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Final Fighter
Jia Rong Tech
3D fighting game available now on mobile network
Merge Island: Castaway 1.1.143644
Jia Rong Tech
There was no clue how Robin got to this lone island, the lastmemory he had was meeting a deadly storm while sailing at sea.Where is his ship? How will he survive on this island, seeminglyall by himself? Follow the story as Robin begins his quest to tosurvive for as long as he can. Resource is the most important thingonce stranded, merge and provide items for Robin to upgrade hisshelter and tools. With your help, there could be a house or a hut,or even a farm! Witness the journey to explore the island; It couldbe Deep in the Forest, Near an Upstream River, Upon a cliff, evenencounters with other beings?! Mystery awaits! -Merge and discoveritems and tools! -Explore and unlock new areas on the island!-Build and decorate shelters and resting spots!
Gladiators in position 1.5.120936
Jia Rong Tech
It is an ancient Rome as the era background of a combat managementclass leisure mobile game, the player with gladiator training byacting as a Roman nobleman, recruiting and training of gladiator toparticipate in combat, in order to gain resources and strengthenthe training process, the player can to learn about the ancientRoman gladiator.
Boom Ball 1.5.1311
Jia Rong Tech
1. Fight refreshingly and get started easily. Extremely simplehandoperation, you can enjoy the ultimate pleasure ofunlimitedshooting. 2. Abundant weapons and upgraded strategies.Rifles,heavy machine guns, artillery, and various types of weapons,eachwith unexpected barrage effects. Rich build combinations,eachround is a brand new experience, and there are additionalhiddeneffects waiting for you to unlock. 3. Arcade style, richscenes.Villages, caves, deserts, temples... a wealth of sceneswithenemies with different strategies will take you to experienceadifferent Nostalgia fights. 4. Adventure squad,charactercollection. Collect classic roles with differentpersonalities,unlock cool racial skills, together to defend thepeace of thevillage.
Tap Tap Master 1.2.153549
Jia Rong Tech
[Amusing and funny, blow your mind] Funny kungfu, magical clicks,durians, screaming chicken, salted fish, hairy crabs... Nothingunexpected, only cannot split, come and explore all kinds ofbrainstorming practicing props! [Create your own martial arts,split the Mount Hua] Self-created martial arts, ever-changing, bigpalm scraping, iron head skills, tornado legs... do whatever youwant, the ultimate body refining, the ultimate weapon, the palmsplits the Mount Hua. [Rebuild Martial Arts school,StrategicManagement] Original plot, laughed about the world, became themaster of the martial arts center, regained the stolen plaque,collected disciples widely, and regained the martial arts school."Tap Tap Master" is a casual idle game that simulates Kung Fupractice! You will play as a kung fu master, destroy all kinds offunny props, exercise all parts of your body, become a humanweapon, even split the mount Hua! During the period, you can alsorun a martial arts school, create your own unique skills, recruitdisciples, continue your inheritance, and become a world-famousmaster of mountain splitting!