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Baby Mod 1.0
Baby Mod is an addon which makes itpossibilityto become a baby (also known as a small person) inMinecraft. Thebest thing is that it works for any custom skin.This is purely avisual mod as it doesn’t actually change anycharacteristics of theplayer (e.g. health or strength).
Grappling Hook Mod 1.0
The Grappling Hook Mod transforms the useofthe fishing pole to something completely different. Insteadoffishing it can be used to throw a grappling hook. It’s perfecttoquickly get from one building to another in a similar fashiontoSpiderman. It’s really fun to use even though it’s a reallysimpleidea!
Bat Simulator Mod 1.0
By using The Bat Simulator Mod youcantransform into a bat and fly. It’s an incredibly simple modbutnonetheless useful in certain situations. Basically it’s acreativeflying switch but instead of flying as a normal human youcanshapeshift into a bat.It’s really simple. Once you’ve enteredthegame there will be an on/off button on the right side ofthescreen. Simply use the button to shapeshift into a bat andviceversa.
Command Blocks Mod 1.0
The Command Block is incredibly usefulbecauseit can be used for executing text commands in Minecraft. Andit’sonly triggered when there’s a redstone signal active. The blockcanprocess javascript and custom commands found in othermods.It’s one of those features which the PC version of Minecraft hasbydefault but is not likely to be an official part of PocketEditionfor a long time.The Command Block (ID 137) can be obtainedby usingthe creative inventory. It’s a block which when triggeredby aredstone signal can execute both javascript and custommodcommands.In this example we will be using the commands available intheX-Commands mod to explain how you can use redstone and theCommandBlock to switch time between day and night.Begin by placing down the first Command Block which will be usedforactivating night-time. Tap on the block to set the command touse.Here you can also enter JavaScript, e.g.:javascript:Level.setRainLevel(1); – this would turn on rain.
Mod Many Items 1.0
If you are looking for a way to quick andeasyget items and blocks or change specific gameplay optionsinMinecraft PE then you can use the this mod to control thegameextensively.The Many Items mod is an upgraded and more fancy version oftheolder one. Both function in similar ways but this one offerbetterfunctionality, more options and a more beautifuluserinterface.
Mod Lucky Gold Block 1.0
The mod adds a new block to the game calledaLucky Gold Block. When mining the new block it can dropdiamonds,gear and many other awesome items. The block can alsospawn(hostile & friendly) mobs and even structures which youcanenter.The Lucky Gold Block becomes a fun entity of the game everytimeyoufind it as you never know what it got in store for you!The mod adds a newblockto the game called a Lucky Gold Block. When mining the newblock itcan drop diamonds, gear and many other awesome items. Theblock canalso spawn (hostile & friendly) mobs and evenstructures whichyou can enter.The Lucky Gold Block becomes a fun entity of the game everytimeyoufind it as you never know what it got in store for you!
Big Cat Mod 1.0
The Big Cats Mod adds six wild cats tothegame. Neither of the cats are hostile as long you don’tattackthem. But if you for some reason do decide to attack themthey willmake a roaring sound and throw themselves at you, so becareful!Thewild cats are randomly spawned in the world. You canalso use theAdvanced Too Many Items mod to get the spawn eggs andspawn themyourself.There are six different cats in total and eachof themwill make a unique roar specified to its species if youattackthem.
Comes Alive Mod 1.0
Minecraft can surely get lonely attimes.However, Minecraft Comes Alive PE aims to solve this problembyadding new types of villagers which you can interact with inanumber of different ways.In the future you will even be able to marry a villager andhavekids with him or her. It’s a beautiful way to evolve in theworldof Minecraft and it makes the game a whole lot moreinteresting.This is the first beta of the mod and as a resultthere’s manyfeatures missing, but for being the first release thisisabsolutely one of the best mods we’ve so far reviewed!
Mod Iron Man 1.0
The Iron Man Mod adds an armor suit andgadgetstrying to replicate the popular superhero’s hightechnologymechanical superpowers. When you put on the armor yourskin willturn into Iron Man and you will have super awesome powersjust likehim.First you will need to craft the Mark-42 Armor. Thentap on theground to activate the armor suit and turn into IronMan.As Iron Man you will be indestructible, be able to fly and runextrafast and zoom in your view point on things ahead ofyou.
Mod Dayz 1.0
DayZ is a popular multiplayer mod for ArmaIIwhich takes place in a post-soviet state which recently havebeenhit by an infectious zombie virus.Minecraft already got some of the features like zombiesandskeletons which could make for a perfect similar type ofgameplay.And with this DayZ texture pack players can alsoexperience a morevisually compelling zombie apocalyptic survivalgameplay.The main focus in the texture pack is the new graphicaluserinterface and the weapon. To get a taste we can tell you thatthebow is transformed into a scoped rifle and the sword intoahorrendous axe.
Mod FNAF for MCPE 1.0
Here is a mod inspired by the popularhorrorgame called Five Nights at Freddy’s. As in the game you playas asecurity guard and work in a pizza place called FreddyFazebear’sPizza. In the pizza place there are multiplemalfunctionalanimatronics who want to kill you. Everytime you killone it willdrop a Child Soul which can be used to craft thesecurity uniform(hat, uniform, pants & boots).
Dimension Mod 1.0
The Mo’Dimensions Mod adds one new dimensiontothe world which you can get to by building a portal. In thefuturethe mod will support more dimensions perhaps with somechallenges ineach. The current dimension acts like a cool storageroom you canuse to store important chests and alike.To begin withyou will need8 blocks of compressed stone and one Portal Starteritem.Place the blocks the same way as seen below in the image. It isveryimportant that you create it as seen in the image with thesunsetting/rising behind, otherwise it won’t work!Tap with the Portal Starter item on the bottom block and theportalwill be activated showing a new block in the middle.
Armor Mod Steel 1.0
The Elemental Armor Mod lets you craftaninfusion table which can be used to obtain three different typesofelemental armor sets. Each set of armor includes specialabilitieswhen worn and you can combine multiple parts fromdifferent armorsto get all abilities. The abilities range fromwalking on water tobeing immune to lava.Next you will need to craftat least one fulliron armor set. Then tap on the Fusion Table withWater to infusethe table. Now you can tap with any item of the ironarmor set,such as an iron helmet, on the Fusion Table and it willturn into aWater Helmet.Do the same but with Lava to get the lava elemental armor andquartzto get the air elemental armor.
Mod Pixelmon 1.0
Pixelmon PE is an advanced Pixelmon modforMinecraft Pocket Edition. Even though it’s currently released asabeta version it has loads of features and many of them workquitewell. You can catch Pixelmon, duel others and use items suchas thePixelmon to view detailed information about your Pixelmon.Even forthe fact it’s still being in beta it definitely is very funto useand is most definitely worth testing out!
Mod Ultimate NPC 1.0
Minecraft in singleplayer can sometimes bealittle bit lonely, don’t you think? The Ultimate NPCs Modsolvesthis problem. It makes it possible to befriend a villager andthenset up different properties for it, such as automaticfollow,defend and you can can even set it up so it can speak. Therearetens of preset skins to choose from so there are lot of thingstocustomize.
Mod Guns 1.0
Guns comes with a custom user interfaceforeach weapon and an advanced weapon system including thingslikeammunitions and unique crafting recipes for each weapon.More than 40 weapons are included in the mod. Everythingfromhandguns to massive rocket launchers and handheld throwableitemslike grenades and molotovs.First of you need to craft a weapon. Most of the weapons arecraftedwith redstone, iron ingots and gunpowder and the specificammo basedon what weapon you want to craft.Different weapons use different user interfaces. For example,withone button on each side of the screen you can choose whethertoshoot or to aim. Exactly how each weapon works isquiteself-explanatory in-game and that’s one of the clearadvantageswith the mod.
Cars Mech Mod 1.0
Mech Cars is the third mod in the Mechseriesby TDS200. Before you can go for a ride you first of all havetocraft the car. It’s an easy crafting recipe and only requiresacouple of items, such as a car body, wheels and soon you’ve gotthecar ready to roll.The car is quite small and doesn’t fit more than one person atthispoint being but it sure adds some speed and lets you get fromoneplace to another faster than if you were to walk.
Mod Big Godzilla 1.0
This mod adds two versions of ModGodzilla,both of which you can fight by the use of some new weaponswhichare also introduced in the mod. See if you have what it takestotake down the giant monster known as Godzilla or just sit backandrelax while two Godzillas fight each other. Make sure you’vesetdifficulty to max, otherwise it won’t work to spawn them! Bothofthe Godzillas have use the same customized model. Theonlydifferent is the color of the design.Here is the normal Mod Godzilla. He’s huge and stretches muchhigherthan many of the buildings in NewBloxten City which we usedas atesting area for this mod review.
Mech Mod 1.0
The Mech Mod is the most advanced vehiclesmodfor Minecraft Pocket Edition. It adds 21 vehicles to thegame.Everything from a fast yellow sports car to a Britishfighteraircraft which can drop bombs. The vehicle models arebreathtakingand the user experience is fantastic.Place down thevehicle bytapping with the vehicle item on the ground. Use a fuelcan on avehicle to fill it up.Press down your finger on the screen (in the air) and then moveitover the vehicle. A Ride button will then show up in thebottomcenter of the screen.
Dogs Mod 1.0
This mod adds six different dogs to thegame.It uses the dog models found in the popular PC mod knownasDogsStyle – Domestic Dog Breeds. This Pocket Editon mod ismuchmore simple as it only adds the mobs and none of the featurestointeract with the dog. Even though it’s kind of basic it’s areallycool addition to the game! Open the text chat and type /eggstoobtain six spawn eggs (or use the crafting recipes foundfurtherdown on this page). Then open your inventory, select theeggs andthen use them (by tapping on the ground) to spawn thedogs.Theylook really cute but besides being adorable they can’treally doanything. The mobs have the same characteristics to thatof a pigand if you exit the world they won’t save. But besidestheseobvious flaws it’s definitely a really cool mod withgreatpotential if the creator decides to continue thedevelopment.
Mod Jet Pack 1.0
JetPack Mod is a special and new mod whichisabout features in Minecraft PE.It was made by BrokerZG.Withthismod, you will have a new jetpack which is called jetPackVacio.Ifyou want it, you need to craft it by using a recipe whichis inbelow pictures.You need to remember to install the texturefirstbefore the mod to avoid mistakes and enjoy.No modificationsareallowed mod. This allowed doing anything to reviews .
Mod Halloween 1.0
The Halloween Mod adds several new itemsandblocks somehow relating to Halloween. Decorate your housewithcandles, candy bowls and getting yourself a pumpkin pet aresome ofthe things you can do. It’s a quite small mod but itdefinitelyadds on a more spooky feeling to Minecraft.
Mod Ice King 1.0
Ice King mod adds in Minecraft PocketEditioncan get with a normal ice ice with special packaging whichyou willbe able to make new items and armor.With this special ice you will be able to do a new ice battleaxeand chainmail armor.To get Packed ice you need to find an ice biome or just frozenwaterwhich turned to ice. I suggest you go to a place where thereiswinter, there you will find a frozen river or lake.
Giant Zombies Mod 1.0
The Giant Zombies Mod adds seven zombiesofdifferent sizes. Five of them are enormous and lookquitefrightening when approaching them. Two of them are morelikedwarves though because their size, compared to the player, ismaybetwice or thrice smaller.There are seven different sizedzombies.Neither of the zombies spawn randomly so you will have touse thespawn eggs found in the creative inventory to obtaintheitems.Some of the sizes are nearly the same so here we’llhighlightprimarily the ones which stand out the most.This big fella is the largest zombie of them all. He’s 12 timesthesize of a normal zombie, but not more dangerous since all ofthezombies appear to have the same health.
Furniture Mod 1.0
This is a new mod which adds a newfurnituresto the game. Every furniture got its own functions sothey aren’tonly added because of the visual aspect.A laptop iscrafted out of6 iron bars and 3 redstones. Once crafted and placeon the groundyou can tap the computer. A new window will popupsaying somethinglike: Welcome to Minebay! and from there you can byclicking one ofthe items in the list of items.A fridge &freezer is craftedout of 6 irons bars and 3 cooked chickens. If youtap the lowerpart of the fridge you’ll get a some cooked chicken.If you wantto, you can tap the top part of the fridge which is thefreezer, tofreeze the chicken and have it stored there.
Mod Lord Of Rings 1.0
he Lord of Rings PE Mod introduces the landsofMiddle-earth and its inhabitants to Minecraft Pocket Edition.Ents,warg riders and mountain trolls are just a few of the newmobs whichyou will come across in your future journeys. Seven newarmors andloads of weapons and tools also come with the mod. It’sa greatexperience which offers a lot of new features toexplore.