KiDEO (formerly forqan smart tech) Apps

Princess Puzzles - Pro 1.2.4
The Princes Puzzles is a wonderful puzzle game for children. Manythoughts were invested to provide this educational and entertainingapp at the same time. The game offers several key features: ✔ Thesquare pieces of the puzzle challenge the kid much more than thetraditional jigsaw puzzle. This mode helps the child to focus onfinding the next adjacent small piece instead of focusing onfinding piece's location based on its shape. ✔ A limited number ofpieces are displayed for selection at a time. We have developed aspecial smart algorithm which decides which of the missing piecesto show during the play time.  ✔ The game tracks the child'sprogress, and adjusts the complexity of the puzzle accordingly. ✔The child can select the number of small pieces in the puzzle. 4,9, 16, 25 and 36 small pieces are available (36 pieces available onTablet only). ✔ A smart hint system is developed to decide when theuser needs help. After a predefined number ofmultiple successive errors, the puzzle is displayed inblack&white color to help the child proceeding. The hintdisappears after succeeding one piece. The hint algorithm may alsodecide to show the hint constantly in some cases. ✔ A cuteinteractive chick animation is displayed every several puzzles toprovide more fun while playing the game. We, at Forqan Smart Tech,have always sought to provide the best for your children throughapplications designed, and directed each age group separately, ourbelief in the feature each evolutionary stage passes by your son,but in order to lend life skills and the mentality to learn andgrow and play correctly and properly, and to communicate with hispeers and the environment surrounding it.
iLearn: Kids Connect the Dots; Animals & Numbers 1.0.9
Educational games for kids by which they can learn names ofanimals, numbers, letters, fruits, birds and more. iLearn: KidsConnect the Dots; Animals & Numbers contains about 200 imagesof animals, numbers, birds, letters, fruits, vehicles and toys.Preschoolers really connect with our iLearn: Kids Connect the Dots;Animals & Numbers game. It teaches children to recognize andpronounce names of animals, fruits, numbers and letters of thealphabet in a kid-friendly way. Your child will love playingiLearn: Kids Connect the Dots; Animals & Numbers, and you'll beable to relax, knowing your child is learning while having greatfun. Children tap on a series of dots that outline an animal or anobject that the child usually can't quite identify. As they tap onthe dots or connect the dots, the animals, the numbers and ABCalphabet letters are pronounced. When children succeed inconnecting them all, the connected dots are delightfullytransformed into a colorful graphic of whatever the child hasoutlined. It might be a bird or muffin, a giraffe or a treasurechest. Preschoolers are surprised and filled with wonder to see thecreatures and objects they've created "come to life" – and want togo on to create more and more of them. There are over 100 images inthe full version for your child to enjoy. Your child will learn torecognize and pronounce the numbers or letters in the dots. So thegame is a wonderful way for children to learn to count and learnthe alphabet. Kids also learn to identify the creatures and objectsthey create by connecting the dots. ✔ Kids love our games. Parentslove to see their preschool-aged children being both educated andquietly happy. ✔ Our games are laser focused. For example, thenumbers game doesn't teach letters, and the letters game doesn'tteach math. We keep the games simple but magically inviting andnourishing. ✔ We strive to give children just the right balancebetween education and fun. So our games don't feature fun at theexpense of education – or education at the expense of fun. We alsoknow games that are too complicated don’t involve and delight kids.We, at Forqan Smart Tech, have always sought to provide the bestfor your children through applications designed, and directed eachage group separately, our belief in the feature each evolutionarystage passes by your son, but in order to lend life skills and thementality to learn and grow and play correctly and properly, and tocommunicate with his peers and the environment surrounding it.Enjoy!
Mandala Coloring Pages 1.0.0
60 Mandala coloring pages for adults and kids. Both easy andcomplex mandala's for everyone. Use a large screen with highresolution for the best results. Use a magnifier for filling smallareas. This app offers: ✔ 60 Mandala's ✔ Easy to play ✔ Share yourartwork ✔ Save and load your work ✔ Undo and redo buttons
ZigZag Adventures 1.0.2
It's time for few rest and challenge with this new Zig Zag game.Enjoy
Robots Coloring Pages
The application contains 60 images of robots, monsters andothercreatures for coloring. The images are very attractive foradultsand kids. Robots coloring is game full of robots, monsters,UFOsand space creatures. Color the robots coloring on your phoneortablet in this virtual coloring game and painting book. It soeasythat even toddler can play, paint & draw. This coloringgamewhere you can color animals. In this coloring game you canfindmany types of Robots. What's this Coloring Robots game forisabout? ✔ The application contains 60 images for coloring:Robots,Monsters, Space Creatures & UFOs. ✔ You can easily fillout anentire region, draw with a pencil or brush and use an eraser✔ Bothgirls and boys will love it ✔ 20 beautiful colors. You canpaint,draw or doodle whenever they want to. Doodling, paintinganddrawing was never so easy and funny. Be creative bydownloadingthis free app: robots coloring with many pictures whichcan bedrawn, painted or doodle their own Robots and Monsters. We,atForqan Smart Tech, have always sought to provide the best foryourfamily through applications designed, and directed each agegroupseparately, our belief in the feature each evolutionarystagepasses by your son, but in order to lend life skills andthementality to learn and grow and play correctly and properly, andtocommunicate with his peers and the environment surrounding it.
Beauty Coloring Book 2 💖💄
A very fun, educational and safe application for little girls withalot of games: coloring & drawing, manicure, dress-up,homecleanup & puzzles. We believe that safe and smart educationisvery important for little kids and we do work very hard tohelpparents achieve this by safe and smart games which help thelittlekids be a positive and good member of the society. Downloadtheapplication and you will see that we encourage the little kidstoclean there rooms and help their parents doing so. Wealsoencourage the little kids to save the water in the kitchen andtotake care of their bodies and do not let anyone see the partstheyshouldn't see. This game is mainly a virtual coloring anddrawingbook but it has 6 educational mini applications. The game isfullof beauty products pictures, is designed for all ages(although,girls especially like it). It is suitable for both phonesandtablets. You can fill the colors in prepared image outlines andcanalso create your own original drawings. It is so simple andeasyeven the youngest kids can play it. The game includes a lotofbeautiful images of famous and beloved beauty products,clothes,hats, sunglasses, jewelry, bags and wallets. In addition tothecoloring & drawing potion, this application has 6additionalmini games designed mainly for little girls: 1. Manicurewithbrush, decorations and more! 2. Dress-up with veryattractiveclothes for little girls. And we make sure here toeducate thelittle girls take care and not to show the parts foreignshouldn'tsee. Please download the application and see how we dothat! 3.Dishes cleanup. Designed in an educational way so littlekids learnhow to save the water. 4. Clothes washing and ironing.Thisincludes clothes sorting, into colored and white pieces,washing,drying, ironing and hanging in the closet. 5. Cakedecoration. 6.Puzzles with many pictures for girls. The gameincludes thefollowing features: ✔ 60 colorable pictures of makeup,rings,clothes, wallets, bags and other accessories. ✔ 20 brightandbeautiful colors to use for drawing and filling. ✔ 10patternscolors to use for drawing and filling. ✔ A colors spectrumwithmany colors to use for drawing and filling. ✔ A free-drawinggamefor creating original drawings. ✔ Filling an entire regionwithcolor, drawing with a pencil or a brush, and using an eraser. ✔50+decorations and animated stickers from world of the littlegirls. ✔Manicure with very cool and attractive colors, stickersandsharping. ✔ Dress-up with a lot of attractive sport clothesanddresses for girls. ✔ Dishes washing. ✔ Clothes sorting,washing,drying, ironing and hanging. ✔ Cake decorations for abirthday. ✔Puzzles. You can paint, draw, or doodle your favoriteimages, orbasically whatever they want. Doodling, painting, anddrawing havenever been easier and more fun, so let's start now witheveryfavorite beauty product and dress. Our goal at Forqan SmartTech isto provide the best value for your family, allowing them todevelopvisual and cognitive abilities, to learn to communicate withtheirpeers and the environment around them, and to acquireimportantlife skills. Each game is designed by a professional forthespecific age group. It is the time to have fun with ourwonderful"Beauty Coloring Book💖💄"! Download it today!
Little Pet
Animals veterinarian and animal sport game. With this cute petgame,the little kids will play veterinarian role and take care oflittleanimals. In addition to the pet clinic game play the animalswillplay sport when they become healthy. The animals will play onethefollowing mini games: 1. Basketball 2. Rope jumping 3.FootballLittle kids love animals and they like to take care ofthem. Inaddition, we believe with this application, we will makethe littlekids love sport and being active. So what are you waitingfor dadand mom? Hurry up and download "Little Pet" game now!
Pairs 1.0.5
Match the cards and get the board completed. Pairs introduces anewgame play in the match-3 puzzle games world. You need to match2, 3or 4 similar cards in order to achieve a predefined target oftheeach level. Matched cards make a hole in the board in whichtheplayer will not be able to pass afterwards so you need tobecareful while matching. In some level, the user is asked tomatchall the cards in the board and these are the mostinterestinglevels. In this game, you can play with your friends inFacebookand see their progress. So what are you waiting for?DOWNLOAD Pairsnow and play with your friends and let's see who issmarter :)
Unicorn Coloring Book for Kids 🦄
Unicorn Coloring Book for Kids is a coloring application with60images of unicorn, horses and little ponies. This virtualcoloringand drawing book, full of fairytale pictures, is designedfor allfamily ages, girls and boys alike (although, girlsespecially likeit). It is suitable for both phones and tablets. Youcan fill thecolors in prepared image outlines and can also createyour ownoriginal drawings. It is so simple and easy even theyoungest kidscan play it. The game includes a lot of beautifulimages ofunicorn, horses and little ponies. The game includes thefollowingfeatures: ✔ 60 colorable pictures of unicorns, horses andlittleponies. ✔ 20 bright and beautiful colors to use for drawingandfilling. ✔ Filling an entire region with color, drawing withapencil or a brush, and using an eraser. Your can paint, draw,ordoodle their favorite little ponies and unicorns, orbasicallywhatever they want. Doodling, painting, and drawing havenever beeneasier and more fun, so let's start now with yoursfavoriteunicorns and little ponies. This game has a plenty ofunicorn, ponyand horse images that little kids like. Download ittoday andenjoy! Our goal at Forqan Smart Tech is to provide thebest valuefor your family, allowing them to develop visual andcognitiveabilities, to learn to communicate with their peers andtheenvironment around them, and to acquire important life skills.Eachgame is designed by a professional for the specific age group.Itis the time to have fun with our wonderful Unicorn ColoringBookfor Kids game!
Kids Educational Puzzles: Animals, Letters, Number
Kids Educational Puzzles: Animals, Letters, Numbers is a oneofseries of education puzzles offered by Forqan for 3-5 yearsoldKids: Kids Educational Puzzles Kids Educational Puzzles:AnimalsKids Educational Puzzles: Animals, Letters, NumbersThiseducational puzzles application contains pictures of: 1. Pets,FarmAnimals, Wild Animal Dinosaurs & Sea Creatures: Sheep,Duck,Rabbit, Cat, Dog, Pig, Hen, Hours, Cow, Donkey, Giraffe,Elephant,Lion, Tiger, Bear, Rhinoceros, Zebra , Hippopotamus, SeaHorse,Fish, Wheal, Octopus, Eagle, Crow, Toucan, T-Rex,Stegosaurus,Aardonyx. Abelisaurus. Achelousaurus.Achillobator.Acrocantho-saurus. Aegyptosaurus. Afrovenator.Agilisaurus. Thesepuzzles are coming with the names of the animalsand the soundsthey make. 2. Letters and numbers with their names 3.Shapes withwith their names 4. Colors with their names 5. Food,Fruits andVegetables with their names 6. Daily Activities and BodyParts withtheir names We, at Forqan Smart Tech, have always soughtto providethe best for your children through applications designed,anddirected each age group separately, our belief in the featureeachevolutionary stage passes by your son, but in order to lendlifeskills and the mentality to learn and grow and play correctlyandproperly, and to communicate with his peers and theenvironmentsurrounding it. Kids Educational Puzzles: Animals,Letters, Numberis available in different languages mainly: English,Spanish,Russian, German and French
iLearn Shapes
This application is one of the iLearn series from Forqan ST:iLearnConnect the Dots, iLearn Numbers, iLearn Colors, iLearnLetters andiLearn Sorting. This application is targeting preschoolkids whowant to learn the geometrical shapes such as: circle,square,triangle, rectangle, oval, trapezoid, ellipse,rhombus,parallelogram, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon and even more.