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Talking Katkuti - Arabic 1.2.3
In this 3D game, you can enter the Augmented Reality to seeeverything around you as a part of the game, as well as to controlthe characters of the game in your smartphone, such as to makeKatkuti and his friends do strange animation like jumping,laughing, sleeping and even to control the weather in the jungle.All this is presented on your table via your smartphone, this wouldsimply amaze the kids. Are you excited also, find this is theVirtual Reality section. watch this video :https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNj36SSiq7qI0h7dL6H5faWx_rmTtphA7subscribe to our channel for more : https://goo.gl/6B7xn5 Get morecoins by watching adv videos to the end, or playing the jumpingdonkey or purchasing from the store or registering to our facebooknews letter. Use coins to unlock rooms and characters to get morefun,So the dog Boxer has advanced abilities, also the locked rooms.1) Animals and living rooms 4 different friends in the applicationwith a different temperament Edition: ♥ Katkuti, the intelligentchick ♥ Pigum, zebra always sleepy, wearing pejam ♥ Boxer, dogsports slim, with advanced abilities ♥ Angree, hippo Latif Selectone of the friends and move with them to different places, whereyou can interact and let them make animations and sounds. When youtalk to them they will immediately start imitating you; whateveryou are speaking, they will say the same words in a funny voice.Your child can make the animals dancing and even hear animals Fartvoice! :) Playground Go to the playground! Take your animal friendswith you and make it play sports! Playing football with pets, Markas jumping on a trampoline! The gym It's time to train! prepare atraining plan gym, use the treadmill to fit, choose 4 differentspeeds! Living room This room is the most important room for youranimals, where your child can learn and teach the animals Arabicalphabet letters through the TV, touch the screen and run lettersand play names in funny way. Also let the animals do amazinganimations and actions, it’s not bad to do a Fart when he is alone:) Bathroom Your child can take care of its funny animals by movingthem to the bathroom, where they could be washed, and use atoothbrush to clean her teeth, make them play their own needs thetoilet too! Wash his pet properly bath often something veryimportant! Bedroom After a long day pet animals feel sleepy! Mustbe entered the bedroom to sleep in a deep sleep, but if the childwanted to nuisance as they like, of course he can !!! colorfulballoons and lights in the room are ready for this :) ** built-inaugmented reality ** *************************************Augmented reality is to use the camera of device and see throughthat the things around you and pictures images sounds and videoadded to the frame in your tablet. Easy to use Step 1: Download andprint this image at the link of the paper: http://goo.gl/490gwLStep 2: enter augmented reality through the first page in the gameand then point your camera phone to the printed sheet. Is thatimpossible !!!???? No its not, Imagine how your son and the friendsbring the pet animals to the new environment of the forest, wherethey can grow the trees and plants! Make it raining, shine andrumble, and flowing the waterfalls, virtual pets has become a realpet! This puts this application and 3D games at a new level! Butyou caution from Mr. Dino (Dinosaur King) - It seems that thedinosaur when it is hungry, it is angrey also :) searching forfood, try not to wake him up !!!!! If happened and you did, so runaway from him! You can record all of this in the video and thenshare it with best friends to see what you have done in. What areyou waiting for!!! Download now, it's the best way to wonder youreyes !!
Learning Arabic With KATKUTI -alphabets read write 3.3.5
To get more content - subscribe to our channel :https://goo.gl/6B7xn5 A great app for teaching your children notonly the Arabic alphabets, but also to read and write basic words.With the free "Learn Letters" in the app menu, your child willlearn the sounds of letters, matching words and images. For eachletter we prepared 3 images and words, you can unlock theadditional 2 words/images to enrich your child vocabulary. The appwill teach your child the 3 different shapes for each letter whileplaying matching shapes, assembling words and other games. Choosethe set of letters to present in games, by default "Hamza"-"Dal"are enabled, for other letters click the setting button and selectthe letters to work with.. Kids like playing more than learning inearly ages, So we developed 5 additional games making it funny toyour child to increase the learning progress and finally enrich hisvocabulary! Our Farms family will join your child in 6 games andmini apps : 1- Pronounced letters - your child will pop theballoons with the pronounced letter - that's fun !! 2- Reorderletters, he will help the farmer to re order the alphabets in thecorrect order. 3- Match letter shapes (beginning, middle and end ofword) - he will help our farmer to match letters.. 4- Guess thePic, will learn to recognize written words by images 5- Guess theWord, after your child learned the letters and words, it's the timeto learn writing and assembling words. 6- Writing Arabic alphabets- will assist your child to write letters and help finding thecorrect path to write letter. All games includes vocalinstructions, to enable him use it without the need of your help.Your child will collect many presents after completing each roundin games. You get all this for free!! However games are limited forset of letters and only one image for letter. So If you found it'suseful, you can open the additional locked letters. We arecontinuing to develop this app, and what you pay now for (3 imagesfor letter) package, will include additional future images. * Ourapps are integrated now in centers for preparing children forschool, in kindergartens and for home web access. From now: you canregister to our web site, www.katkuti.com , and benefit fromsimilar games and apps with the desktop version.
Sliding Puzzles - Princes & Gi Girls-2.1
Solve the 16 sliding puzzles in the game. be creative and plansteps in mind.
Arabic Alphabets - letters 5.0.1
Learn the Arabic Alphabets ,in simple way and great graphics.
Sliding Puzzle Cartoon&Animals 4.3.3
Solve the 36 sliding puzzles in the game. be creative and plansteps in mind.
First Numbers - Pro 1.3
Learning math for kids in enjoyable 6 mini apps and games
Learning the ABC 1.4
Learning the ABC in quick, simple and funny way !!
Quran and Azkar al hidaya 4.11.1
All what muslim need in his day, Quran, Prayer timing, Duaa, Azkar