power Up team. Let us know what youthink! Privacy Policy: https://kooapps.com/privacypolicy.php
Maze Paint: Colorful Maze Puzzle Game 1.0.52
​​Become a secret agent and show off your ninja-like reflexes asyou eliminate enemies and clear each level! Maze Paint is theperfect blend of a maze game and spy game - it requires strategy tofill in each square without getting caught by enemies. Become astealth assassin and color the tiles before the enemies erase yourprogress! No wifi? No problem! Play offline anytime, anywhere! Testyour skill as a secret agent by beating each strategy puzzle.Unlock new characters and skins as you solve puzzles and level up.Find hidden treasure chests to gain coins, then use those coins toincrease a character’s level! Easy to play, hard to master. Do youhave what it takes, secret agent? MAZE PAINT FEATURES: StrategyPuzzle Games: - Move your agent and color the tiles without gettingcaught! - Be a secret agent and stealthily wipe out enemies as yougo - Are you a stealth assassin capable of solving the puzzlebefore an enemy catches you? - Tap-toe quickly and strategically.Enemies uncolor tiles they walk on! Unlock & Level Up: - Mazegame levels will unlock new characters - beat the boards to levelup - Earn coins from treasure chests, then use the coins toincrease a character’s level - Amaze yourself with your progress!Earn new secret agent skins as you advance in the game. StealthAssassin Boosts: - Hint: Reveal the steps to color tiles - EnemyFreeze: Freeze enemies where they stand for 3 extra moves! DownloadMaze Paint today and have fun in an offline, no wifi spy game! --Privacy Policy: https://kooapps.com/privacypolicy.php
Blocks 360 0.12.2
Enjoy a unique 3D block puzzle game with these amazing features:👑ENDLESS GAMEPLAY 👑 • Stack pieces to build your own 360blocktower. • Clear lines and use boosters to keep your blocks inline •Earn points and extra moves as you clear lines and breakblocks 🧩CHALLENGE MODE 🧩 • Complete special levels by completinggoals •Break colored blocks to solve the puzzle • Use your brainand yourblock stacking skills to overcome every challenge
Creatur.io - Fun PvP Eat & Evolve .io Battle Arena 1.0.5
Creatur.io brings you the io eating games you know and love! Ifyouenjoy addicting games, you’ll love creatur.io! This classicbrowsergame is now available on iOS and Google Play. PVP battlesinspireyou to chase and eat thousands of players in one mega-arena!Thisonline multiplayer is a cute game with a lot of competition!Levelup after you start: choose your custom nickname and begin asaDogi. Battle others and eat as much as you can for as long asyoucan. Beware - the other players will try to bite you frombehind!Eating games like this one require you to eat fruit to growyourtail (this protects you from being bitten and losing more than50%mass). Rush and eat other players to grow to yourmaximumpotential. Level up and evolve your creatur with 6evolutions andover 20 upgrade skills to choose from! Rush, slither,dash, flap,and more! Upgrade and unlock 9 creaturs as you go! Thischallengingbut casual game is fun for teens and adults of all ages!A game ofskill, do you have what it takes to make it onto theleaderboard?This addicting game will encourage you to reach thetop! Becomeking of the hill on your own or challenge your friendsto beat you!Animal games require skill - do you have what it takes?CREATUR.IOFEATURES: MULTIPLAYER CAPABILITIES: - Online PVP thatallows you toplay with friends - True multiplayer game - Battle inreal-timeagainst other people - Eat your way to the top of theleaderboardCLASSIC IO GAMEPLAY: - Flash game classic with one hugearena -Skill based game with online game play - Browser gamestillavailable; compatible with mobile devices - Slither and dashawayfrom opponents UPGRADES: - Level up your creatur to unlockmanyothers - Evolve up to six times during gameplay - Upgradeandchoose 6 of 22 skills Want to join the creatur.io family? Hangoutwith us on Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/36zTBYs.
Bottle Flip Era: Fun 3D Bottle Flip Challenge Game 2.0.14
Flip the bottle, stick a perfect landing, and become a master ofthe meme in this hypercasual, addicting game! Bottle flippingchallenge is here, are you ready to flip? Flip bottles and see ifyou can become a bottle flipping master in Bottle Flip Era! Flipwater bottles to start out, and unlock new flipping bottles withdifferent physics as you progress through the levels! ChallengingGame!! This impossible bottle flip game will test your timing andreflex skills! It’s easy to learn but hard to master. Physics gamewhere you carefully calculate the distance and adjust your strengthto make a perfect flip, just drag and drop the bottle at the righttime to land the perfect jump. A casual arcade game that willsurely test your skills out, where you can flip bottles anytime,anywhere! Bottle Flip Era is the best offline water bottle flippinggame, no wifi needed! Bottle Flip Era Features Casual Game Flipbottles for as long or as short as you like Fun and free game! Nocommitment Meme game! Master the bottle flip internet meme and bethe one! Offline Game Flip bottles anytime, anywhere No wifineeded! Addicting Game! Challenging game with unique obstacles Flipbottles and unlock new levels Collect over 50 unique flippingbottles Set and beat your high scores! More fun features comingsoon! Download Bottle Flip today! Your reviews are important forthe Bottle Flip team. Let us know what you think! Privacy:https://kooapps.com/privacypolicy.php
Block Puzzle: Casual Relaxing 1.0.16
Block Puzzle Dreams is an all-new addicting and relaxing colorblock puzzle game! Play solo or with teams! Neon color blocks awaityou and your friends in a beautiful block puzzle game. Block PuzzleDreams is one of the most addicting games you’ll play! Casual gameslet you play anytime, for however long you want. Relaxing gameslike Block Puzzle Dreams are calming games that help you wind downafter a stressful day. Brain training games keep your brain fit andhealthy. Train your brain matching color block puzzle shapes on thesudoku style board! Merge blocks 9 in a row (vertical orhorizontal) or fill a 3 by 3 square. Match colors and earn bonusbombs! Smash blocks and earn stars for clearing lines, use stars toopen chests for great prizes and power-ups like the rotate boost,row boost or column boost! Play together! Team up with friends andchat as you clear the puzzle blocks turn-by-turn. Co-op puzzlegames are a great challenge in this fun color block smash game.Block Puzzle Dreams Features Fun and Addicting Games! ● Addictinggames you’ll want to play over and over ● Casual games you can playanytime you want ● Fun games you’ll want to share with friends!Play With Teams of Friends! ● Feeling crushed? Smash blocks onceagain when you request lives from friends! ● Chat with friends! Tryrelaxing gameplay with casual chat ● Compete to get the best highscore on the leaderboard! Train Your Brain! ● Brain training gamesimprove your brain health ● Solve shape puzzles right away, orrotate pieces with power-ups! ● Logic puzzles with shapes help youstay sharp! Casual Games! ● Casual games with beautiful candyblocks to put you in a great mood! ● Relaxing games help you winddown ● Calming games offer stress relief ● Fun and free game! Nocommitment! Download Block Puzzle Dreams and Have a Smashing GoodTime! More fun features coming soon, Download Block Puzzle Dreamsnow! Your reviews are important for the Block Puzzle Dreams Team.Let us know what you think! Privacy:https://kooapps.com/privacypolicy.php
Match Tile Garden: 3D Sorting Puzzle Matching Game 1.0.7
Match Tile Garden lets you train your brain by racing the clock ineach level to strengthen your skills! Solve 3D puzzles and decorateyour garden wherever you are, no wifi needed. Matching puzzles arerelaxing and addicting! Play offline anytime, anywhere. Win eachlevel to receive coins and clear the junk from your land. Tilesorting is easy, match all the items before time runs out to winthe level! Matching puzzle items during a set time limit helps withbrain training! Tile sorting will keep your brain active andexercised! Strategy is required - use boosters like the Light Bulbto match and clear items or Tornado to shake the whole board anduncover buried items. Decorate your garden! You’ve inherited landthat’s covered in junk. Match the items in each level to clear theland. Once you’ve cleared the land, you can decorate the garden ofyour dreams! Match Tile Garden is easy to learn, fun to play! Relaxall your muscles, decrease your stress and increase your brainpower! Fun 3D Game: - This addicting game is hyper casual and keepsyou wanting to play more! - Tile sorting mechanics are easy, justtap items & add them to the tray - match them all to win -Matching game meets 3D puzzle: make matches & beat the clock tocontinue to the next round! - Win the level within the Golden Timerto 150 coins! Beat the regular timer and receive 50 coins BrainTraining - Tile sorting will exercise your brain! - Matching puzzleitems before the clock runs out encourages you to think fast - Useboosters strategically - like the Light Bulb or Tornado - to matchtiles before time runs out - Each level is another brain trainingexperience! Decorate your Garden: - Complete 3D game levels andclean up the field of junk and items you’ve inherited - Decorateyour garden once you’ve cleared the space of junk - Relaxing gameplay to decrease your stress as you decorate - Play anytime,anywhere, no wifi needed! Download Match Tile Garden today andenjoy this addicting game! --- Privacy Policy:https://kooapps.com/privacypolicy.php
Piano Dream: Tap the Piano Tiles to Create Music 1.1.0
Do you tap along on phantom keys while listening to beautiful pianomusic? Piano Dream is a fun piano game that makes it simple to playyour favorite piano songs! Play piano and test your reflexes bytapping all the tiles before they scroll off screen. Tap tiles andmake music for as long as you can in this free piano game! Playpiano music from different genres - classical pieces, folk songsand more. Tap and keep playing to gain experience and unlock moresongs to play. Play piano songs and hit 6 milestones in each song -earn up to 3 stars then up to 3 trophies. Make music, test yourdexterity and see how long you can keep playing in Endless mode. Doyou have what it takes to become a piano master? PIANO DREAMFEATURES: Make Music with Piano Tiles: - Tap tiles as they appearto play professional melodies - Play a variety of classical pieces,folk songs and more - Tap all the piano tiles before they scroll ofthe screen Music Game Modes: - Play songs to gain experience andunlock more songs to explore and master! - Tap tiles in Endlessmode where the tiles speed up endlessly for true tile masters -Play any game mode offline, no wifi! Tap & Play for New HighScores: - Perfect your playing and increase your score! - Playpiano songs and hit 6 milestones in each song: earn up to 3 starsthen up to 3 trophies - Make music and see how long you can keepplaying in the Endless mode Download today and begin your musicaljourney into your piano dreams! -- We are a small team who are allmotivated with your comments, reviews and support. Your reviews areimportant to us! We’d love to hear from you! Email us [email protected] Privacy Policy:https://kooapps.com/privacypolicy.php
Dont Die - Addicting 1v40 Battle Royale Survival 1.0.2
Dont Die brings you a fun, fast-paced battle royale! Run through5action packed maps full of lava, landmines, falling boulders,flamethrowers, and... buttons? Play 3 rounds of survival games tomakeit to the finale - don’t be the fall guy! Survive andprogressthrough each level to make it to the end, then win in theend tobecome the King of the Hill! Play through addicting gameroundsthat are randomly assigned and with unique minigames. Collectfunabilities to help you get ahead of other players. Battlegamesrequire strategy and skill to come out ahead of thecompetition.Push, pull, grab and hug your way to victory! Stand outamong thecompetition with customization. Win battle royales to earncoinsand XP, then trade them in to unlock special cosmetics.Unlockitems from three different categories - color, upper andlower -then mix and match to create your custom look! Dont Die isanoffline game - no wifi needed! Play this addicting gameanytime,anywhere. Fight to become the best among us and earn thetitle asKing of the Hill! DONT DIE FEATURES: King of the HillMinigames: -Battle Royale - Lava Shield: don’t touch the lava! Beatthe timerto survive - Survival Game - Festival of Flames: runthrough a roomof rotating flames & avoid lava or slime! Reachthe safe zoneto survive - Battle Royale - Sky Fall: don’t getcrushed byboulders that fall from the sky! Beat the timer tosurvive -Survival Game - Group Think: try to get inside the otherplayers’heads. The color group with the least amount of playerssurvives,so choose wisely! - Battle Royale - Minefield: avoid thelandminesthat other players drop to not blow up! Beat the timer tosurviveBattle Game Boosters: - Choose a new ability after eachround yousurvive! You can have up to 3 going into the battleroyale! -Pulse, Gravity, Grab Hands, Hug or Ghost: push, pull,grab, hug orwalk through other players - Speed, Giant, Shrink:increase speed,grow 50% larger or shrink 50% smaller - Banana: dropbanana peelsfor players to trip on Customization: - Win survivalgames to earncoins and XP and level up to expand your cosmeticscollection! - 3categories to choose from: color, upper and lowerskins. Mix andmatch them all - Stand out in the pack with hundredsof cosmeticsto customize unique outfits! Can you survive the wackydeath gamesof Dont Die? -- PrivacyPolicy:https://kooapps.com/privacypolicy.php
Donuts Drift: Addicting Endless Fast Drifting Game 1.5.18
Drift into overdrive! Time to drift again… and again… andagainwith this challenging new drift game! Spin donuts, slingpastobstacles and see how far you can get. Addicting driftinggameplaywith simple one-touch controls that are easy to pick up,hard toput down! Donuts Drift lets you race cars with fast andfuriousdrifting power. Drift long distances with just a tap of yourhand!Tap to the left and right to get that perfect drift and driftasmuch as you can! It’s a fun, new game for teens and adults ofallages - simple to learn but a challenging game to master!Collectcoins with each drift. Use them to upgradeyour drivingexperience and earn extra fuel! Racing gamelovers, look out -it gets addicting fast! DONUTS DRIFT FEATURES:DONUT SPINNING GAME- Simple but challenging tap gameplay - Tap todrift and see howmany donuts you can spin! - Endless car driftinggameplay lasts aslong as you can go - Sling your race car to avoidobstacles - Beatyour best score with your most popular car LEVEL UPYOUR RIDE - Carupgrades waiting to be road-tested - Swerve tocollect coins andearn more fuel - Racecar boosts to power up yourride ADDICTINGCASUAL GAME - Casual one-touch controls. Crazy driftswith just athumb! - Challenging gameplay to master! Can you driftover EVERYcoin? - Physics games lovers will find a thrilling newstyle ofplay - Simple game design that's easy on the eyes - Playoffline,no wifi!
Watch Pet: Adopt & Raise a Cute Virtual Widget Pet 1.0.19
Watch Pet gives you the chance to meet and own various fur babieswith unique personalities. Adopt your virtual fur baby and add somefun to your life with Watch Pet, an addicting animal adoption game!Raise a pet 🐶 and create special memories. This addicting game letsyou take care of your pets anytime, anywhere! No wifi needed toplay. Pet life includes training, taking care of your digital petcompanions and increasing your trainer level. Each virtual pet canbe unlocked at the pet shop when you hit a different trainerlevels! Virtual pets are the perfect way to destress and unwind.Download Watch Pet today and pick your own pet, or collect them alland grow a fun, loving family. When it comes to virtual pets, themore, the merrier! WATCH PET FEATURES: 🛍 Virtual Pet Shop - Furbabies to choose from! Choose from a wide variety of virtual petsin this animal care game - Digital pet paradise! Unlock more furbabies as you increase your trainer level - Raise a pet: adopt andname your virtual pet companions - Grow a fun, loving tiny petsfamily full of cute animals 🐱Pet Care Games🐰: - Raise a pet andtake care of your virtual pet’s basic needs - give them food andwater - Happy pets, happy family! Have fun and play with yourvirtual pets to show them your love - Pet life and care: Track yourpet’s feelings & health stats and keep them happy - Addictinggames meet pet care - a virtual space to play and take care of yourpets Play Anytime, Anywhere - Widget Pet: Add your pet as a widgeton your home screen - Watchpet tracker: Track their status meterswithout opening the app - Play online or without WiFi Animal caregames with a unique pet story - download and start caring for yourvirtual pet today! -- We are a small team who are all motivatedwith your comments, reviews and support. Your reviews are importantto us! We’d love to hear from you! Email us at [email protected] Policy: https://kooapps.com/privacypolicy.php Our Terms:https://kooapps.com/terms.php
Party Squad 0.20.1
Prepare yourself for the biggest party of your life! This partygameis fun and the dance floor is waiting! The harder you partythebetter your score! Fill the party meter to bring life to eventhemost sad party! Watch out for spilled drinks and peoplepartying toohard! Reach the end of the runway to start the partyand face off inan epic dance battle! BUILD YOUR CREW! Recruitcharacters to yourparty squad to grow the party larger and larger.With your partycrew you will bring the party wherever you go!Don’t forget! Youneed to keep the party alive by filling up yourparty meter. Pick upparty items to fill your meter, but make sureyou avoid items thatwill mess up your flow and ruin the party!CHOOSE YOUR CHARACTER!There are so many familiar characters readyto party! Unlock yourfavorites and watch them dance like you’venever seen. This is yourmoment! Dance like you mean it and drivethe crowd CRAZY!
Shopping Queen! Dress Up Game 0.50
Become Queen of the Mall! Dress up and improve your style inorderto go on dates with boys. Earn money around the mall to buynewclothes and customize your character to perfection! Improvethemall by spending money and upgrading specific stores. Go tothesalon, the makeup stand, and the photo booth to get moreaffection!Be the queen bee and become the coolest girl around! Youcan evenmake friends at the mall who will help you out! FEATURES: -Explorethe mall! - Go on dates! - Buy and collect clothes! - Makefriends!- Lots of stores to explore! - Customize your character! -Playoffline! - Free to play!Privacy:https://kooapps.com/privacypolicy.php
Brick & Ball: Brick Break Game 0.25
In this classic arcade style game shoot balls and break brickstoreach the goal! The more bricks you break, the better yourscorewill be! Use a variety of unique power ups and abilitiesformaximum brick breaking excitement! Line up the perfect shot togetbonus points! Pick up extra balls to increase your brickbreakingpower! Solve puzzles and clear levels with a variety oflayouts andchallenges. Enjoy a unique brick breaking experience!FEATURES: -Powerful abilities! - Easy to play! - Fun andchallenging levels! -100+ exciting levels! - Arcade style gameplay!- Play offline! -Free to play! Privacy:https://kooapps.com/privacypolicy.php