Joy Preschool Game Apps

Amazing Memory Match-Learning 1.5
180 cute individual objects with funnysoundsand word learning;18 vivid scenes, especially as Dinosaur, Solar, World Map…18 Hippo Show as innovative rewards!Universal – which brings you native IPAD/IPHONE supportforFREE!Pure & Native English, Spanish, German and French spellingandpronunciation!Looking for something entertain but also educational for yourkids?Amazing Match is a must-have!Kids love Amazing Match!Spin the turntable by touch different objects, and you canmatchdifferent scenes as animals, foods, vehicles and etc. Tochallengeyourself, you can touch the 2x4, 2x5, 3x5, 4x5, 5x6, 5x8button tochoose difficulty.With its super-cute graphics, funny sounds and nativespelling,Amazing Match is perfect for kids, and it will keep yourkidseducationally entertained, all the while developingtheirconcentration, memory, and cognitive skills, and teaching themhowto spell, teaching them what sounds objects make. It will alsokeepyour kids quit while they play it again, again and again…rightwhenyou need that much-needed break in a restaurant, on a plane, orina car.While kids can play the game all on their own, it is even morefunwhen you take turns and play it with them! And, costing lessthan abottle of water, it will be the best money you’ve everspent.Amazing Match was designed to be kid-friendly! There arenocomplicated menus for kids to get confused by, or multipleoptionsto get lost in. It is tested by several toddlers and we tooktheirsuggestions seriously to create a funny but educational appforthem.Scenes:Solar scene(free)Insect scene(free)Bird scene(free)Vegetable scene(free)Vehicle scene(full version only)Fruit scene(full version only)Bakery scene(full version only)Toy scene(full version only)Sea scene(full version only)Farm scene(full version only)Forest scene(full version only)Africa scene(full version only)World Map scene(full version only)Beverage scene(full version only)Playground scene(full version only)Livingroom scene(full version only)Bedroom scene(full version only)Dinosaur scene(full version only)New scenes coming soon!
Dino Fun - Kids games 3.6
Preschool and Kindergarten Adventure World for boys girls baby age2-6 years old
Match Memory games for kids 3.0
Train you brain and learn sight words with cute animal hippo pets.
Kids Puzzles - Learning words 2.6
Toddler solve puzzles & learn English, German, Spanish andFrench sight words
ABC Circus (French) Lite 1.2
Baby play, learn and trace French alphabets with animal circuses.
Sight Word Games for kindergarteners spelling free 2.0
274 Words: 82 animals, 50 food, 60 words about life, 23 wordsaboutfestivals, 31 words about astronomy and geography, 28 wordsaboutothers. 28 Scenes--8Animal+4Food+7Life+3Festival+2Map+4Others!Native English, Spanish, German and French spellingandpronunciation! Looking for something entertain but alsoeducationalfor your kids? Amazing First Words is a must-have! Itprovideshours of fun, laughter and learning. Amazing First Wordswill helpyour child: 1 develop fine motor skills 2 learn torecognize andmatch letters 3 learn the sounds letters make 4 learnthe names ofletters 5 learn how to spell words
Dino Bath Dress Potty training 1.1
Makeup 8 cute boys and girls dinosaurs, healthy learning for babytoddlers kids
ABC Circus (German) Lite 2.0
Baby play, learn and trace German alphabets and numbers with animalcircus.
ABC Circus - tracing alphabet 3.6
Play animal games, learn and trace English alphabets and numbers.
Sight Word Games for kids 1.0
Preschool toddlers educational learning flashcard word app, babykids favorite!
Dino Fun - Toddler Kids Games 10.3
Learning ABC Math Words Puzzles for Toddler Preschool Boys GirlsBaby Ages 2-9
Dino Pizza - Cooking games 2.1
Baking & food making games for kids, cooking cheese, pepperonipizza with Dino
Animal Circus Preschool Games 3.0
9 games that teach kids sequencing, patterning, counting, addingand subtracting
Leaning 50 States & Capitals 1.2
Hippo teach the knowledge of all 50 states, and play 10 fancy gameswith you!
Dino Math - Games for Kids K-5 2.0
Addition Subtraction Multiplication Division Fraction Decimal Gamesfor Kids
Jeutschland- German learning 1.6
Learn German alphabets, sight words, math with Dinos and Hippos!
Amazing Coin (USD) for kids 1.1
9 interactive games about USD coins learning, counting, paying,making change
Animal Circus - Joy Preschool 3.0
9 games that teach kids sequencing, patterning, counting, addingand subtracting
Home Puzzle -Relax Brain games 2.0
Decorate homes by solving word, match, memory, block puzzles,sharpen your mind
ABC Circus (French) 1.0
Baby play, learn and trace French alphabets with animal circuses.
Cat Pet Care
Pick your favorite one and collect all 13 pets. Dress up, makeupand nail salon
Puzzles for Toddler and Kids 1.2
swipe puzzles to learn sight words with fun little hippo. Funflashcard app.
ABC Circus (English) 1.0
Baby play, learn and trace English alphabets games.
José - Spanish learning games 1.5
Learn sight words, alphabets, math, coding, time, puzzles withDinosaur pets.
ABC Circus (German) 1.1
Baby play, learn and trace German alphabets with animal circus.
Le Cirque - Kids learn French 1.5
8 in 1! French alphabets, sight words, math, ABC, time, codingwithfun Dinos!