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Link the Block : Connect Color Blocks with Line 1.0.1
Link the Block is from the creators of the famous’ Unblock Me&Unblock Me Premium. Our easy-to-love puzzle game ‘Link theBlock’is perfect for everyone. It is perfect for those who want tounwindafter long hours of work or those who want to enjoythemselves on atrain to work or those who want to chill out at homewith lovedones! Ready to Link the block? ★ Game-play ★ - Draw aline to linkblocks of the same color. - The line cannot cross otherlines. - Towin the game, each tile on the board must be coveredwith thelines. ★ Features ★ - 800 Puzzles - Eye-friendly Graphics-Different types of puzzle boards 5*5, 6*6, 7*7, 8*8 - 7 packagesofpuzzles ranging from Starter to Large Board - Solve puzzlestounlock the next package
Fit the Box: Fill the Color Block 1.0.15
Brain Teaser: Fit the Color Puzzles with Directional Sign ‘FittheBox’ every morning on the train to work - Champagne ‘We - mybestieand I - have just unlocked ‘Cairo’ - Kat Are you on thelookout forchallenging puzzles that can be enjoyed anytime &anywhere?Look nowhere else! ​​Head over to​​‘Fit the Box’​! Haveyou everwondered if you are a genius? ‘Fit the Box’ is the game foryou!Fit the Box is from the famous creators of ‘Unblock Me’ and‘WaterMe Please!’ The game is purely designed to sharpen yourthinkingskills. It is safe to say that anyone; your friends, yourcousins,your neighbours, your family can happily enjoy ‘Fit theBox’. Toadd more joy and fun, new cities are waiting to bediscovered alongthe way. Keep on gaming! Goal: ​Fill all the boxeswith colorsReady to ‘Fit the Box’ ? ★ The ‘Key Boxes’ are coloredboxes withdirectional signs. The signs show the ways the boxes canbe moved;up, down, left, right or left-down, right-up and manymore. ★ Thecolor of each ‘Key Box’ follows its direction. ★ Dropeach ‘KeyBox’ to the right spot. Fill all the boxes with colors.Features: ●Over 400 puzzles ● Cities Adventures ● Need help? The‘Easy Box’will always be there for you. Green is the new luckycolor!●Family-friendly; keep your family happy - a game foreverybody ●Brain Training; boost up your problem-solving anddecision-makingskills ● Easy-to-Follow Tutorial Follow us onTwitter Like us onFacebook Follow us onInstagram Subscribe usonYoutube Check us outat​ PrivacyPolicy Questions,Comments,Suggestions? Feel free to reach out to us [email protected]. We always want to hear from you!
Unblock Me 2.3.8
Unblock the Blocked. Puzzle Me out.
Unblock Me Premium 2.3.7
Unblock the Blocked. Puzzle Me out.
Water Me Please! Water Game: B
'Water Me!' Flower's calling. Play a smart brain teaser puzzlewater game now!