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Craftsmith - Idle Crafting Game
Knubbles Inc.
Gather materials, craft weapons and become a Master Blacksmith!
Easy Bake Idle 1.2
Knubbles Inc.
Expand your bakery as you hire workers, discover new recipes,manageingredient deliveries, and complete tasks. Learn to makedeliciousbaked goods in this idle baking game. Main Features 👥Workers -Automate production and increase the amount produced. 🏪Market -Manage the amount of ingredients being delivered. 🍴Utensils -Collect utensils and other baking accessories. 📖 Recipes- Discovernew baked goods to make. ⬆️ Upgrades - Increase profitsof bakedgoods. Additional features 🌟 Skills - Earn Fame to levelup yourbakery and unlock powerful upgrades. 🔄 Prestige - Restartyourbakery to earn bonus Fame and upgrade Skills. ❗️ Tasks -CompleteTasks to collect Workers and earn premium currency.