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Candy Balls 1.2
Jangid Bros.
Candy Balls is a fun packed game with 20levelsranging from easy to hard.Goal of the game is to put all the Balls in Bowls.This game has various colorful balls and different bowl sizes.One should definitely give this game a try.It uses Touch and Accelerometer as Input.User can switch ON/OFF background music and sound.Playing Tips-1. 'Tap-Tap' Blow button2. Tilt Device3. Put the balls in bowls (avoid Thorns)4. Create Record by achieving Minimum time.For any issues, defects or compliments, please comment &rateor drop an email to - [email protected]
Indian Yoga - भारतीय योग 5.0
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7 Asanas Package. हिंदी में भी उपलब्ध है |
Ramdev Yoga 1.0
Jangid Bros.
This is an old version. Get the latest version "Ramdev Yoga 2" inplay store.