Javier Salmona Apps

Stopwatch Timer
Stopwatch and timer easy to use
Interval Timer
Timer for HIIT and tabata training workouts
Alarm clock
Timy Alarm Clock will help you avoid accidentally turning offyouralarm clock and falling asleep. To dismiss the alarm you willhaveto disturb some funny characters. Main features: Multiplealarms.Cute characters to annoy: Cat, dog, bunny, fox, crocodile,shark,duck, with three difficulty levels. Wake up with your tonesorsongs. Repeat option. Snooze. Independent volume control. Ifyoufind any bugs, or get a Force Close please email [email protected] with android version, app versionanddevice. Suggestions are welcome too ;) Important: Device must beonto work.
Lazy Alarm Clock 2.1.5
Lazy Alarm Clock is the solution for those who have trouble wakingup in the morning. Set your alarm simply and quickly, and get readyfor the challenge of waking up the bunny! To dismiss this alarmclock you will have interact with the bunny, pulling his ears,opening his eyes and touching his paws. Main features: - Multiplealarms. - Wake up with your favourite tones or songs. - Setvibration on or off. - Volume increases gradually. - Repeat option.- Customizable snooze times. - Three levels of difficulty. -Independent volume control. - Alarms can be labeled. If you findany bugs, or get a Force Close please email me [email protected] with android version, app version anddevice. Suggestions are welcome too ;) Important: Device must be onto work.