Keesing Media Group Apps

LogiMatch 1.2.0
The addictive game by MegaStar Games! Are thecards a match or not? Use your logic skills to match the symbols.With each new level the challenge gets harder and faster.Choose whether to play against the clock or opt for a morerelaxed game without the pressure of time. The premium versionoffers more game options.Download the free app now and start the fun.
Pictolingo 1.0.2
Learn new languages the fun and easy waywithpictures!Pictolingo helps you develop your language skills. You canlearnnew words in no less than seven languages, or improveyourspelling. There are three different game modes, all usingpictures,so pick your favorite.Try the easiest level in each language and game mode for free,orbuy the premium package to unlock levels two to four in alanguageof your choice.This is a wonderful app for everyone, young and old,interestedin learning languages, and the visual aids make it evenmoreappealing.
Surf The Word 1.0.4
Surf the Word!This addictive word game is all about keeping your nerves.Tap the screen and keep the surfer bird in the air.Meanwhile,collect letters in the right order to form words, but besure toavoid bombs and wrong letters.Watch out! If you fall or fly into a bomb, the game is over!Don't miss the multipliers that can seriously boost yourscoreand defeat your friends!
Pool Cleaner 1.01
Help Fabio keep the pool clean!What are all those things floating in the tropical pool? Yourjobis to remove them in the right way and at the right time. Areyoufocused enough?Swipe the objects away in the correct direction, keeping inmindthat some items can help you and some hinder. Don't loseyourconcentration!Try the free game modes or buy the premium pack forextradifficult game modes.
Product Parade 1.2.0
Product Parade is a fun way to exerciseyourshort term memory. You’ll need to remember the order ofthegroceries as they pass down the conveyor belt at varying speeds.Play just for kicks with one of the training levels orgiveyourself a real test with the expert modes.Enjoy!
Jingle Drop 1.0.2
Help Santa Claus drop the packages intothechimneys. If you aim well, the sled goes up, and you'llreceivemore packages to hand out. If you miss too often, Santacrashes…It's up to you to save Christmas!
Sudoku PuzzleLife 3.1.2
The all-conquering logic-based, number-placement puzzle game.
Wordsearch PuzzleLife 1.2.3
If it’s fun word searches you’re after, this word game is just foryou!
Crossword PuzzleLife 1.2.2
Your daily brain exercise with challenging English crosswordpuzzles.
Arrowword PuzzleLife 1.2.2
Puzzles filled with fun and addictive arrow crossword gamechallenges!
Tectonic 4.4.3
The most addictive Sudoku alternative among the logic puzzles!
Quarks Galaxy
Fun educational games for kids, from math to logic, while exploringthe galaxy.
Denksport NL 2.30
Play the puzzles mind games on your tablet!
Sport Cérébral 2.20
Enjoy games Sport Cérébral® for Android tablet.
Denksport BE 1.30
Play the puzzles mind games on your tablet!
Megastar ES 1.21
Enjoy Megastar games for Android tablets.
Megastar DE 1.21
The app Megastar offers many popular puzzle types.
Tankesport DK 1.30
Solve Tanks Sport-tasks on your tablet.