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Mini Guns - Omega Wars 2.2.0
Mini Guns is a real-time multiplayer strategy game featuring theMinis, toy soldiers that come to life on the battlefield. Collectand upgrade over 100 figurines, from rifleman and infantry units toheavy tanks and bombers. Team up with your friends to destroy theenemy base in cooperative multiplayer and earn Honor for yourAlliance to reach the top of the leaderboards. TERMS OF SERVICE:Please read this Terms of Service Agreement and our Privacy Noticebefore using our services as they govern the relationship betweenyou and Kabam. www.kabam.com/terms-of-service/www.kabam.com/privacy-notice/
Terragaul: Rogue Heroes
Jump into Terragaul: Rogue Heroes - an action RPG where youcontrola battle-ready, misfit warrior in a world of fast-paced andfuncombat. This game is in early development and you willexperience:•Play the hero, fight evil, and pick up collectables tolevel upyour character. •Blast through round-after-round of enemylegions,maddening hazards, and fearsome bosses. •Battle alongsideyourfriends and teammates in intense cooperative gameplay.Thank-youfor your participation in this early Beta.
Marvel Contest of Champions 32.3.0
Prepare for epic versus-fighting action with your favorite MarvelSuper Heroes and Villains in the ultimate cosmic showdown! Recruitthe perfect team & embark on an epic Marvel quest to become theUltimate Marvel Champion! WELCOME TO THE CONTEST: Super Heroes andSuper Villains collide in epic showdowns. Captain America versusIron Man! Hulk versus Wolverine! Spider-Man versus Deadpool!Carnage versus Venom - AND SO MUCH MORE! The greatest battles inMarvel history are in your hands! The greedy Elder of the Universeknown as The Collector has summoned you to a brawl of epicproportions against a line-up of vile villains including Thanos,Kang the Conqueror, and many more! Collect and command epic MarvelSuper Heroes and Villains to follow the story of The Battlerealm asit unfolds with new twists and turns. Build a competitive rosterfull of your favorite Marvel Champions and test your skills!Fighting and competitive action collide in the Marvel Universe.Level up and enhance your Marvel Champions as you compete againstthe top Summoners around the world. Experience the ultimate Marvelaction fighting game on your mobile device…Marvel Contest ofChampions! BATTLE IN QUESTS WITH YOUR ALLIANCE: • Team up with yourfriends & other Summoners to build the strongest Alliance •Battle & clobber your way to the top in Alliance Event •Compete against other Alliances: strategize with your Alliance tohelp them keep their Champions in the fight • Alliance QuestSeries: specially designed quest maps to earn exclusive Alliancerewards • Smash the competition! Test your Alliance’s mettle bybattling it out with Alliances from around the world in AllianceWars! BUILD YOUR ULTIMATE TEAM OF CHAMPIONS: • Choose Championssuch as Iron Man, Venom, Hulk, Wolverine, Storm, Star-Lord,Carnage, Gamora, Spider-Man, Deadpool, Magneto & Winter Soldier• Collect and assemble a mighty team of heroes and villains fromover 200 Marvel Champions • Brawl against and defeat iconicvillains such as Kang, Thanos, and more inside Story Quests • Levelup your Champions, improve your team’s offense and defense, &get battle ready with multiple Mastery trees COLLECT THE MIGHTIESTSUPER HEROES (AND VILLAINS!): • Collect, level up, & manageyour teams of heroes and villains wisely - receive synergy bonusesbased on team affiliation & relationships taken from the pagesof Marvel Comics • Pair Black Panther & Storm or Cyclops &Wolverine for bonuses, or make a team of Guardians of the Galaxyfor a team affiliation bonus • Level up: the more powerful theChampion, the better their stats, abilities, & special moveswill be • New Champions are being added all the time! QUEST ANDBATTLE IN INTENSE COMBAT: • Dominate 1v1 arenas & engage inepic skill-based combat • Defeat your enemies with special attacks& fantastic fight moves • Journey through an exciting storylinein classic Marvel storytelling fashion • Battle through iconicMarvel locations: Avengers Tower, Oscorp, The Kyln, Wakanda, TheSavage Land, Asgard, the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, & more! •Explore dynamic quest maps & engage in a healthy dose ofaction-packed fighting utilizing controls developed specificallyfor the mobile platform • Smash through a story of epicproportions! Embark on an epic Marvel quest today! -- Like us onFacebook: www.facebook.com/MarvelContestofChampions Subscribe onYouTube: www.youtube.com/MarvelChampions Follow us on Twitter:www.twitter.com/MarvelChampions Follow us on Instagram:www.instagram.com/marvelchampions www.playcontestofchampions.comTERMS OF SERVICE: Please read this Terms of Service Agreement andour Privacy Notice before using our services as they govern therelationship between you and Kabam. www.kabam.com/terms-of-service/www.kabam.com/privacy-notice/
TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight 8.7.1
Calling all Autobots, Decepticons, Predacons and Maximals!JoinOptimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, Waspinator, Rhinox,Grimlock,Soundwave and many more of your favorite bots in thebattle forsupremacy where Transformers universes collide. Thisexcitingaction-fighting RPG brings the heroic storytelling andspectacularaction from over 30 years of Transformers history toyour mobiledevice! Features: • Collect iconic bots from theentireTransformers universe • Battle other players withdevastatingspecial attacks, ranged blasting, destructible terrainand huge360° arenas • Team up with your friends, forge alliancesand battlein global events • Set a gauntlet of bots and defenses toprotectyour base, get revenge on those that attack and raid enemybases •Deploy away teams to score epic loot Roll Out! WiFi orcellularconnection is required to play. Optional in-apppurchasesavailable. Like us on Facebook: facebook.com/forgedtofightFollowus on Twitter: @ForgedtoFight Subscribe to our YouTubeChannel:youtube.com/TransformersForgedtoFight TRANSFORMERS is atrademarkof Hasbro and is used with permission. © 2019 Hasbro.Licensed byHasbro. TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight software © 2019Kabam Games,Inc. Developed by Kabam. All rights reserved. TERMS OFSERVICE:Please read this Terms of Service Agreement and our PrivacyNoticebefore using our services as they govern the relationshipbetweenyou and Kabam.www.kabam.com/terms-of-service/www.kabam.com/privacy-notice/
MARVEL Realm of Champions 5.1.0
Join intense, team-based multiplayer battles and put your MarvelChampions to the test in action-packed brawls where skill andstrategy earn you a place among LEGENDS! Multiplayer, high-actionMarvel mayhem for your mobile device! Action RPG brawls are epic!Join this bold new imagining of the Marvel Universe, gear up andcustomize your Champions to play your part! Team up with yournetwork of friends in real-time high-action team-based battles.Hulk and Super Soldier can tank enemy attacks while Web Warrior andIron Legionnaire deal high powered ranged attacks. Black Pantherand Thor inflict devastating damage at close range. Team up withStorm and Sorcerer Supreme to amplify powers and deal bursts ofdamage to vanquish groups of enemies. Due to the mysterious murderof Battleworld’s ruler, this world has fallen into disarray. Baronshave risen to control their lands, looking to turn the tide of warin their favor, electing to settle their differences with a SecretWar. As the Barons put forth their Champions to battle, it is up toYOU to rise from a rookie to become a legendary HERO ofBATTLEWORLD! MARVEL REALM OF CHAMPIONS FEATURES: CUSTOMIZE YOURCHAMPION & MAKE MARVEL YOURS! • The only Marvel game withflexible customization options allowing you to mix and match gear& weapons • Earn Gear, Weapons, and upgrades as you claimvictories on the battlefield to level up & strengthen yourChampions • Never sacrifice style for power by using our geartransmog system to create your perfect Marvel Champion • New gear& weapons are added all the time! BATTLE IN EPIC REAL-TIMEMULTIPLAYER BRAWLS • Battle in competitive 3v3 battles for epicrewards & claim your victory in Arena Conquest • Brawl forsupremacy in all-out mayhem in the 2v2v2 Deathmatch showdowns •Fight 15 waves of challenging enemies that bear down on your teamin limited time Onslaught events • Overcome unique status effects& build new strategies with your team in limited-time WorldQuests DOMINATE WITH YOUR ALLIANCE • Team up to take on challenges& earn huge rewards for you and your Alliance! • Forge acommunity of Champions ready to tackle Battleworld’s challenges! •PvP multiplayer: perfect your team & round out your defensivestrategy • Strategize with your team to select the right mix ofChampions to dominate the leaderboards! EXPERIENCE STUNNING COMBATIN A NEW MARVEL UNIVERSE • Brawl & battle through the deepstory of Battleworld, full of mystery, intrigue and ferociousbattles in the single player Pinnacle Quests! • Battle Arenas,Champions, and spectacular animations are highlighted withawe-inspiring graphics inspired by iconic Marvel characters &settings • Battle Arenas include the barbarian wastelands of GammaHorde, high-tech cityscapes of Stark Prime’s House of Iron, thedimensional oddities of The Ancient One’s Temple of Vishanti,military-style camps of Peggy Carter’s Patriot Garrison & muchmore! MAKE MARVEL YOURS! Your Champion. Your Team. Your Realm.DOWNLOAD Marvel Realm of Champions NOW! Get the latest updates:YouTube: MarvelRealmofChampions Facebook: @MarvelRealmofChampionsInstagram: @MarvelRealmofChampions Twitter: @MarvelRealm Web:www.playmroc.com Discord: https://discord.gg/marvelrealm Reddit:https://www.reddit.com/r/MarvelRealm/ TERMS OF SERVICE: Please readthis Terms of Service Agreement and our Privacy Notice before usingour services as they govern the relationship between you and Kabam.www.kabam.com/terms-of-service/ www.kabam.com/privacy-notice/
Shop Titans: Epic Idle Crafter, Build & Trade RPG 7.3.1
Craft and build for heroes in this idle crafter RPG. In ShopTitans, you are the new craftsman in town! Build your store andcustomize it exactly how you like it - personalize to your heart’scontent. Craft epic armor, swords and gear for the heroes whodefend your village. Build a prosperous business by teaming up withblacksmiths, tailors, priestesses, carpenters and herbalists. Craftyour products to trade, sell, or auction to the highest biddersfrom other shops. Heroes and warriors will buy your items too, youcan even add a surcharge! Customize your avatar in your own uniquefantasy style. Choose from different types of clothing, hairstyles,eye color and more to make your avatar unique. Once you’re ready,the adventure begins! Build and craft after you follow the Elder,Owen, in the tutorial of this RPG simulation game. Manage yourstore to become the kingdom’s greatest weapon shop tycoon! Build upyour store as fast as possible to support the heroes who willprotect and defend your village. Craft and sell items in your storeto get rich and build a crafting empire! For each quest completed,you’ll get loot, gear, and resources for crafting. Open a chest todiscover what new items you have available to build new swords,shields, armor and more! Dungeons can be raided to get you moreloot! Recruit and grow a team of heroes for quests. Choose from 3main classes of heroes: Fighters, rogues, and spellcasters. Withexciting variations like Knight, Ninja, Samurai, Berserker, Druids,and Geomancer. Choose the way they look, upgrade their gear andweapons, and level them up for greater skills and lethal combat. Inthis fantasy adventure you will: - Build and customize your ownstore - Craft potions, armor, swords and more to sell to heroes andchampions - Join a guild and build up your town with friends -Recruit and grow heroes and champions for adventuring - Fight andprogress through quest levels for loot and resources - Build yourempire: become a master shopkeeper! Download Shop Titans now todesign, craft, build and quest your way to the top as an epic mogulin this fantasy simulation RPG game! Note: Shop Titans is a freegame which allows purchases with real money within the app. TERMSOF SERVICE: Please read this Terms of Service Agreement and ourPrivacy Notice before using our services as they govern therelationship between you and Kabam. www.kabam.com/terms-of-service/www.kabam.com/privacy-notice/
Disney Mirrorverse 0.16.0
This is Disney Mirrorverse, a visually stunning new action RPGgamefor mobile, set in an all-new divergent Disney universewhereplayers assemble teams of amplified, action-ready, 3D DisneyandPixar characters to battle against a dark force. Long ago,twostars collided to create an altered universe full of light anddarkforces. In the Mirrorverse, Stellar Magic has evolvedfamiliarworlds, now threatened by hordes of unrelenting Fracturedenemies.Players unite teams of powerful Guardians to battletogetherthrough an ever-evolving narrative of epic quests to defeattheFractured forces seeking to shatter the Mirrorverse. Choosefromthe vengeful draconic mage Maleficent, an armored-up Sulley,theultimate personal-battle companion Baymax, and manymoreMirrorverse Guardians. Each Guardian possesses powerful,specialattacks that are unique and authentic to existing Disney andPixarcharacters. They are designed to complement each otherthroughdifferent team roles to maximize battle potential andchemistry,enabling players to advance through multiple levels andprogress tothe highest rank. Discover an ever-evolving story as youplaythrough Story Quest mode with loot-filled chapters,limited-timeEvent Quests, and Dangerous Dungeons to explore.Experience thethrill and excitement of real-time action combat asyou control theMirrorverse Guardians’ individual actions, combatarsenal, teamstrategy, and special attacks. Build alliances withfriends andcompete to gain powerful rewards. Customize andstrengthen yourGuardian’s abilities through a deep characterprogression system,finding the best team combinations andstrategies for the ultimatewin. ENTER A DIVERGENT DISNEY UNIVERSE& STORYLINE: Experiencea new storyline that authenticallyreflects iconic Disney and Pixarcharacters in ways you have neverseen before. Enter a divergentuniverse featuring Disney and Pixarcharacters that have beenamplified and empowered to defend againsta dark, unrelentingthreat – the Fractured. UNITE TEAMS OF VISUALLYSTUNNING DISNEY ANDPIXAR CHARACTERS: In this Action RPG, enterrichly detailed newworlds filled with 3D-rendered Disney and Pixarcharacters thathave been powerfully evolved to match thishigh-stakes universe.Uncover the intriguing backstories of theseMirrorverse Guardiansand unlock surprising and authentic specialabilities that equipthem for epic battle and adventure. MASTERTHRILLING REAL-TIMEACTION COMBAT: Experience the thrill andexcitement of team-basedaction combat. Assemble teams of three andtake control of everysecond of gameplay including the MirrorverseGuardians’ individualactions, team strategy, and special attacks.UNCOVER EPIC QUESTS:Unlock unique narratives and battle theFractured enemies to obtainrewards and restore the worlds andcharacters of the Mirrorversethat have been corrupted by darkmagic. - STORY QUESTS: Experiencean immersive new Disney storylineof tasks and quests to complete,all based on the history of theDisney Mirrorverse and the Ages ofIsolation, Discovery, and theFractured. - EVENT QUESTS: Completelimited-time quests that tieinto real-world Disney and Pixarcontent and events, and offerplayers unique characters, awards andprogression items during aspecific timeframe. DANGEROUS DUNGEONS:Delve into the Mirrorverse’sdarkest dungeons and complete for topplace on our globalleaderboard. Explore dungeons, rack up points,and collect valuableartifacts in this high stakes venture. MONTHLYCONTENT RELEASES:Experience new Mirrorverse story chapters andevent quests throughever-evolving and expanding storylines, withregular releases of newDisney and Pixar characters. TERMS OFSERVICE: Please read thisTerms of Service Agreement and ourPrivacy Notice before using ourservices as they govern therelationship between you and Kabam.www.kabam.com/terms-of-service/www.kabam.com/privacy-notice/