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Kaspersky Battery Life: Saver
The way to extend the battery life of your Android phones &tablets
Kaspersky Fast Secure VPN
The online security app like a proxy server. Enjoy private Internetaccess!
Kaspersky Virus Hunters VR
Immerse yourself in the virtual world of your smartphone and fighthordes of viruses!
QR Code Reader and Scanner
Scan fast! Scan safe! Download for free! App for Android
Kaspersky Endpoint Security & Device Management
Protects Android phones and tablets used for work IMPORTANT:Thisapp is for business users only and needs IT Admin permissiontoaccess. Looking for FREE security for your PERSONAL mobiledevices?Search for 'Kaspersky Internet Security for Android'. Ourmobiledevice security for business users also containsmanagementfeatures designed to make life easier for your ITAdministrator,keeping you, your mobile device and the business andpersonal datait holds safe, wherever you may be. Downloading andinstalling thisonto the mobile device you use for work app (scrolldown fordownload instructions) means it will be secured by: •Anti-malwareprotection supported by cloud-assisted intelligence -detects andneutralizes threats on your phone or tablet usinganti-virusdatabases and the Kaspersky Security Network cloudservice.Protects your mobile device against threats, viruses, andothermalicious applications in real time —automatically blockingmalwareand more • Background scan — conducts scheduled checks ofthedevice to identify new viruses, adware, Trojans and malicioustoolsheading your way • Find My Phone —if your phone or tablet islostor stolen, you or your administrator can o lock and locate itomake the device send out an alarm. • Anti-Theft — protectsyourpersonal as well as corporate information, includingmessages,photos and videos, from thieves, by wiping it from yourdevice •Anti-Phishing — keeps your financial information securewhen youshop & bank online • Web protection — blocks dangerouslinksthat can be used by criminals to harm your device and data•Password Protection - protects against unauthorized access toyourdevice, with a screen unlock password • Compliance Control-automatically ensures your mobile device is fully compliantwithyour corporate security requirements How you install thisappdepends on which Kaspersky business product your organizationhaspurchased. You should either: 1. Install the app usingtheinvitation link you’ve received via the Kaspersky EndpointSecurityCloud console or the Kaspersky Security Center (KSC) or 2)Installvia Google Play, entering the connection settings providedby yoursystem administrator (the IP address and server connectionport).or 3) Deploy the app via a 3rd-party EMM console (e.g.VMWareAirWatch) to provide MTD for managed devices.
Family Protection — Kaspersky Security Cloud
Get all our best Android security under one account & boostyouronline safety Kaspersky Security Cloud comes with our completerangeof premium security apps designed to work beautifully onyourAndroid devices. From essentials like antivirus andmalwareprotection to new features that let you lock your apps,extend yourbattery life and monitor your home Wi-Fi for intruders,oursecurity protects you at home and on the go. Plus yougetpersonalized alerts and new security sent straight to yourdevices.It’s your full security solution, under one account. Whyyou needit One account, many features Access top-rated antivirus,privacytools, VPN, home Wi-Fi protection, parental controls* andlots morefrom a single account and protect all your differentdevices.Includes features specially designed for your Androiddevices, likeApp Lock and Battery Life. Cloud means performance Ourcloud-basedanalysis blocks threats in real-time. Plus we usecloudtechnologies to ensure your devices stay speedy and you getthemost up-to-date protection. Protection the moment you need itWhenonline dangers threaten you, our adaptive technologyautomaticallyresponds to keep you safe. It blocks threats, adjustsyour settingsand alerts you to take action. Remote securitymanagement Becausethe service is linked to your My Kasperskyaccount, it’s easy tomanage your security and settings – or managesecurity for familymembers* – from anywhere you can get online.What you get Real-timeantivirus – provides instant protectionagainst viruses, spyware,malware & more Instant threatdetection – automaticallyexamines files & websites to detect& block threats HomeWi-Fi security – alerts you whenunauthorized devices join yourhome network Personalized alerts –sends you warnings, news andtips based on your online habits Secureand smart VPN –automatically detects unsafe public Wi-Fi andswitches onprotection Account check – searches your accounts fordata leaksand advises you if issues are found Battery saver – helpsyouidentify & halt data hungry apps so you can extend yourbatterylife Permission checker – lets you identify & changeapppermissions that could put you at risk App lock – allows youtoprotect individual apps with PIN code & fingerprintsecurityAnti-spam – prevents spam text messages reaching yourdevices Safebrowsing – alerts you if you attempt to visit websitesidentifiedas malicious Anti-phishing – defends you from phishingsites &emails Password management – allows you to securelystore, manage& autofill your passwords Kids protection* – helpsyou protectyou kids online & beyond with a range of powerfultools Familyprotection* – install & manage security for yourfamily fromanywhere you can get online Remote management – manageall yoursecurity needs through an easy-to-use interface Automaticupdates –get new security sent straight to your devices as soon asit’sreleased *Family edition only Owing to legal restrictions ontheuse of a Virtual Private Network (VPN), Kaspersky SecureConnectioncannot be installed in Belarus, China, Saudi Arabia,Iran, Oman,Pakistan and Qatar.
Kaspersky Internet Security
Free antivirus and phone security solution for your Android™ phones& tablets
カスペルスキー インターネット セキュリティ
Virus, defend the Android terminal danger site, theft and the like.
[Dis]connected 1.10
Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a game to experiencehowcybersecurity really affects our lives. Step into the world ofthenear future and help the main character in the game withtheirwork, life and struggle against mysterious criminals. Allyourdecisions, whether you play it safe or get careless, willdeterminewhether you become disc]connected from your work,yourrelationships… and yourself. Elements of cybersecurity arewoven inthe game’s plot, and the game reveals how our decisionsaroundcybersecurity can help to achieve – or spoil – the goals. Attheclose of the game, players receive a summary of howsuccessfullythey coped with the project, what is happening in thehero’spersonal life, and if their security skills are sufficientfortoday - and tomorrow. Check your current skills and improveyoursecurity awareness. Kaspersky. Bring on the future
[Dis]connected 1.34
Educational game by Kaspersky
Kaspersky Events 5.68
Official mobile app for the Kaspersky corporate events