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Stickman Combats: Multiplayer Stick Battle Shooter
Javelin Ltd.
💥 Power to the people, STICK it to the man! 💥 STICKMAN COMBATS is acasual online multiplayer stickman battle shooter that's going toblow your mind🤯🤯🤯 Play with friends & foes and fight until thelast stickman standing! Get Ready for Combat! ⚔️ ARENA ROYALE -Join instant battles in Arena Mode! 🏁 CAPTURE THE FLAG - PlayCapture the Flag in multiplayer! 🤖 BATTLE BOTS - Practice with botswhile offline! 💪 CAREER BOOST - Pump up your stickman in CareerMode! 🔫 GUNS, GUNS, GUNS - Upgrade dozens of unique weapons! 👕CUSTOM STYLE - Customize your stylish stickman look! 🏅 MATCH MASTER- Learn and combine superior skills! PLAY STICKMAN COMBATS NOW FORFREE!
Spotlight X: Room Escape
Javelin Ltd.
Spotlight game series is coming back with new story twists andparallel story. Game is a fascinating story based quest that willpush your brain to think logically and efficiently in order tosolve the interesting puzzles and challenging riddles within thegame! Our hero finds himself locked up in unfamiliar place. Hecan't remember who he is, but he know certain that he needs toescape the room alive! Only the smartest shall prevail and survive.The question now is - can you pass all levels and escape?
Spotlight: Match 3 Puzzle game 2.6.5
Javelin Ltd.
Playing for a young, but promising agent you will have to solvethemystery penetrating the whole story. How can a young agent notfallvictim to a cult and survive? Collect stones indifferentcombinations to successfully pass the levels and unravelthe ballof puzzles. Communicate with charismatic and drawncharacters toget closer to the secret of this abandoned place.Demonstrate yourstrategic skills in making powerful combinationsand show how muchyou can think ahead. You'll find carefullydesigned levels thatwill not leave you indifferent. We tried tokeep the balancebetween complexity, interest and fun. The game willplease all fansof puzzles and fans of the genre "three in a row"The rules arevery simple, but achieving excellence is not easy.