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Find Them All: Wildlife and Farm Animals (Full) 1.9.3
** Full version - a free version with In-App purchases is alsoavailable ** ** This app is fully translated in: English - French -German - Spanish - Russian - Simplified Chinese - TraditionalChinese - Korean - Japanese ** "Find them all: looking for animals"is a game for CHILDREN FROM 2 TO 8 YEARS which offers them theopportunity to see animals in their natural habitat (farm,savannah, desert, etc.). **** The most complete educational gameabout animals **** - 184 animals from 6 continents - Names in 8languages - Calls,animated pictures, cards, photos and now videos!- Over 200 audio commentaries - It’s child’s play: find theanimals, take photos of them, create puzzles, win prizes etc. **Optimised for children ** - Assistance and instructions are spoken- Simplified interface - Multi-user: all children can have theirown account and settings. - No advertising and parental control **Educational features ** - Learn the language - Explore foreignlanguages - Concentrate and stay focused - Solve puzzles ** Thegame step by step ** - "Where is ...": only one animal is presentin the scenery: the child has to scroll to find it. A "bobble head"type card appears. - "Take a photo": when all the animals have beenfound, the child wins a camera. - "Night is falling...": the childhas to touch as many animals as possible before nightfall. - "It'snight time, only the animals eyes appear...": the child has to findthe remaining animals with the help of a torch. - "Make a jigsaw":the child is able to make jigsaws with the camera (4/6/12/20pieces). - "the Photo Quiz": the child answers a series ofquestions in order to win new photos! - Cameraman: find him to seevideo clips of animals! - "Game over": the child is able to playagain and find other animals in a different environment. ** Otherfunctions ** - The Card album contains the cards which have beenreleased during the game. - The Photo album contains all the photostaken during the game. Therefore, the child is able to try thejigsaws again. - Discover information about animals by takingphotos! - Listen to the animals' name in 8 languages.
Find Them All: Dinosaur (Full) 1.5.0
** Full version - a free version with in-apppurchases is also available **** This app is fully translated in: English - French - German -Spanish - Russian - Simplified Chinese - Traditional Chinese -Korean - Japanese **The same collection that brought you our "Find them all: lookingfor animals" game has a new addition: the long-awaited world ofdinosaurs!** Lots of activities to learn about dinosaurs and prehistoricanimals **- Search for dinosaurs in their habitat and win animatedcards.- Take photos and listen to information about your favouriteanimals.- Find all the dinosaurs before nightfall...or use a torch to findthem in the dark.- Make jigsaws from your photos (4, 6, 12, 24, 42 pieces).- Play a photo quiz and try to win new snaps for your album.- Find the cameraman and he’ll show you a video!You can even print your cards and photos from the albums!** "Find them all" collection features **- Game for CHILDREN AGED BETWEEN 2 AND 8 - no advertising andparental control- Spoken assistance and instructions (French, English, Spanish,German).- Introduction to languages: the animal names are available in fourlanguages.- Each round is different (different settings, animals andpositions in every round).- Album printing function.
Find Them All: Cats, Dogs and Pets for Kids 1.2.0
Dogs, cats, hamsters and rabbits - all their favourite petsawaitthem in our new game. They'll love them! "Find Them All": MyPets"is the latest addition to our collection of educational gamesforchildren aged 2-8. With "My Pets", your children will discoverallabout cats and dogs of all breeds and also hamsters, rabbitsandother members of the family. This multi-lingual, entirelyspokengame offers numerous fun things to do: - Find the animals onthescreen - Take their photos - Solve puzzles - And for theolderones, quizzes and videos! Your children will learn all aboutpetsand have fun doing so! NEW Even more fun with the "mic"enablingkids to record themselves replacing the animals' name!HERE'S ATHOUGHT! Make the game last longer by printing out gamealbums:cut, fold, collect! FEATURES - Contents: 48 animals todiscover. -Entirely spoken: children are autonomous, even theyoungest ones. -Multi-lingual: the names of the animals areavailable in severallanguages. You can choose to change thelanguage in which the gameis played. - Educational: discoveranimals through photos, sound,videos and audio commentary. -Adapted to each age group: numerousactivities during short gameswith difficulty levels adapted to thechild. - Safe: No adverts, noexternal links and a special parents'zone. - Multi-user: each childcan have their games with theirsettings. - Printable booklet:albums can be printed and assembledthrough folding. HOW TO PLAY THEGAME - The child looks for theanimals on the scene on the screen.He or she then unlocks ananimated card for that animal and canlisten to its name in severallanguages or record his or her voice.- They then win a camerawhich means they can explore the scenecreating their own photoalbum. - Night falls: they must find theanimals in the night, withthe help of a torch… - And win the chanceto convert their photosinto a jigsaw puzzle (4 to à 42 pieces)! -Then comes thePhotoQuiz; they have to take a photo and answer aseries ofquestions to win a picture of the animal. - And finally,they haveto find the cameraman to discover videos of the animals.ABOUT OUR"FIND THEM ALL" COLLECTION Our collection comprises fourgames withdifferent themes: Looking for Animals, Dinosaur World,Fairy Talesand Legends and Pets. Various versions exists (within-apppurchases, as a complete version or in a bundle). HELP ANDSUPPORTPlease feel free to contact us through the game's "Settings"menuor on our website or our Facebookpage!
Dinosaurs and Ice Age Animals 1.6.1
** Free version with in-app purchases (and NO ADS!) - A fullversionis also available ** The same collection that brought youour "Findthem all: looking for animals" game has a new addition:thelong-awaited world of dinosaurs! "Find Them All: Dinosaurs&Prehistoric Animals" ("Dinosaur & Prehistoric Animal" onGooglePlay) is a game entirely spoken in 8 languages. - Searchfordinosaurs in their habitat and win animated cards. - Takephotosand listen to information about your favourite animals. -Find allthe animals before nightfall...or use a torch to find themin thedark. - Make jigsaws from your photos (4, 6, 12, 20, 42pieces). -Play a photo quiz and try to win new snaps for youralbum. - Findthe cameraman and he’ll show you a video! You can evenprint theircards and photos from the albums! ** "Find them all"collectionfeatures ** - Spoken assistance and instructions (8languages). -Introduction to languages: names are available in 8languages. -Each round is different (different settings andpositions in everyround). - Album printing function. Pleasevisit or further information on thisfree dino game.
Wildlife & Farm Animals 1.9.3
"Find them all: looking for animals" ("Wildlife & farmanimalfor kid" on Google Play) is an educational game which offersthemthe opportunity to see wildlife in their natural habitat(farmyard,savannah, desert, jungle, sea, etc.). Entirely spoken in8languages, the game comprises levels, each of which depictsadifferent environment you have to explore (farm, Africa,Australia,Asia, North and South America). ★★★★ Key features ★★★★ ✔144animals from 5 continents (Africa, Asia, Oceania, NorthAmerica,South America and Farm) ✔ Names in 8 languages ✔Calls,animatedpictures, cards, photos and now videos! ✔ Over 200audiocommentaries ✔ Find and take photos, create jigsaw puzzles,winprizes etc. ✔ Assistance and instructions are spoken ✔Simplifiedinterface ✔ No advertising and parental control ★★Educationalfeatures ★★ ✔ Learn the language ✔ Explore foreignlanguages ✔Concentrate and stay focused ✔ Solve puzzles ★★ Contents★★ ✔ Farm:bee, donkey, lamb, duck, cat, horse, goat, dog, pig,cockerel,turkey, frog, owl, rabbit, sheep, goose, magpie, foal,hen, chick,fox, mouse, tortoise, cow. Environments: farmyard, pond,pasture. ✔Wildlife of Africa: african lion, lioness, meerkat,cheetah, hyena,ostrich, okapi, african elephant, zebra, wildebeest,giraffe,rhinoceros, hippopotamus, crocodile, springbok, greaterkudu,camel, fennec fox, cobra, oryx, gorilla, chimpanzee,baboon,flamingo. African environments: savannah,forest,desert. ✔Wildlifeof Oceania and Australia: echidna, kiwi, bat, cassowary,ibis, redcrab, green turtle, humpback whale, dolphin, dugong, mantaray, sealion, monitor lizards, saltwater crocodile, kangaroo, emu,Wombat,Tasmanian devil, koala, cuscus , platypus, frill-neckedlizard,dingo. Australian environments: bush,sea,island. ✔ Wildanimal ofAsia: tiger, panda, red panda, Asian elephant, Indianrhinoceros,orangutan, proboscis monkey, red-crowned crane, snowleopard,saiga, clouded leopard, bactrian camel, yak, gharial,Malayantapir, water buffalo, pangolin, peafowl, sun bear,caracal,hornbill, langur, python, tarsier. Asianenvironments:jungle,river, Hymalaya. ✔ Wild animal of Northamerica: mustang, americanbison, coyote, rattlesnake, vulture,prairie dog, roadrunner,pronghorn, black-tailed jackrabbit,grizzly, moose, raccoon, skunk,puma (american cougar), bald eagle,bighorn sheep, mountain Goat,wolverine, polar bear, arctic fox,snowy owl, seal, walrus, beluga.North american environments:desert, forest, mountain, icefield. ✔Wild animal of South america:Amazon river dolphin, anaconda,armadillo, caiman, capybara,chinchilla, coati, condor, giantanteater, iguana, jaguar, liontamarin, llama, macaw, maned wolf,mara, ocelot, red-eyed treefrog,rhea, scarlet ibis, sloth,spectacled bear, spider monkey, toucanPlease visit or further information aboutthis free safari photo game!
Fairy Tales & Legends 1.4.3
In the same collection as our game "Find them all: lookingforanimals", here is a new universe of Fairy Tales and Legends!Findthe characters from your favourite fairy tales throughthismulti-activity, hidden object game. ** Try it: it's a free, funandeducational app! ** - Look for characters (like Snow White,theLittle Mermaid, the princess or the dragon) in the sceneryandunlock the corresponding card. - Take a photo of them to unlocktheaudio commentary (e.g.: Prince Charming marries Cendrillon: sheisnow a princess!). - Find them fast before night falls. Thenonceit's dark, concentrate on the sounds. - Create your ownjigsawpuzzles from 4 to 42 pieces. - Answer the quiz to winoriginalphotos (e.g.: who is the nicest: the princess or the witch?Who isthe strongest: the dragon or the princess?). ****AdditionalActivities **** - The names of characters in severallanguages(French, English, German, Spanish...). - Card album: allthe cardsunlocked during the game with the option of printing thealbum fora folding/collage game. - Photo album: all the photostaken orunlocked during the game with the option of moving them andthenprinting an album. - Spoken help and instructions (8languages). -Simple controls. - Three levels of difficulty. -Multi-player: eachkid can have their own settings. - No adverts,parental control.**** Educational benefits **** - Learning newwords. - Discoveringforeign languages. - Staying concentrated andpaying attention. -Solving puzzles. Please visit or further information on thisfree educational app.