Kisoft Live Wallpapers Apps

Car Dashboard Live Wallpaper 1.38
Battery, RAM, CPU, Clock in a car styled dashboard
Earth Live Wallpaper 1.37
An Unique Live 3D Earth Animation
Snow Live Wallpaper 1.74
An enchanting winter house with snow and lights
Waterfall Live Wallpaper 1.20
Waterfalls... the most beautiful spectacle of nature
Digital Clock Live Wallpaper 1.31
Digital Clock - Reinventing the design & elegance of clocks
Fireflies Live Wallpaper 1.22
A fireflies spectacle in a midsummer night
Car Dashboard Live Wallpaper I 1.37
Car engine simulation and device data in a cool design!
Christmas Live Wallpaper 1.11
The snow, the candle light, the music... Christmas!
Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper 1.28
A beautiful Christmas tree full of lights and snow
Fireworks Live Wallpaper 1.53
Fireworks Live Wallpaper with sound effects - let us entertain you
Clock Live Wallpaper 1.47
Try the elegant design for the clock of your home screen
Glitter Live Wallpaper 1.108
The most exciting Glittering Live Wallpaper!
Snowfalling Live Wallpaper 1.63
Snowfall live wallpaper is our top rated and top ranked appforevery winter season. It brings joy and puts you in a Christmasmoodduring the Christmas and New Year festivity. It representsoureffort to recreate a magical falling snow live wallpaper. It isadreamy house in a winter wallpaper scene with a gorgeous whitesnowglistening. You can optionally turn on/off the Christmastreeflashlights or the rooftop flashlights to celebrate Christmasorany other winter festivity with this magical snowfalllivewallpaper. We put a lot of attention to mimic a naturalsnowflakefalling. From the settings menu you can choose thesnowflakesspeed, intensity and snowflake direction. You canoptionally add asweet Christmas sound with a snow wind effect.Features of snowfalllive wallpaper: - Turn on/off from settingsmenu the lights of theChristmas tree - Turn on/off the windowslight and rooftopflashlights - Activate a sweet Christmas song fromthe settingsmenu - Adjust snowfall intensity, speed and direction -Possibilityto add the snow effect to your own photos from thegallery - Awinter snow falling live wallpaper as background -Christmassnowfall live wallpaper looks amazing on tablet and phonesThislive wallpaper depicts a romantic and almost nostalgic view ofanold winter house. The scene is animated by a gentle snowfall,aChristmas tree covered with flashlights and a sweet Christmassong.You can also choose to put your own photo as background of thesnoweffect. The shower of snowflakes will instantly put you intheChristmas mood and is the best way to celebrate the NewYearfestivity. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Christmas Fireplace Live Wallp 1.23
Christmas Fireplace Live Wallpaper - a real, warm fireplace withsound effects
Windmill Live Wallpaper 1.20
Windmill live wallpaper - let the wind caress your screen
Galaxy Live Wallpapers 1.39
A collection of 3D live wallpapers of universe galaxies
Mirror Words 1.04
World's best word game! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ An original and addictive word game.
Super Car Live Wallpaper 1.06
Drive The Most Expensive Car On Your Screen!
Snowfalling Live Wallpaper 1.03
Snowfall live wallpaper is our top-rated and top-ranked app oneverywinter season. It brings joy and puts you in a Christmas moodduringthe Christmas and New Year festivity. It represents oureffort torecreate a magical falling snow live wallpaper. There aremanywallpapers and scenes of dreamy houses and places in awinterwallpaper scene with gorgeous white snow glistening. Youcanoptionally turn on/off the Christmas tree flashlights ortherooftop flashlights to celebrate Christmas or any otherwinterfestivity with this magical snowfall live wallpaper. We put alotof attention into mimicking a natural snowflake falling. Fromthesettings menu, you can choose the snowflake's speed,intensity,opacity, and snowflake direction. You can optionally addsome sweetChristmas sound with a snow wind effect. Features ofsnowfall livewallpaper: - Turn on/off from the settings menu thelights of theChristmas tree - Turn on/off the decor lights, windowslight, orthe rooftop flashlights - Activate some sweet Christmassongs fromthe settings menu - Adjust snowfall intensity, speed,opacity, anddirection - Possibility to add the snow effect to yourown photosfrom the gallery - Many snow falling live wallpapers tochoose fromas background - Christmas snowfall live wallpaper looksamazing ontablet and phones These live wallpapers depict someromantic andalmost nostalgic views of winter scenes. The scenes areanimated bya gentle snowfall, a Christmas tree covered withflashlights, andsome sweet Christmas songs. You can optionally putyour own photosas background of the snow effect. The shower ofsnowflakes willinstantly put you in the Christmas mood and is thebest way tocelebrate the New Year festivity. Merry Christmas andHappy NewYear!
Butterflies Live Wallpaper 1.12
A sweet 3D butterflies live wallpaper collection for nature lovers
Wheat Field Live Wallpaper 1.02
Walking through the wheat field in a midsummer sunset...
Text Repeater 1.14
Type your text, replicate it hundreds of times, send it to contacts