JDI Game Studio Apps

Stickman Turbo Dismounting 1.4.1
Stickman Turbo Dismounting - Perform death-defying motor stunts,crash into walls, create traffic pile-ups of epic scale - and sharethe fun! FEATURES: - unique active ragdoll physics system - crunchysound effects - 19 levels - 12 vehicles - Special props of varioustypes - Save video gameplay on Everyplay page - Uses permission"Camera" and "Record Audio" to use video recording mode whenplaying HOW TO PLAY: - Very simple, "Tap and Hold" on button Start,and "Eject" if you want Stickman Tubo Dismounting (turbocharged orregular) is not to be attempted at home or outside. We do notrecommend or condone dismount attempts outside 3D computersimulations.
Stickman Warriors:UFB Fighting 1.1.0
Stickman Warriors: UFB Fighting the best Sport game in the world,Put gloves on and use your fists to achieve your goal. Givingeverything of whether to beat all their opponents. FEATURES: - Fungame inspired by Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) - Single and multiplayermode: play against the device or against a friend - Easy butchallenging gameplay - Save video gameplay on Everyplay page - Usespermission "Camera" and "Record Audio" to use video recording modewhen playing HOW TO PLAY: - Tap to Jump - Each fight is abest-of-three playoff and fighters have 3 lives during each round.Climb the walls of the arena and use strategy to grab your opponentfrom above and tackle him down, taking a life. A round ends whenone of the fighters runs out of lives.
Gold Minermasters 1.0.6
This game is a gold mine really, each level is a gold mine,withseveral kind of gold and diamond. Your mission is get all thegoldusing the hook on the boat. In this game you can see many typeofgold : fish and diamond, diamonds and jewelery gems or thegolds.But it's not easy for the gold rush, because of thebaricades, liketnt bomb, rock and the moving fishes, so keep calmand beconcentrate on the hook and got the best score for you. Useyourclaw and reel to mine gold and other treasures out of theearth.Your claw will swing back and forth. Tap screen to lower it.Onceit has grabbed something it will reel it up. Heavy objectslikerocks and large pieces of gold will be harder to reel up. Grabbagscontain random amounts of money, a strength power-up, or astick ofdynamite. Between levels you can buy items that can helpyou.Collect the target amount of money by the end of the level. Ifyoudon't meet your goal by the end of the level it's game over.Yourmoney carries over from one level to the next. FEATURES: -100Levels 100 levels is an adventure through many Lands, MinesandOcean ... - Good & cool graphics, the awesome gold rushever. -Good Sound and Music. Note: The shop owner is very hot. Becarefulnot to make him angry
Stickman Turbo Dismounting 3D 1.1.6
From the creator and the success of the Stickman TurboDismounting2D, we have optimized and create new 3D version to makeit a betterand more creative experience. Perform death-defyingmotor stunts,crash into walls, create traffic pile-ups of epicscale - and sharethe fun! FEATURES: - 3D Physics and Ragdoll -unique active ragdollphysics system - crunchy sound effects - 20levels - 10 vehicles -Special props of various types 3D - Savevideo gameplay onEveryplay page - Uses permission "Camera" and"Record Audio" to usevideo recording mode when playing HOW TO PLAY:- Very simple, "Tapand Hold" on button Start, "Eject" if you wantand "Steers" changecharacter direction. Stickman Tubo Dismounting3D (turbocharged orregular) is not to be attempted at home oroutside. We do notrecommend or condone dismount attempts outside 3Dcomputersimulations.
Make Turbo Hexa Puzzle 1.1.6
Make Turbo Hexa Puzzle is simple, addictive, brain it blockgameFill triangles into hexagons to create many special andmanypoints. Play Make Turbo Hexa Puzzle is feel, relax andchallenge.Features: - Designed for all ages, have fun andaddictive. - Object"Bin" to remove piece triangles - Object"Hammer" to remove piecetriangles on board - Special Object:Rainbow block, Boom Color,Brush, Undo.. - Designed for all devices.How to Play - Drag &drop to make hexagonal puzzles. - Drag thetriangles to boards. -Combine triangles into hexagon with samecolor. - Try to completedaily tasks
Knights Age: Heroes of Wars 1.1.4
Knights Age: Heroes of Wars will bring you to differenthistoricaleras of humanity: from the savage stone age to theunbelievablefuturistic environments. This game goes beyond thanjustannihilating the enemy and its military bases. Your mainmission isto become the leader of your army to defend yourterritory whileattacking the enemy. You will have to fight throughthe feature agefrom the Stone Age then evolve to Ancient Egypt,Ancient Roman,Present and the Future. For each age you will have abase to trainsevent types of soldier. You also have two types ofturret to buildto protect your base too. Especially, each age hasone specialskill to attack the enemy. FEATURE: - War across theAges! - 4difficulty modes and Generals + Addictive gameplay. + 8unique agewith different types of soldier, turret and skill. +Beautifulgraphics for battle game with a friendly user interface. +Dynamicsounds and musics. SUPPORT Should you have any problems, wearehere to help: Email: [email protected] All of yourinquirieswill be addressed within 24 hours.
Brain on Line vs Physics Puzzle 1.3.1
From the creator of Brain On Physics Boxs Puzzles, we create anewgame physic and line puzzle game. Including physical gamesshouldbe used to the brain to beyond. Draw line to solvechallengingphysics puzzles. They're not as easy as they look. Canyou try it?Will you be able to clear these simple-looking butactuallydifficult stages? This is a brain-training game thateveryone fromchildren to grown-ups will be able to enjoy. Try tofind your owndecision. FEATURES: Realistic Physics The game isdesigned in a 2Dworld with object and realistic physics. NiceGraphics Really nicearts. Cool Music Rhythmic music that instantlyimmerses you intothe game`s atmosphere. Hints You will be able toseek help fromLines. Physic boxs game Multiple different mode Brainit on theobject and line physic puzzle Hope you enjoy game !
Brain On Physics Boxs Puzzles 1.4.4
This is a physics puzzles box game. Including physical gamesshouldbe used to the brain to beyond. To do this, you have a car,crayonand brains. Use them to perform the physics task. Just drawyourdecision. Draw as well as you do it crayon. Any design thatyoudraw become physical objects that can interact to physicalobjectsin the game. Your brains are the main key in this game. Tryto findyour own decision. Physics game is a fun way ofpractisingphysics... Feature: - Physic boxs game - Multipledifferent mode -Brain it on the truck, matrix line, and wood truckphysics
Marble Legend: Temple Quest
Marble Legend is a simple but really addictive game. Your targetisto protect bubble marbles from moving to the black hole.Now,practice your game skills in this puzzle adventure ! How toplay: -Tap screen to shoot bubble marbles - Match 3 or more sameadjacentbubble marbles to clear - Score is evaluated with stars.Come andget 3 stars on all the levels! Features: - 60+well-designed levelswaiting for you to challenge. very fun! -Amazing arsenal ofpowerful power-ups & combos, stun... -Graphics and sounds,mucsic so amazing. - Special bubble marblesbring you surprise.
Stickman Fight: The Game 1.3.7
Stickman Fight: the game is a physics based couch, you canperformamazing stunts and blows to defeat your opponents. Beat themall!Win the ultimate challenge! This is the game you just cannotmiss.The game is simple and flexible, Use different Booster andWeaponto support fighting. Overcoming challenges or failuresFEATURES: -Physics-Based Combat System - 9 World: Classic, Angry,Ninja, Ninja2, Thieves vs Cops, Cops vs Cowboy, Rambo Metal, Santavs Thieves,Vikings. - 200 Highly Interactive Levels - Lots ofweapons! -Endless survival arcade mode - Fighting is based on fastreflexes -Daily bonus, Spin lucky wheel - Many heroes for you tochoose HOWTO PLAY: - 2 joystick control to move and attack enemys -Use itemboosters support - Try to get 3 stars at the levels
Happy WheelMaster
a fun and free game is fairly easy to understand and play.Anobstacle rag-doll extreme sports game, your goals is to reachthefinish line, you will encounter various obstacles that candamageyour character.
Stickman Flip Diving 1.1.9
Stickman Flip Diving in an amazing stunt and flip game. In thisgamethere are so many amazing levels. in this levels you have toflip inmany step. Your main goal is make more flip in each step.So enjoybest flip effects now. Get your kicks and jump down thehighest andmost dangerous cliffs all over the planet! Performdifferent jumpstyles. Featuring a custom physics engine withanimated ragdollphysics, Stickman Flip Diving is the most dynamicand entertainingcliff diving experience ever created! FEATURES: -Different jumptypes - maps diving diverse - character Simple,Santa, Zombie,Mummy... - Each trick dynamically animated withragdoll physics! -Uses permission "Camera" and "Record Audio" touse video recordingmode when playing - More coming soon! Thefollowing game featuresdiving stunts modelled carefully based onprofessional stunt andcliff drivers. Accordingly. no one shouldattempt to recreate orre-enact any drive or activity preformed onthis game.
Laser Squad: The Light 1.0.9
Attack enemy and defense your galaxy with Laser Squad Blow upallenemies in Laser Squad! Kill them all in this amazing shootergame.Go here and face dangerous challenges ahead. Grab yourflamethrowerand help our heroes save the world from ugly aliens inthis2D-shoot’em up adventure! Laser Squad- The Light uniquelyblendsthe genres of action, shooting, defense and weapon games. Youwillhave the best experience of throw back to some legendary gamesin avery modern way! FEATURE: - Different kinds of weapons. -Differentcharacters to choose. - Different kind of enemies. -Amazinggraphics, cool music, and sound. - Lots of enemies to fight.-Amazing gameplay, very simple controls and addictive gameplay!HOWTO PLAY: - Tap and Hold joystick to fire laser and useskillspecial. Are you strong enough to conquer the era of the light?