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Jalvasco Champions League 1.0.5
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This application lets you follow schedules anddetails of Champions League 2013-14 games. It is easy to use andyou can quickly access the most needed data by defining contents oftabs.Features:- full data customization - tracking chosen teams, groups andmatches- schedule of all matches- match details including scorers, line-up, substitute players,cards and the list of substitutions- adding/removal of tabs by own choice- browsing results in off line mode - without Internetconnection- news about Champions League- an option to set application specific timezone
World Cup 2018 Russia Jalvasco 1.2.8
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Live scores, fixtures, full schedule and many more for thematchesof World Cup 2018 Russia. A lot of useful information anddetailscan be found in this application. You can choose yourfavoriteteams and follow their progress in the World Cup in Russia.We havethe best app for soccer fans on the market! Try it andyou'll loveit! Features: Live scores updated when the match isbeing played.Schedule of all matches. Teams info Follow your team'sresultslive! Follow as many teams as you wish! Knockout stage(ladder)Find out which teams have advanced further. Groups infoTrack thedetails of your team's group. Check out the currentgroupstandings. Match Details See the livescores! Follow the courseofall the World Cup 2018 matches in real time. Check outscorers,line ups, substitute players, referee names, etc... Comparethestatistics of the teams head to head! Stadiums Usefulinformationabout stadiums and locations in host cities. SquadsCheck out whichplayers have been selected for the national teams inthe maintournament and their positions. Qualifiers 2018 Check howyour teamwas doing in the qualifiers including match results anddetails.History Information about historical results of the topteams inprevious soccer World Cup competitions. Full datacustomization!Choose teams, groups and matches to track. Add andremove your owntabs at any time. Offline mode Browse results inoffline mode. Mostof the data can be viewed without an activeconnection. Includesall 6 soccer confederations Support for allconfederations playingin world cup qualifiers: Africa, Asia,Europe, North CentralAmerica and Caribbean, Oceania and SouthAmerica
Jalvasco World Cup 2014 3.0.6
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This application lets you follow games of football at World CupinBrazil.
Euro 2016 France Jalvasco 1.07
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This application lets you follow games of football at the Euro2016in France.