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Finger Family Video Songs - World Finger Family 1.29
Finger Family Top Nursery Rhymes and Songs by Kidzooly areCOMPLETELY FREE and available OFFLINE .Audience can enjoy songs,videos and nursery rhymes any place any time without the need ofdata/internet connection. ★ Features: ☀ High-Quality videos ☀ CuteAnimations ☀ Lovable Characters ☀ Parental mode ☀ Easy access tovideos ☀ Offline Mode ☀ Nice sounds and background music ★ AnimalFinger family nursery rhymes includes 1.Lion finger family rhymes2.Cow finger family rhymes 3.Elephant finger family rhymes4.Dinosaur finger family rhymes 5.Hippo finger family rhymes 6.Dogfinger family rhymes 7.Panda finger family rhymes 8.Chimpanzeefinger family rhymes. ★ World finger family rhymes videosintroduces audience to 1.India finger family rhymes 2.Arab fingerfamily rhymes 3.German finger family rhymes 4.Spanish finger familyrhymes 5.Japan finger family rhymes 6.Chinese finger family rhymes7.Russia finger family rhymes 8.French finger family rhymes ♥English Father Finger Mother Finger Brother Finger Sister FingerBaby Finger ♥ French Finger Family Pere Finger Maman Finger FrereFinger Souer Finger Bebe Finger ♥ German Finger Family Vater FingerMutter Finger Bruder Finger Schwester Finger Kind Finger ♥ RussiaFinger Family Otet Finger Maht Finger Brat Finger Sestra FingerRebjonok Finger ♥ Spanish Finger Family Padre Finger Madre FingerHermano Finger Hermana Finger Bebe finger Different culture,ethnicity, language and people around the world with niceanimations and finger family songs would keep everyone informed andentertained. We are all ears always and please do let us know howmuch you liked our effort Please leave a comment and rate our app.Happy Singing and Happy Finger Family !!!!
Funny Animal Dance For Kids - Offline Fun Animaldance_v22
Funny, New and First of its kind - Fun Animal Dance Entertainmentfor Kids by Kidzooly . Enjoy the best of best dance steps fromdifferent dancing animals with High Quality Animations and Musicenjoyed by everyone who enjoys dancing. Get set to watch yourfavourite dancing animals dance to some cool music and awesomedance settings. Let the Drum Rolls begin,Cute Dancing Animals areready to set the stage on fire with their cool moves and attitude.Everyone would enjoy the app to the most with new dance steps fromdifferent dancing animals and foot tapping music set againstawesome dance stage. Animal Dance includes different dance stepsfrom ★ Lion ★ Elephant ★ Cow ★ Cat ★ Pig ★ Parrot ★ Monkey ★ Dog ★Rhino ★ Dino ★ Sheep ★ Turtle ★ Duck ★ Spider ★ Fox ★ Panda ★ Antand we would keep adding more and more. Designed For EveryoneAnimal Dance helps children understand and learn more about animalsin funnier and loveable way. Click on confetti rolls to show somelove to the dancing animals and pets. High Quality AnimationsColourful settings, high quality graphics, cute animations,different dancing steps complementing the music tunes would enableeveryone to enjoy new experiences and awesome characters. AnimalDance app is supported offline and you can take the app anywhereany place and keep enjoying. Multiple Device Support Animal Danceapp is supported across different sized phones and tablets to bringyou the same experience and high quality dance.Just download onceand keep playing without the need of data connection. ★ Features :★ 15+ Animals Dancing to different tunes ★ High Quality Animations★ Cute Dancing Animals ★ Loveable Characters ★ Easy access ofdifferent dances ★ Offline Mode ★ Nice sounds and background musicWe are all ears as always and please do let us know how much youliked our honest effort to keep entertained with Animal Dance App.We hope you enjoy it as much we enjoyed making it!! Please leave acomment and rate our app.We would also like to hear what new youwould like to see in this dancing animals app. Let switch on theDisco Lights :) !!!!
Hindi Top Nursery Rhymes - Offline Videos & Songs 1.37
All Top Hindi Nursery Rhymes videos are COMPLETELY FREE to downloadand play. Top Hindi rhymes videos and nursery songs designed andanimated by Videogyan 3D Rhymes are available in OFFLINE mode withsing along text to enjoy Hindi rhymes and Hindi songs anytimeanyplace. Top Hindi Nursery Rhymes videos are supported acrossdifferent devices. Hindi Nursery songs and rhymes that are includedin this App ★ Bandar Mama Hindi song ★ Billi Gayi Dilli song ★Chunnu Munnu Baby Song ★ Dhobi Aaya Song ★ Lal Tamatar Rhyme ★Machali Jal Ki Rani Nursery Rhymes ★ Naani Naani Suno Kahani Rhyme★ Aalu Kacchalu Song and we would keep adding more and more Hindinursery rhymes and sing-along Hindi songs ★ Features: ☀High-Quality Hindi Nursery Rhymes Videos ☀ Cute Animations forrhymes ☀ Lovable Characters ☀ Parental mode. ☀ Easy access tovideos ☀ Offline Mode to enjoy Hindi rhymes songs ☀ Nice sounds andcatchy background music ☀ Sing along songs to learn Hindi Pleaseleave a comment and rate our app. Happy Singing and HappyRhyming!!!!
Telugu Top Rhymes Videos & Nursery Songs - Offline 1.29
All Minnu and Mintu Telugu Nursery Rhymes, Telugu Nursery Songs,Rhymes videos are COMPLETELY FREE to download and play. DOWNLOADONCE and KEEP PLAYING. Telugu top rhymes videos and Telugu nurserysongs are available in OFFLINE mode with sing along the text .EnjoyMinnu and Mintu Telugu rhymes and songs anytime any place. Kids TopTelugu Nursery Rhymes are supported across different devices.Telugu top nursery songs and rhymes that are included in this App ★Chitti Chilakamma Telugu song ★ Jo Achyutananda Jo Jo lullaby ★Veeri Veeri Gummadi Pandu Song ★ Cheema Entho Chinnadi Telugu Rhyme★ Aakesi Pappesi Nursery Rhymes ★ Chandamama Raave Telugu Rhyme ★Chinna Papa Song ★ Yedavaku Yedavaku ★ Poddunne Manamu Levali ★Burru Pitta Burru Pitta Turru Mannadi ★ Chitti Chitti MiriyaluTelugu Rhyme ★ Kalla Gajja Kankalamma ★ Papayi Kannulu KaluvaRekulu Baby Song ★ Ma Thatha Andam - Grandpa Song ★ Enugamma Enugu★ Aaku Kavala Puvvu Kavala and we would keep adding more and more3D Animations , Telugu nursery rhymes and sing along Telugu songs ★Features: ☀ High-Quality 3D Telugu Nursery Rhymes Animations ☀ CuteAnimations ☀ Lovable Characters Minnu and Mintu ☀ Parental mode. ☀Easy download and playing videos ☀ Offline Mode to enjoy TeluguNursery songs ☀ Nice sounds and catchy background music to enjoy ☀Sing along songs Please leave a comment and rate our app. HappySinging and Happy Rhyming!!!!
Kids Top Songs & Top Nursery Rhymes - Free Offline 1.71
All Top Kids Songs, Nursery Rhymes, Nursery songs, Offline KidsRhymes Audio are COMPLETELY FREE. Kids Songs are available inOFFLINE mode for kids to enjoy kids songs and baby rhymes anytimeanyplace. Kids Songs, Nursery rhymes and Nursery songs that areincluded in this app***************************************************************************★ Twinkle Twinkle Little Star ★ Incy Wincy Spider ★ Jack and Jill ★Baa Baa Black Sheep ★ ABC Song ★ Row Row Row the Boat ★ Miss PollyHad a Dolly ★ Once I caught a fish alive number song. ★ OldMacDonald Had a Farm rhyme ★ If you are Happy And You know Clapyour Hands baby song ★ Jingle Bells Jingle Bell Jingle All the Way★ Hot Cross Buns 1 a penny 2 a penny ★ Ringa ringa roses ★ MulberryBush ★ Hickory Dickory Dock ★ Head Should Knees and Toes ★ I'mTeapot ★ Hey Diddle ★ Rock-a-Bye Baby and we would keep adding moreand more nursery rhymes and children sing along kids songs********************************************************** ★Features:********************************************************** ☀High-Quality Kids Nursery Rhymes Audio ☀ Lovable Characters forchildren ☀ Parental mode. ☀ Children Mode for Safe Viewing ☀ Easyaccess to Rhymes ☀ Offline Mode to enjoy Kids songs and baby rhymes☀ Nice sounds and catchy background music ☀ Sing along lyrics forkids songs If you like our effort please show us your love byleaving a comment and rate our app.Please check our other apps too@ We areall ears as always. Thanks. Kidzooly------------------------------------------------------------------------Like Us : Support &Feedback : email us @ [email protected] Other Apps : Website:
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Kids Train Learning Videos ABC 4.1
Kids Learning Train teaches kids ABC, Phonics, Opposites,Colors,Vegetables, Fruits, Animals, Shapes and Alphabets with kidstrainsongs for free learning by Kidzooly. All kids learning videosareFREE and available OFFLINE to play even without theinternetDownload the learning videos for the first time and keepplayingany time any place. Children of all ages can enjoy babysongs andlearning videos any place any time without the needofdata/internet connection. KIDS SAFE INTERFACE - Kids-Proofparentallock ensures safer viewing experience for Kids. LearningTrain forKids includes ☀ ABC Songs for Children ☀ Colors ☀ Shapes ☀Vehicles☀ Rainbow ☀ Vegetables ☀ Fruits ☀ Domestic Animals ☀ WildAnimals ☀Phonics ☀ Opposites ☀ Body Parts and much more kidslearning videos********************* Features *********************☀ Moving Trainwith Whistle Sounds and beautiful landscapes. ☀AttractiveBackgrounds to keep kid, toddlers engaged with learningtrain andkids nursery rhymes ☀ Fun background music with kids trainnurseryrhymes ☀ Ease of access for kids. ☀ Continuous play of kidsnurseryrhymes ☀ Mute Option to stop the background music of kidstrainnursery rhymes ☀ Foot tapping music and nursery rhymes trainsongsThese popular learning train for kids songs are handpickedandsorted for kids to enjoy all their favorite kids trainnurseryrhymes and at fun, active learning for toddlers, baby, kidsofdifferent age group and lots of kids nursery rhymes keepthemengaged and at the same time help them understand knowledgearoundABC, Phonics, Shapes and colors If you like our effort pleaseshowus your love by leaving a comment and rate our app.Please checkourother apps too@ Weareall ears as always. Thanks.Kidzooly------------------------------------------------------------------------LikeUs : Support &Feedback: email us @ [email protected] Other Apps:
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