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Space Simulator 1.1
Jocelyn Demoy
Space Simulator allows you to play withgravity! add satellites and planets with your finger.Support multi touch zooming and satellite cam so you can enjoythe impacts ! New options : repulsive planets and vibration onimpact.Touch the screen 5 sec to add a planet. Use the trackball tofocus on a satellite.
Paratrooper 1.1
Jocelyn Demoy
Paratrooper is the adaptation of thefamousAmstrat game!You control a ground cannon and have do defend against varioustypeof enemies including para, helicopters, bombers,...Touch the screen with your finger to shoot on the desiredposition,spend xp points to upgrade your cannon.If issue with N1 please contact me.
Space corsair 1.5.1
Jocelyn Demoy
★ Space Corsair ★ is a 2D game that combines space shooter andRPGgameplay to create an immersive, fun, and addictive game withhoursof play... all for free ☆ Aboard your own spaceship, you areacorsair space pirate traveling across the galaxy : - Becomethehero of the galaxy - Improve your spaceship (laser,shield,missiles, hyperdrive engine, booster, ...) - Take part inepicbattles - Unlock achievements - Explore freely in the entiregalaxy- Many hours of gameplay ... All for free ! ☆ Onlinemultiplayermode ☆ Various original missions : - Bounty hunting -Treasurequests - Asteroid mining - Transport ship escort - Rescuemissions- Trade with space stations to make your fortune - Becomeagladiator of the galactic arena - Destroy and loot pirates -Buynew powerful spaceships And many more adventures to unlock! ☆AboutSpace Corsair : Inspired from mythic games, this spaceoperacontains many of their features plus much more leading itsplayersto acclaim it as a wonderful and addictive game. ☆ All thegame'slevels and missions are playable for free.