Jayassist Systems Apps

College Football Scores (NCAA) 2.1
This application is NCAA Football Score andSchedule tracker. It will show you a feed of upcoming collegefootball games along with scores if the games have passed or thedates if the game is in the future.If you click on a game, it will link you to ESPN so that you canview information on the game and the teams that will beplaying.To refresh just click on the refresh button.Remember this is a beta application and meant to be a verysimple way to get scores.I do however welcome suggestions to improve the app as time goesby, so shoot me an email.https://sites.google.com/site/jayassistsystems
Calc 4 all Tip calculator 2.2
This is a growing calculator. Right now it is a simple tipcalculator and sale calculator, but the idea is to add variouscalculations along the way. A calculator to calculate the number oftiles needed to tile a floor, amount of carpet needed based onarea, amount of paint needed based on a room size etc. Pleasecontact us with ideas on any types of calculations you would liketo see in this app. https://sites.google.com/site/jayassistsystems
NCAA BCS College Football Rank 2.2
This application has one purpose: To provide you with the most uptodate BCS rankings in NCAA college football.At the bottom of the rankings, you have the option to linktoESPN to get a complete list of ranking information andpercentagepoints.https://sites.google.com/site/jayassistsystems
Football Scores(Soccer/Futbol) 1.2.2
My Football Scores is an application thatwilllet you track almost any football team in the world. The scoresandgames are updated live. To see more details on a specificmatch,just click and you will be taken to Fox sports for moredetails.This is just version 1.0 so buy it while its at a lowprice.There is already plans to add on to this thing and make itevennicer.Sigue tu equipos de futbol con este aplicacion tanfacil!G....O....A....L!!Soccer, Football, Futbol