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Jewels Fruit Star 1.1
Jewels Fruit Star is a very addictinggame.Match 3 cute animals and get even bigger high scoreRules of the Jewels star game:- use extra jewels for extra points- get rid of locked jewels- be quick :)- move cute animals to have at least 3 n one rowFeatures of Jewels Fruit Star game:- Super combos - boost your high score- Unlimited random levels- High scores- Match 4 jewels for horizontal or vertical blast- Match 5 jewels to get Rainbow Star explosion- Dynamic gameplay- Excellent visualsMore features coming soon to Jewels Fruit Star :- New special powers to mow entire row of Jewels- Bombs to detonate 9 Jewels- Eliminate all Jewels of selected type
Bubble Shooter 1.2
Classic Jewel Bubble Shooter game. Shoot downthe bubble and get yet higher and higher high scores.Make groups of 3 and more bubbles so they will fall downthem.Shoot down all the bubbles to score points.How to play Jewel Bubble Shooter :- Select available level- Click on the screen to shoot the bubble- Group 3 and more bubbles to make them fall down- Switch the color of the bubbleThis is classic but funny bubble game.The most addicting Jewel Bubble Shooter game.Some of the Jewel Bubble Shooter features:- Extra points- High score- Amazing visuals- Hundreds of levels
Hot star Drums 1
Are you looking for an awesome music drumsapplication? Feel like you are a member of a real rock band playingHot star Drums.Hot star Drums is everything you need to learn and play music ondrums set!! Get some new music skills with this Hot star drummingapplication.This virtual drum kit is great app to play and learn the drumson your mobile device.Learn how to play the pieces of rock, folk, pop music on drumset anywhere by using this music drums game. Surprise your friendsand family!Play around with your pocket drum kit. Music creation has neverbeen so easy.Hot star Drums music app comes with amazing drums set andcymbals. This Hot star Drums kit is loaded with a ride cymbal,snare drum, floor drum, closed and open hi hats, splash, crashcymbal, ring cymbal, tom toms.If you like making music, you will adore this virtualpercussion. Hot star Drums will let you create your own drum beatsor you can play songs built in Hot star Drums.Hot star Drums is a must for everyone. From the music-deaf todrums enthusiasts, kids, adults, expert drummers and musicbeginners.Download Hot star Drums and develop your music ear.To play Hot star Drums just run Drums and make music! Supersimple to play!1) Choose between 4 difficulty levels and then choose a songfrom music list.2) Use your fingers as a drum sticks and have fun playing drumbeats.3) Tap the highlighted drums and cymbals on your screen and get asmany points as possible!4) Make beautiful drum beats and record them5) Pick other parts of drum set e.g. tambourine, cowbell.6) Enjoy your own drum beats and music!Hot star Drums app features:-great entertaining music drums app-three game modes to choose from-high quality sound-simple drums music application-drums app tutorial-Four difficulty levels-easy to use app controls-multi touch percussion-drums animations, visual feedback of tapped drums andcymbals!-record and playback mode, You can share your best beats!-a lot of sample songs to play, many tracks to learn and play-develop your music ear with Hot star Drums music app
Mine Sweeper Classic 1.0
Play one of the best known game - MineSweeper!The purpose of the Mine Sweeper Classic game is to open all thecells of the board which do not contain a mine.You can choose a level of difficulty - beginner, intermediateand expert.If you are new with Mine Sweeper game, start with thebeginner.After you master Beginner, move on to Intermediate and then toExpert.If you know where the mines/ bombs are, you can put there a flagas a warning.Exercise your strategic skills and logical thinking whileplaying Mine Sweeper and having fun along the way!Remember - the faster you are, the more points you can get!
Jewels: Pandora Arrow 2.1.3
Jewels pandora arrow is a very addictive gameyou can play at home or in the car.Just match 3 diamonds get yet bigger high score.Travel with the pandora through the video land with 3 great mapsRules of the jewels: pandora arrow game:- use deluxe jewels for extra damage- get rid of locked jewels- move jewels to have 3 or more in the row- be as fast as possibleFeatures of jewel pandora arrow game:- Hundreds of random jewel levels- Excellent combos- Match 4 jewels to get vertical blast- Match 5 jewels to get Crazy Star explosion- Amazing visuals of the jewel- High scores- Fast paced gameplay- movies like music and video- unlock a anime cat or a cute dog with high scoresMore features recently added to jewels pandora arrow game:- Jewels Arcade mode- Fabulous mode with a map full of challenging jewels fruitlevels(movies like)See our other games: Candy mania where you smash candy
Rubik 1.0
Now you can solve Rubik cube, even if youdon't have it around you!Try to reassemble the Rubik cube as quickly as you can.Game has just one rule - for the puzzle to be solved, each faceof cube must be in one color.This game will give your brain an intensive workout! :)How to play:Rotate cube by dragging your finger over the area and tap on thetiles, if you want to move them.
Virus Battle 1.0
The Virus Battle game is a version of the oneof the most popular board strategy game - Hexagon.The Virus Battle is a strategy game where you have to take overthe game board with your own cells.The main task of this Virus Battle game is to spread as muchyour cells on game board as possible.To attack opponent's cells you have to choose the field and putthere your cell. Then his cells will turn into your cells.When you put a cell on field the six virus-neighbors will becomeyours as well.Don't forget - all cells can move in all directions, as well asjump over opponent's cells.The winner is who take more game spots then the otherplayer.Find the best place to put viruses and destroy your enemy!
Mahjong Food Edition 1.0
Mahjong is very addictive puzzle gamewhereplayer have to to eliminate all tiles from the board bymatchingpairs of similiar tiles.If you get stuck you are allowed to ask the game to find youamatch on board.Don't forget - you have only 5 suggestion per game!See if you can remove all the tiles from the board! Tryyourskills in Mahjong Puzzle Game.How to play:-just tap on the tiles when you match a pairFeatures:-user friendly interface-easy to learn-game is always solvable-Hint option-good brain training puzzle game
Solitaire 1.0
Play the most popular single-player cardgamein the world.Solitaire known as 'Klondike' is a very simple, yetextremelyaddictive game that can provide hours of fun!If you are the cards game fan then you have to try ourSolitaire.It is a good way to kill boredom or calm the mind.Show of your ability to be patient enough to win!How to play:- choose card and swipe on the screen where you want tomoveit- cards can be moved beetween the columns- the cards in the columns must be built down in alternatingcolors- from King to Ace- when you get stuck you can click on the deck in the top rightofthe screen. This will give you next cards.features:- choose card deck- draw one or three cards- choose card shirts- score- timed game- animation
Darts Trainer 1.0
Dart Game is the best practice andgreatopportunity to increase your dart playing skills.The rules are pretty simple - just try to hit right place(dependsof game mode) of dart board to achieve the highestpointscore.There are different kind of modes to play.In the Around the world mode the goal is to be the first playertohit every number on the dart board from 1-20.How to play:-tap on the bottom of the screen when you want to shoot-throw the darts and try to hit right place of the board-in each turn you throw three dartsFeatures:-simple controls-high score-different dart boards-choose difficulty of opponent-3 different game modes to play (301, 501, Around the world)
Flappy Ninja submarine 1.1
Experience an addictive andincredibleadventure on the ocean deep. You will meet many obstacleson yourway.Flappy Ninja submarine is easy to play game. Your mission istonavigate the submarine, collect as many coins as you can andavoidthe deadly mines.There are different kinds of power- up, bonuses and equipmentthatyou can collect along the way or buy in shop, such as sonicblast,shield, revive.In shop you can change the color of your flappy Ninjasubmarine.Enjoy an awesome underwater world.Let the adventure begin!How to play:- Control Flappy Ninja submarine with tapping your fingeronscreen- Don't touch the mines! Avoid impacts- Gather all power-ups and coins- Beat your own highscoreFeatures:- A lot of missions- Score the best result- Shop- Great design of underwater world- Easy to use gameplay control
Subway Robo Run 1.0
If you like playing running games you willlovethis adventure game. Robo runner is simple, addictivegamechallenging your reflexes.All you need to do is to take control of a running, jumpingandsliding robot. Run Robo Runner as long and far as you can.Don't let your hero to hit the obstacles - spikes can stab himtoend the game!Become stronger by collecting power-ups, equipmentandbonuses.As your score increases the Robo runner runs faster, forcingyouto tap and swipe more quickly.how to play:- swipe up to jump over barriers- swipe down to slide under obstacles- tap to throw screw/element at obstacles and destroy them- collect as many screw/elements, power-ups and "life gems" asyoucan- Use "health" gem to continue from where you finished.Features:- beat your own high score- great music and sound effects throughout the game- intuitive touch controls- game stages- a lot of missions
Infinite Panda Run 1.1
If you like running games you will enjoythissimple adventure game.In Infinite Panda Run you are navigating the jumping andrunningPanda bear. Just tap your finger on the screen.Your mission is to run through the jungle and collect asmanycoins as you can.Run Panda as long and far as you can without falling intotheabyss.How to play Infinite Panda Run:- it takes seconds to learn all- tap on the screen if you want to jump- single tap for single jump, double tap for double jumpFeatures of Infinite Panda Run:- high scores- levels- intuitive touch controls- sounds effects during the gameHow far can you run?
Ace Archer 2.0
If you are a fan of sport games, you willlikethis Ace Archer game.Enjoy the feeling of being an archer and try to complete allthemissions.Try yourself in this classic shooting game and trainyouraccuracy.Shoot an arrows at the target and get points!Can you make record?Let's make it and break it :)Features of Ace Archer game:-easy to learn and play-loads of levels-moving targets-music and sounds effects-game statistics (accuracy, points, high score record,gameplayed)
Catch the Dot 1.0
Catch the dot is very addictive gameandrequires good decision making skills.You will spend a lot of time trying to trap a dot and win.You need to catch green dot by creating a trap of bluedotsaround the green dot.Each time you turn grey dot into blue dot, the green dot will makeamove.Surround it before it escapes!How could a game with board of dots be so so addictive?Features:-challenging strategy-simple design-Catch the Dot is easy to learn but hard to master :)-user friendly interface-sounds effect
Fruit Box 1.0
Fruit Box is hugely entertaining game.Rules are simple but Fruit Box is a difficult game because ofitsvery realistic physics.The goal of the Fruit Box game is to build your tower buildingastall as possible - so that you can get higher scores.Features:-addictive gamplay-easy game interface-colorful graphics-high score record-you can choose a type of box from menu-music and sound effectsDownload now to experience the fun!
Flappy Ninja Pig 1.1
Flappy Ninja pig saga is super cute,veryaddictive and simple gameTouch the screen to keep Flappy Ninja pig in the air and helptosurvive flying lesson.Try to complete all the missions and keep Flappy Ninjapigalive.You have to collect as many candies as you can. Avoid baloonsorpush paper planes to blow the baloons.You have to stay focused - as your score increases the Flappypigflies faster!How to play:- Tap on the screen to dodge obstacles- Touch paper planes if you want to blow the balloons- Fly as far as you can and don't let Flappy pig to hittheballoonsFeatures:- Easy to learn- A lot of missions- Beat your own highscore.- music and sound effects throughout the game- intuitive touch controls- challenging gameplay
Classic Mastermind 1.0
Play one of the most popularsingle-playerpuzzle game in the world.The goal of this Mastermind game is to guess the coveredcolorcombination.You get 10 chances to break the color code.After each guess you will be given a clue as to how close youareto break the Mastermind code.If you see black dots on the right of your choice, that meansyouset a color pin on a correct spot in the code.If you see white dots, that means you set a color pin on awrongspot in the code.If you don't see any black or white dots, then yourMastermindcode contains wrong colors.Mastermind features three levels of difficulty: 4colors, 6colorsand 8 colors of pins to use in the code.Train your brain and break the secret Mastermind code!
Real Men Dress Up 1.0
Dress up a virtual hero guy with this Dress Upapp.Choose different types of clothes. You have many options tocustomize new hero character!Change his clothes and accessories. Try the many possible clothesand colors combinations.The more you play, the more parts of clothes becomeavailable.A handful of outfits are waiting to be discovered!Let's transform a man to the real hero!How to play:Choose a part of clothes by tapping on chosen clothessymbols.Unlock new clothes and be creative!Features:-easy to play-great app for everyone-Dress up can develops a creativity-a lot of types of clothes and accessories to choose from
Roll the Dice 1.0
A simple handy Roll The Dice app. It'stheeasiest way to get a fair roll of a dice!Dice Roller can be used in any situation, such as playingtablegames with friends and family.Roll virtual dice by touching the "roll the dice" button.If you want you can choose from shape / color of dice.[Features]--customizable colors and shapes of dices--easy to use--roll even 8 dice at the same time--total score is shown after the dice roll
Classic Air Hockey 1.0
Classic Air Hockey game is a classicsportair-hockey table game with Al and two players modes.The goal of the Air Hockey game is to score points by hittingthehockey puck into your enemy's goal and save the goals.Your Al opponent offers challeging table games in 3differentmodes - easy, medium or hard.You can challenge and play with your friends in the twoplayersmode.How to play Air Hockey?Just navigate the hockey paddle with swiping your finger onthescreen.Air Hockey Features:-classic sport game-realistic sound effects-excellent movement-two play mode-three difficulty levels-challenging opponent-Air Hockey game for everyone, suitable for kids
Find The Same 1.0
Find The Same game is a classic puzzlegame.This card matching game will entertain especially your kids.The rule of the game is simple - find two same symbols onthegame board in shortest amount of time, then game boardwillchange.As the game progress, the tiles adds up.Match the symbols up in pairs!To play Find The Same game just tap on the tiles and matchallpairs. To change game mode - tap on SWITCH button onthescreen.Find the same game features:-two match game modes-great family puzzle game-plenty of symbols-increasing board sizes-sound effects while touching
Space Miners 1.0
Experience an addictive adventure in space.Your goal is to navigate the space workers and avoid thedeadlycomets and asteroids.As your score increases the workers appear faster, forcing youtotap more quickly.This Space Miners game provides many hours of entertainmentandfun!Enjoy an awesome space world!How to play:-Tap on Astro space miners on their way down to openaparachute-Tap them when they finish working to send them home again.-Try to not touch the asteroids, comets and alien ships !Avoidimpacts.-Beat your own highscore.Features:-Great design of underwater world-Easy to use gameplay control-music and sound effects-statistics and high scores
Crossy Frog 1.0
Why to cross the road?Why to crossy the desert?Why to play this crossy game? ;)Cause I cannot stopDon't play it unless you want to get addicted to it.Crossy, cross, hop and jumpRoad or track, don't get dampEvery frogger or a pigWants to have a high score bigMan, don't read this c... I just don't know what to put inthisdescription.Play it, give it to your family, frieds, colleagues,mates,teachers, even strangers.They will thank you for that crazy crossy game, OR NOT ;)Scream it laud: crossy frog, crossy frogI can't hear you, AGAINCROSSY FROG, CROSSY FROGThat's more like it :)Have fun, or scream at me if you don't
Piano 1.0
Classic music game. Piano turns yourdeviceinto a real musical instrument.It helps when you wish to play a piano but don't havepianoaround you! Piano is great for everyone especially kidsandnovices.Create your own tracks from your mobile or tablet and enjoymusicwhile playing and learning a variety of songs.How to play Piano:Just run your fingers over the piano keys and feel like arealmusician. Play music as you likeFeature :- simple musical keyboard- classic piano sound- easy enough for children- controls to customize sound of piano- multi-touch keyboard
Whack a Ninja 1.0
Whack a Ninja is fun andchallenginggame.Punch as much Ninjas as you can without letting no one of themgoback to his hole.The more ninjas you will hit, the more points you can gain. Itwillgrab your attention for hours!Be careful. There are few types of ninjas - evil ninja andgoodninja. Don't touch the friendly ones!How do I play?- armed with your fingers, tap on the screen to hit the evilninjasand gain points- avoid tapping on the "friendly" onesFeatures:-intuitive touch controls-sound effects through the game-high scores-easily to be addicted-great game for everyone
Color Guess Game 1.0
If you like puzzle and memory game, youwilllove the Guess The Colors game.Guess The Colors is a memory game that tests your memorybyshowing you sequence, which you have to try to repeat.Be focused! - After each repetition, the colorsequenceincreases!Will you remember the color sequence?This modern version of Simon memory game requires plenty ofyourconcentration and quick reactions.Features of Guess The Colors game:-easy game interface-brain booster memory game-addictive game-touch sound effects
Asteroid Shooter 1.0
During the exploring space mission, youfindyourself lost in a dangerous asteroid belt. They can destroyyourship in a second!Try to navigate your space ship through asteroids and surviveaslong as possible.Your ship comes equipped with weapons and bombs which you can usetodestroy space rocks.This shoot'em'up space game will challenge your reflexes!Becareful on infinite space paths of dangers and beat your ownhighscore!How to play:-tap on the buttons to rotate and move your space ship-navigate your ship beetween asteroids-stay alive as long as possible-use default weapons to shoot and destroy deadly asteroid -laserand bombsFeatures:-high score list-easy to learn game control-classic shooter game-choose your ship-3D menu-HQ music and sound effects through the game
Hidden Object Game 1.0
Check out this Hidden Objects game placed inaliving room.The rule of this game is simple - find all hidden items! Taponthe bags to see the missing object list.Game is packed full of items. You won't have to look every timeforsame objects!Hints are available if you get stuck.When all hidden items are found - you win!Choose the difficulty level and start the game. Threedifferentgame modes available - easy, medium and hard.FEATURESFun for all ages!Amazing graphics and sounds effectsGreat animationsThree different modes of playChoose the quality of graphicsHintHighscore