Kalrom Systems LTD Apps

Gymnastic Clock 1.0.4
Gymnastic Clock is the most creative andartistic app which shows you the time and also functions as astopwatch and a timer.The digits in the Gymnastic Clock are modeled using a beautifuland flexible blonde model which transitions between each digitwhile preforming acrobatic stunts.While in timer mode, the stunts will be performed in reverse,and in stopwatch mode, all of the stunts will preformed in oneseconds by the digits which represents the milliseconds.The Gymnastic Clock prevents your device from goingautomatically to stand-by mode so you can put it aside in thebackground and enjoy it as your pass by. It's a great decorationthat you and your friends can enjoy.• Display the time using the flexible and attractive blondemodel• a stopwatch with extra fast milliseconds display• a timer with reverse acrobatics• change the color of the model• change the background colorYou can also change the model and the background colors !Get it now, it's entertaining :)
Flappy You Pro 1.1.1
The Pro version of Flappy You!Special game editing features!- Switch the bird's head!- Set the gap between the obstacles to control difficulty!- Set your own obstacle looks and texture!- Set your own background in the game!NEW! pass level to win new awesome looking birds!Flappy You Pro lets you (or one of your friends) play as a birdand dodge obstacles!You can change the face of the bird to yours or to one of yourfriends, fully integrated with Facebook!It's easy to have a good laugh about it by sharing your winningscore screen shot with your custom looking funky bird.Flappy You is great fun with family and friends! Try it!• Switch the bird's face with a picture from your gallery orFacebook pictures of you or your friends!• Share a high score picture with your custom made bird!• Share the picture on Twitter!
Run The Music: Running Music By Your Workout Pace 0.8.2
Run The Music is the only running app which actually adjusts thespeed of your music by the pace of your run! Suitable for anymoving activity such as running, jogging and even walking orsprinting! Perfect for a stamina aerobic workout. Apart of it beinga really fun aerobic walking & running app with a newmotivational factor to race against the music, with Run The Musicyou can keep on running in your target speed just by listening tothe tempo of your favorite endurance music. How does it work? -Step 1: Decide to run with our app & go outside (way to go!) -Step 2: Hit the big play button. - Step 3: Select your favoritesong from your device. - Step 4: Set your 'target speed' e.g. :9km/h - Step 5: Wait for the GPS signal and hit the play button toGO! Lastly... - Step 6: When you're slower than 9km/h (in thisexample) your music will be played slower, however, try to gofaster than your target speed and see how motivated you get :-) -At first try to jog along instead of racing, to get that initialconnection with your cardio song & gather your stamina. Thisrunning app will keep you on track and significantly upgrade yourjogging experience & endurance workout! You can use it innature or on track, try it with walking and go ahead and sprint inthe middle of the run to make the music shift up its rhythm! RunThe Music might boost your stamina, contribute your endurance &cardiovascular training. Have a great walk, sprint, jog, cycle orrun. May the music be with your feet!
Sky Draw 1.3.2
Sky Draw is the app with the bestatmospherethere is !Sky Draw lets you draw in the sky using numerousrealisticelements such as : Cloud brush, Aerobatics planes, Suns,Moons,Stars, galaxy Planets and Rainbows !!!The Cloud brush gives you the option to create realisticlookingclouds in different shapes and sizes limited only byyourimagination ! Really cool !The Aerobatic planes are going to fly and spray clouds byyourfinger direction, instantly, with different colors !Add a sun to the sky.. or even two suns, and control theirraypower ! 'Night Mode' will turn every sun to a moon, and allowyouto see a clear view to stars added by you !You can add realistic Galaxy Planets as well, andcreatewonderful and artistic creations using their uniquetextures.You can easily create your Sky Draw picture and post itdirectlyto Facebook for your friends to see !Draw your own rainbow, easily, by choosing the rainbow toolandresizing/rotating it.The transformation tool lets you relocate, resize and rotateanydrawn object.Want to draw a new sky draw ? Just shake the device, andwatchthe sky object move away stylishly... don't miss the fallingstars!Get it now, and start to draw in mid-air :)
Smooth Draw 1.0.1
Smooth Draw enables you to draw smoothly andswiftly, and get an enhanced result of your drawing abilities usinga special smoothing algorithm.The result is pure pleasure and multiplied satisfaction which isderived from an art full of heart.The user interface in Smooth Draw is so simple and dynamic, fullof animations and is highly intuitive & especially adjusted forkids and the average user who is not so tech savvy.Easily save or share your drawing with no limitations. Facebook,Twitter, Mail, Whatsapp and more.
2 Buttons: Creative Thinking 1.2.4
How creative are you ?Try 2 Buttons to test yourself !On each unique level you will face a screen which you have to passusing the red and blue buttons.The game features highly graphical 25 different levels which maysurprise you at times (!)Each level will respond to a certain functionality of thebuttons, which you will have to find out what it is in order topass it.The higher the level, the more creative you will have to get tofigure out the trick behind it.Getting frustrated ?You can always click on the blue or red hint buttons at the top ofthe screen, which will maybe help you to get the solution.More levels will be available with future updates.Good Luck !
Smooth Draw Free 1.0.1
Smooth Draw enables you to draw smoothlyandswiftly, and get an enhanced result of your drawing abilitiesusinga special smoothing algorithm.The result is pure pleasure and multiplied satisfaction whichisderived from an art full of heart.The user interface in Smooth Draw is so simple and dynamic,fullof animations and is highly intuitive & especially adjustedforkids and the average user who is not so tech savvy.Easily save or share your drawing with no limitations.Facebook,Twitter, Mail, Whatsapp and more.
Finger Master: fun memory game 1.0.4
Finger Master is the most enjoyable memoryandsound coordination mnemonics game there is !Play Finger Master and find out how sharp is your color andmusicmemory ability.You can choose from different music instruments such as :Piano,Violin and even a Tuba !Finger Master is a great way for your kids/family/friends toimprovetheir mnemonics , musical and memory skills.Too easy for you ? Add and combine different difficultylevels:- Blind Mode : Use only your hearing sense- Rhythm Tap : Repeat the music with the same rhythm- Finger Lock : Raise only the correct finger at a timeNew ! 1 VS 1 !Challenge your friends in person, play against them on thesamephone or tablet and have a totally different experience !Feeling you're really good ? Finger Master has mnemonicsleaderboards !Challenge people from all over the world by playing a gameandtrying to beat the top scores in the boards ! There is aleaderboard for each difficulty, and you can share your score onFacebookand Twitter !Finger Master is the best musical memory game ! Get it nowandimprove your neurological skills !
Stormy Surfers: Iceberg Kayak 1.5.0
What makes clash surfers unique is itsgameplayand graphics:The gameplay is completely dynamic kayak & supiceberggame.As you surf throughout the sea you will discover new, exoticandcolorful environments,different obstacles (such as iceberg) you need to avoid suchassharks and stormy clouds, and you will quickly notice that thepaceof the game increases the further you go, making it muchmoreexciting!The game's speed element makes Clash Surfers a prettychallengingadventure game with lots of fun!The kayak's surfer has a great and smooth animation especiallyinthe iceberg level.Having trouble surfing through a great distance? Collectenoughcoins and upgrade your surfer to the next level, just try nottoclash with iceberg obstacles while you row your sup!The game features surfers in different speeds which will letyoudiscover new worlds and help you keep on breaking yourfriends'record.Except the fit swimmer you will able to unlock:- The fun SUP surfer (2 stars speed)- The sporty kayak athlete (3 stars speed)- The action packed Jet Ski (4 stars speed)- The ultimate fast boat (5 stars speed)Clash Surfers features exciting realistic stormy gamegraphicsand animations, making use of authentic real life texturesandimages in different environments such as day, sunset, night&iceberg.Features:- 5 different surfers to play with - Kayak, SUP surfer,swimmer,fast boat, jet ski.- Adventurous and unique levels- Compete with your friends on Google Games' Leaderboard- Collect coins to unlock a better and faster surfer- Dodge obstacles such as sharks, stormy clouds, iceberg&buoys- Share your achievements in many social networksDownload it now for free, have fun with surfing, kayakingandclashing, and don't forget to avoid that mighty hungry sharkwhilerowing your sup!Credits:music: http://www.bensound.com/jetskipicture:https://www.flickr.com/photos/ross_elliott/15985142023
Nose Push Ups Chest Workout: Strength Exercises
Exercise with real fitness trainers: The best push ups & chest/ breast workout!
HSK Master: Fun Chinese Vocabulary Word Game! 0.9.0
HSK Master is a great Chinese word matching game! Are youstudyingChinese? This is a great game to learn new words and testyourabilities alongside your memory to remember the ones you knowHowto play it? You are given a word. e.g. 没有 (MeiYou) The goal istofind a word which contains the letter 没(Mei) or 有(You).Youcontinue with your matching word, creating a chain of a dragonofwords, and so on. Continue play and see how many levels youcanpass! This unique HSK learning game contains different options:-Enter your solution in the box below the gong. press on the gongtovalidate the word. - Are you stuck? click on the solve buttontofind a solution, and learn a new word. - Limit starting wordsbyHSK level. We hope it helps you upgrading your HSK studies andmakeit much more fun!
Women Workout: Home Gym & Cardio
Women workout training club is the optimal weight loss &homegym fitness app for women! 180 high quality video exercises togetyou in cardio shape and on the way to a great bikini bodywithgreat workouts for women! The Women workout trainer targets alltheimportant muscle groups of the body and by doing so, providingafluent balanced cardio workout training routine to make feelandlook much better, lose weight, burn calories and sculptthosemuscles using lunges and more. It's your home gym! We focus ontheparts that are important for women, soccer moms &housewife’s:- Great weight loss fitness videos! - feel the fat burnwith ourvideo workouts! - A fantastic women's fitness app also formoms. -Cardio workouts especially for a home gym aerobic trainingclub.Features: - Over 180 of the best exercises for women providedinyour a home gym. - High quality fitness video demonstrations.-Flexible workout: Set the time, goal & lose weight! -Skipunsuitable fitness exercises during training. -Resistance,Flexibility & aerobic cardio exercises combined inone greatapp especially for weight loss. You don't have to performa 7minutes workout. Choose between 5 - 60 minutes and go! What areyouwaiting for? Get fit, maximize calorie burn & lose weight!Ourfat burning cardio exercises will work. Feel free to combineWomenWorkout with your daily diet menu or nutrition plan. Do youwantthe best fitness training for women? Exercises to combine withaflat belly diet? There you have it, go ahead, get yourfitnessexercise routine here! This app will maximize your fatburncombined with a great diet. Start your weight loss. a greatworkouttrainer in your own home gym!
Best Abs Fitness: abdominal exercises fitness app
Best Abs Fitness will give you the best 6 pack & stomachabworkouts: crunches & sit ups training routines in apremiumabdomen fitness app to improve your health and fitness,develop sixpack, strengthen your abdominal & obliques & andburncalories. Great for men's & women's health, and corefitness. -The best abdomen and obliques exercises to get a six packsuch assit ups. - High quality ab workouts fitness videos for 6packtraining. - Set your workout routine training time. - Skip a 6packab exercise like crunches. - Stomach Abdominal Workoutreminders. -Great for your pelvis. - Workout statistics &calories. - Thebest ab workouts in the app market! Best abs fitnesswill givetransform your abs into the ultimate 6 pack abs, shapeyourobliques & work on your core abdominal fitness, whileimprovingyour health and burning calories! Combine these besttrainingexercises as part of your ab workouts routine and diet,more thanjust sit ups, whether your target is fat loss, toning orjustdeveloping a great abdominal. Best abs fitness may sculptyourobliques & abdomen to a whole new 6 pack level making itmoreripped and fit. With this app you will be able to achieve thebestmuscular torso belly slimness & obliques fitness. Itincludesthe Enjoy your ab workouts!
Sand Draw Creative Art Drawing
Creatively draw art & sketch on sandy beach: doodle &drawing pad app for kids!
Buttocks Fitness: Leg Exercises & Workouts 3.0.1
Best Butt Fitness is the ultimate bum fitness app which will giveyou the best butt exercises training & toning. Get a brazilianbutt to make your glutes look the best in your bikini and reducecellulite. A fantastic way to achieve a bubble butt: - The mosteffective bum & buttocks exercises there are in one fitnessapp. - High quality smooth video demonstrations of butt exercises.- Flexible bubble butt workout: Set the time comfortable for you toburn that cellulite. - Skip unsuitable buttocks, quadriceps &glutes exercises while training. - In-workout voice trainercommentary. - Workout reminders of the twerking butt workoutsessions. - Brazilian Butt workouts statistics. Best Butt WorkoutFitness includes all the best butt glutes, leg & buttocksexercises for the best fitness motivation: Squat, hamstrings,lunges, calf raises, hip raise, extension exercises, leg curls,abductors, dumbbell squat sumo squats, one leg tush squat, splitsquat & much more. No need for a gym! All of that in oneincredible motivation home gym training fitness app. This tushtraining app includes different Brazilian butt exercises variationsof squats & lunges. Lose those love handles, build a bubblebutt, get rid of cellulite & improve your keister twerking.
Arm Fitness: Bicep & Triceps
Tone & get your arms ripped: Quality bicep, tricep &shoulders workout exercises
Sand Draw: Sketch & Draw Art
Sand Draw is a fun app which lets you draw on realistic sand,andeven create a limestone in the horizon! After a couple ofminutesplaying with sand draw it will be hard for you to stopdrawing,since the result you get looks so real, and easilyachieved. Wantto draw a new sand draw? Just shake the device, andlet the waveswipe out the sand. Sea View! Click on the 'sea' buttonand get abeautiful view of the sea with a romantic sunset, whilechangingthe angle by tilting your phone! You can even control thesunset bydragging the sun or the moon, and place an object in thesea suchas a deserted island, a lighthouse, a ship, an exoticlimestone andmore! Make your drawing look even more realistic byaddingauthentic beach objects such as sea-shells, weeds, rocksandfoot/hand prints. Feel free like a sable! Control the color ofthesea, the sky and the sand & control limestone position!Changeto a different sand texture! Make your drawing look evenmorerealistic by adding authentic beach objects such assea-shells,weeds, rocks and foot/hand prints or a limestone. sanddraw can beused to send a romantic greeting to your loved one,playTic-Tac-Toe and other games, or just draw whatever comes up onyourlimestone mind! Get it now, and start your sand drawing :)
Nomad 10: World's Digital Nomads Social Community 0.9.8
Nomad 10 is the best social network app for a digital nomad list& remote workers as one! Nomad 10 will help you easily findfellow nomad soulmates by your current location in an easycity/country scope. It's the best nomad radar out there for remoteworkers with a similar lifestyle! It's very intuitive, all you needto do is to login and let the app locate you and auto-add you to anomad list by location. Find the nomad soulmates that match yourinterests and destination, and lifestyle and travel along. Shareyour interests, remote work profession and passions using theprofile tags, which will make it easy for the digital nomadscommunity in the list to connect with you on a professional orfriendly basis. You can also find people who will advice you on howto becoming a digital nomad. Once the app detected your locationhas changed, it will automatically add it to your trip history,slowly but adventurously building your travel route history, andletting you add future points. Nomad 10 is the best Digital NomadsSocial Network app out there, connecting people with the one goalof becoming a free soul traveler with time freedom, life freedom,and location independence traveling soul around the world! ifyou’re excited to remote work while traveling your way around theworld, you’ll love using NOMAD 10 app to help you find and connectwith fellow moving nomads to share your interests, professions,social network, and passions which are common with freemanwanderers using the profile tags, that allows to locate andauto-add you into the local chat groups of the destinations arevisiting or if you are in need for nomad rides. It also connectspeople through business-related or personal goals or van life. Ithelps linking nomads via the social network and makes it easy tomeet fellow moving nomads and traveling souls nearby. Are you tornbetween working and traveling? Why not do both? Enjoy the freedomof time, lifestyle and location independence and join the digitalnomad community. Being a traveling soul or being Digital Nomadscommunity anywhere at your own pace. To keep that lifestyle like afreeman wanderer, you always need to be connected to the internetwhile on-the-move and get some nomad rides. Whether you're into vanlife, or not. Once the app detected your location, it will be addedto your trip journey history and adventurously building your travelroute records, letting you add future points to easily connect youwith people for your next destinations. NOMAD 10 also helps youfind the best list of nomad places to eat, drink, co-working spacesof nomads in-motion, flights for your next destinations and manymore! Get helpful tips or nomad rides from the digital freemantraveler nomads community through chat groups while enjoying lifefreedom, time freedom and location independence of workingremotely. Get the chance to be moving nomads, nomads-in-motion,freeman wanderer or traveling soul (whatever you wanna call it) soyou can benefit from working anywhere and anytime. HOW IT WORKS ▶️Download Nomad 10 & sign in with Facebook or Google ▶️ Show whoyou are - add your pic & info ▶️ Open the freeman travelercommunity to see people around ▶️ Check out the places around to goout ▶️ Chat with other nomads around you Download Nomad 10 now!Safe travels!
Voice Draw: Vocal Paint Brush & Drawing
This app is a new creative concept that you must try foryourself!Easily raise your voice by singing or whistling while yourdraw,and watch the brush gets thicker or thinner, depends on howloudyou are. This dynamic new method will boost the creativity ofyourdrawing, faster & smoother. To pick a color you can alsoclickon the mic button, and say its name - wonderful for toddlerswholearn the names of the different colors. With Voice Draw youcanalso control other drawing elements like brush darkness&opacity. Go ahead and try this new fascinating method of art!Mouthgraphics designed by Freepik.com
Voice Draw Free: Sing & Draw
This app is a new creative concept that you must try foryourself!Easily raise your voice by singing or whistling while yourdraw,and watch the brush gets thicker or thinner, depends on howloudyou are. This dynamic new method will boost the creativity ofyourdrawing, faster & smoother. To pick a color you can alsoclickon the mic button, and say its name - wonderful for toddlerswholearn the names of the different colors. With Voice Draw youcanalso control other drawing elements like brush darkness&opacity. Go ahead and try this new fascinating method of art!Mouthgraphics designed by Freepik.com
Flappy You: Dodge fun obstacles as a bird
Flappy You lets you play as a with your face & adventurousdodge obstacles
Fruit Draw Free: Sculpt Fruits
Fruit Draw is the most fruity application there is ! Choosearealistic looking high definition fruit or vegetable from awideselection, and peal it using the brush or cutout tools. FruitDrawgives a real sculpting experience ! Use different brush shapesandsizes, invert the peal back and forth using a click of abutton,hide or show the fruit's top which sometimes looks like thefruit's'hair' actually.. Easily educate your towards nutrition byclickingthe 'i' button and reading about the nutritional benefitsof thecurrent fruit. Want to know more about it ? just click on the'W'button to go directly to Wikipedia's definition. Draw all kindsofwacky faces and share it with your friends and family : youcaneasily save the picture to the gallery, or share it on Facebookinone click straight from the app ! Get Fruit Draw now, andsculptyour fruit without making a mess in the kitchen.
Fruit Draw: Sculpt & Peel Veggies Art
Fruit Draw is the most fruity application there is! Choosearealistic looking high definition fruit or vegetable from awideselection, and peel it using the brush or cutout peel toolstosculpt. Fruit Draw gives a real fruits and vegetablessculptingexperience! - Use different brush shapes and sizes, -invert thepeel back and forth using a click of a button, - hide orshow thefruit's top which sometimes looks like the fruit's'hair'actually.. - a huge selection of fruits and vegetables tosculpt.Easily educate towards nutrition by clicking the 'i' buttonandreading about the nutritional benefits of the current fruit.Wantto know more about it? just click on the 'W' button to godirectlyto Wikipedia's definition. Draw all kinds of wacky facesand shareit with your friends and family : you can easily save thepeelpicture to the gallery, or share it on Facebook in oneclickstraight from the app! Fruit draw will have a wider fruitsandvegetables variety with free version updates. Get Fruit Drawnow,sculpt & peel your fruit without making a mess in thekitchen.
Shut App: Quiet Office Space
Shut Up App automatically silences noisy people or talk too loud -Keep Quiet!