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Slime Defense - Idle Tower Defense 1.6.3
In Slime Defense Heroes, discover a fantastical world ofthousandsof slimes! Stop evil slimes from raiding your keep! Erecttowersand defend your remaining stockpiles at all costs! In thistowerdefense game, you must defeat slimes to earn resources,upgradetowers, earn runes to unlock powers and assign peasants toyourtower defense. Customize your towers and place them instrategicpositions to defend against an endless swarm of viciousslimes!Your main goal is tower defense; use your heroes to stop theslimesfrom reaching the treasure. Slime Defense Heroes FeaturesEpicTower Defense: - Fend off a Slime Horde and Epic Bosses -UpgradeYour Towers with Runes and Peasants - Defeat Thousands ofSlimes TDGameplay - Build Poison, Fire, Ice & Lightning Towersto pushback hordes of Slimes - Upgrade and Combine Runes tocustomize yourtowers Upgrade Your Castle - Use Peasants to repairyour castle -Grow and assign Peasants to man your towers Masteryour towerdefense art in Slime Defense Heroes!
Idle Sword 2: Incremental Dungeon Crawling RPG 0.99
Dungeon crawl, create a party of Idle Heroes & earn loot inanepic incremental RPG. Tap to guide your heroes throughdungeons,capture monsters and collect powerful incrementalupgrades. See ifyour heroes can survive Idle Sword 2, an epic idlegame and dungeoncrawler all in one. This is an incremental RPGclicker game likeyou’ve never seen. You’ll have to battle monsters,sell equipment,upgrade your skills and form a party of heroes tocrawl deeper intoperilous dungeons. Tap with your God Hand to guideyour not-so idleheroes to find hidden treasure in a pixel dungeon,making sure yourtap heroes have enough gear, health and items toprotect them froma certain doom. Squish giant monsters, capturepowerful pets, crawlthrough deep dungeons, play offline and battlemonsters of everykind in this incremental RPG! Idle Sword 2:Incremental DungeonCrawling RPG Features: Crawl Through Dungeons -Dungeons cover theland and must be explored by the idle heroes. -Each pixel dungeonis packed with challenging monsters. - Engage inincremental bossbattles; tap as much or as little as needed to win!- ExploreDungeons even offline in an epic idle crawler! BattleMonsters -Battle monsters to collect rare loot! - Your tap questisn’tcomplete until the monster is defeated! - Evolve your heroestounlock their true RPG power! Collect Heroes - Idle heroesareeverywhere, you just have to find them. - Collect and evolveheroesas you crawl through dungeons! - Find hidden loot andcustomizeyour heroes with the finest gear. Incremental Action -Play as muchor as little as you like! - Your heroes keep levelingup even whenyou are offline - Return to collect the loot and richesyour heroescollected while you were away! Lovers of dungeoncrawlers andincremental clickers won’t be able to put down thisidle monsterbattling RPG. Go on an epic tap quest, explore dungeonsto battlemonsters and defeat the tough dungeon bosses. You neverknow whatcould creep up on your heroes- keep your tapping reflexessharp inIdle Sword 2! Enjoy it online or offline!
Swarm Simulator: Evolution 1.7.14
Over 1 MILLION PLAYERS! Swarm Simulator: Evolution bringsthestrategic, incremental, idle, clicker gameplay of thewildlysuccessful web game into a new 3D world with dozens of newsystemsand extra features! Evolve your way from lowly larvae anddrones toall-powerful hive Overminds and beyond in this idlemasterpiece!Conquer territory with fearsome Stingers and Locusts tobecome atycoon of unit production. Sacrifice smaller units for thegreatergood of the colony and Ascend over and over as you buildyour Swarmtoward its ultimate goal of universe spanning conquest!== SwarmSimulator Features == Idle Clicker Gameplay • Endlessprogression -start with a few lowly units, evolve and hatch yourway tounimaginable numbers. • Idle mode - the game will keepprogressingwhether it's open or not, take a break for a few hoursand yourSwarm will grow and grow! • Ascend your Swarm to start overon anew world but with powerful new Mutations. Evolution Upgrades •Allnew 3D graphics and new units, dozens of 3D bugs in a fully3Dworld. • Elixirs give short term buffs to your Swarm, use aRageelixir to capture more territory ... or a Warper elixir tospeed uptime itself! • Golden Bugs can be captured to givelong-termbonuses to your Swarm. • Swarm Lord Invasions, the HFL,CarapaceShards, unlockable skins for your bugs and more! Theclassictext-based incremental game has been reborn in vibrant 3D.DownloadSwarm Simulator now and conquer EVERYTHING!
Idle Mine RPG
Idle Mine RPG is an idle game that lets you take control of a teamof dwarfs and mine deep underground. Collect gold, mine ore, dig& rescue lost miners and craft items! Spend money to upgradeyour dwarf warrior and mine deep to the core. Prestige to digdeeper, kill faster & throw more bombs! IDLE MINE RPG FEATURESTap to Mine ● Tap to throw bombs and dig ore! ● Tap to destroymonsters & earn gold! ● Tap to upgrade & dig deep! Craft ●Craft Items to Mine Rare Ore ● Craft & Refine Rare Ore &Gems! ● Recruit more Dwarfs to Craft Faster! Upgrades ● Hire tonsof dwarf miners to mine for you! ● Upgrade Your Miners by RefiningOre! ● Idle as Your Dwarfs Collect Gold! RPG Gameplay ● UpgradeYour Bomb Throwing Skills! ● Level Up Your Dwarf Stats to MineFaster! ● Craft Weapons, Picks & Armor for your Miners! IdleMine RPG–Blow Stuff Up, Mine with Dwarfs!
Wizard's Wheel 2: Idle RPG 0.8.0
The dimension is in peril in this new Idle RPG. Tap to guideyouridle heroes, find new heroes, battle monsters and collectpowerfulupgrades. See if your heroes can survive Wizard's Wheel 2,an epicidle RPG! This is an idle RPG like you’ve never played.You’ll haveto battle monsters, loot epic gear, level your idleskills andcreate a party of heroes to go deeper into dungeons. SpinyourWizard's Wheel to accelerate time and find treasure indungeons.Make sure your tap heroes survive difficult bosses! Idleand defeatgiant bosses, traverse the wilderness, play offline andbattlemonsters in this incremental RPG! Wizard's Wheel 2: IdleRPG:Explore Dungeons - Use your Wizard Wheel tap powers to huntloot! -Dungeons cover the land and must be defeated by your idleheroes. -Each pixel dungeon is packed with 100's of monsters.Collect Heroes- Idle heroes are everywhere, you just have to findthem. -Customize your party with over 70 hero classes as you idlethroughdungeons! - Find loot and customize your heroes. Idle Action- TimeWarp to reset, gain powerful upgrades and play again! - Yourheroeskeep leveling up even when you are offline. - Return to buildupyour town! Lovers of retro RPGs won’t be able to put down thisidlewizard RPG. Go on an epic adventure, use your Wizard's Wheeltoaccelerate time and defeat the tough dungeon bosses inWizard'sWheel 2! Enjoy it online or offline!
Rocket Valley Tycoon - Idle Resource Manager Game 1.0f
Rocket Valley Tycoon brings strategic incremental idle gameplaytothe Space Race! City building, resource management and the RacetoSpace all meet up in a fun, polished retro-style incrementalidleclicker. As a rocket building business tycoon, your mission istoharvest, build and craft your way to colonize outer space.Buildrailroads, extract resources and tap, tap, tap your way to anouterspace empire! Tap and click towards the stars! Manageresources andbuild ever more complex rocket ship parts. Transportresources byrailroad and complete quests to increase the totalamount ofresources and rocket components! Download today to buildyourrocket ship and go beyond the stars in Rocket Valley Tycoon!==Rocket Valley Tycoon Features == Idle Clicker Game •ClickerGameplay: tap to extract resources to aid the space race •IdleFarming: Let your Extractors do the work, farming resourceswhileyou’re idle • Strategic Idle game: Tap to gather therightresources you need to build your rocket Resource Management&Upgrades • Manage resources: study the tech tree carefullytoextract the best materials • Upgrade materials: processresourcesin Factories • Build rockets: combine upgraded parts toconstructyour rocket • Space adventure awaits - Blast off in yourrocketship to colonize space! City Building • Construct railroadstotransport materials • Tap quests from the citizens of eachareawill help you level up and earn coins • Upgrade cities to boostthearea and unlock resources • City Building and resourcetransportgoes further with train networks Tap Tycoon Clicker •Money Games:Earn money to build your business with factories,trains, and more!• Invest in upgrades for your ever-growing rocketbusiness empire •Idle Tycoon: Build your empire and gatherresources, even whileyou’re away Incremental tap / clicker gamesand resource managementgameplay all combine for a new style ofaction-packed space game.Rocket Valley Tycoon is one of the bestidle clickers out there, onthis planet or beyond! Download now tobuild your rocket businessempire and colonize space!
Holyday City Tycoon: Idle Resource Management 5.4
Build a city and become a business tycoon, all with just fewclicksand patience! In Holyday City, you’re in charge ofresourcemanagement, business management, and the growth of yourtown into asprawling metropolis. As an idle game, your city willlevel up andexpand as the game plays in the background. Clickergame mechanicslet you build and manage your businesses with asimple tap, so cityexpansion is a matter of time and management.HOLYDAY CITYFEATURES: YOU’RE THE TYCOON • Use resource managementto quicklybuild wealth and businesses • Simulation game that putsyou incharge of growing businesses • Investment game mechanicswhere yourbusiness decisions boost your city’s growth TOWN BUILDER• A builda city game that puts you in charge of businesses of alltypes •Restaurant management for a steady flow of income • Shoppingstoremanagement to bring in small profits quickly • Upgradebuildings tocreate a booming town IDLE CLICKER MECHANICS • Tap gamegameplaylets you build and win with just a few taps • Idlegameplaycontinues your town’s growth even while you’re busy •Timemanagement game mechanics let you grow your town quickly orovertime • Incremental game advancements bring you from a smalltown tomassive metropolis one step at a time City builderexcitement is atyour fingertips! Download Holyday City Tycoon andcreate youramazing town now! No internet connection needed
Dungeoning: Idle Dungeon Crawler
Create a party of heroes, dungeon crawl & loot in anincrementalRPG. Tap your heroes through caves, level up in thedungeon andcollect powerful RPG upgrades. See if your heroes cansurviveDungeoning: Idle Dungeon Crawler, an epic incrementaldungeoncrawler. This dungeon crawler will goad you into gargantuancaves ofghastly ghouls. You’ll have to crawl, upgrade equipment&incremental skills to crawl deeper into dungeons & cavespackedwith loot. Level up idle heroes to find treasure in a pixeldungeon,making sure your heroes have enough gear, health and itemstosurvive a dungeon disaster. Dungeoning: Idle DungeonCrawlerFeatures: Crawl Through Dungeons - Caves & Dungeons packthelandscape. - Each pixel dungeon is packed with elite monsters.-Engage in incremental boss battles! - Explore Dungeons in anepiccave crawler! Battle Monsters - Battle monsters to collectrareloot & enchants! - Reach the final cave and defeatfearsomefoes! Collect Resources: Build Your Party! - The Caves&Dungeons are packed with collectibles! Collect them all! -Investto Upgrade Your Heroes! - Find hidden loot and customizeyourheroes with the epic gear. Incremental Action - Play as much oraslittle as you like! - Your heroes keep leveling up even whenyouare offline - Return to collect the loot and riches yourheroescollected while you were away! Lovers of dungeon crawlersandincremental RPGs won’t be able to put down this idle cavecrawlinggame. Go on an epic quest, explore dungeons to battlemonsters anddefeat the tough dungeon bosses in Dungeoning: IdleDungeonCrawler!
Cave Heroes: Idle Dungeon Crawler
Dungeon crawl, create a party of Cave Heroes & earn loot inanepic incremental RPG. Tap to guide your heroes through caves,levelup in the dungeon and collect powerful incremental upgrades.See ifyour heroes can survive Cave Heroes: Idle RPG, an epicincrementaldungeon crawler. This dungeon crawler will cart you intocolossalcaves of craven creatures. You’ll have to battle monsters,upgradeequipment & incremental skills and form a party ofheroes tocrawl deeper into perilous dungeons & caves packedwith loot.Upgrade and equip your idle heroes to find treasure in apixeldungeon, making sure your heroes have enough gear, health anditemsto protect them from a dungeon doom. Cave Heroes: IdleRPGFeatures: Crawl Through Dungeons - Caves & Dungeonsstretchbeneath your village. - Each pixel dungeon is packed withtoughmonsters. - Engage in incremental boss battles! - ExploreDungeonseven offline in an epic cave idle crawler! Battle Monsters- Battlemonsters to collect rare loot! - Reach the final cave anddefeatfearsome foes! - Evolve your heroes to unlock their true RPGpower!Collect Resources: Build Your Village! - The Caves are packedwithresources! Collect them all! - Invest Resources in your villagetoUpgrade Your Heroes! - Find hidden loot and customize yourheroeswith the epic gear. Incremental Action - Play as much or aslittleas you like! - Your heroes & village keep leveling upeven whenyou are offline - Return to collect the loot and richesyour heroescollected while you were away! Lovers of dungeoncrawlers andincremental RPGs won’t be able to put down this idlecave dwellinggame. Go on an epic quest, explore dungeons to battlemonsters anddefeat the tough dungeon bosses in Cave Heroes: IdleRPG! Enjoy itonline or offline!
Idle Pocket Crafter: Mine Rush 1.0.405
Idle Pocket Crafter: Mine Rush is an idle game aboutcrafting,mining, digging and hunting. Tap to mine diamonds and diggold,hunt rare prey, chop trees and craft epic gear. Discoverexotic newplanets in this incremental idle game! ❤️Easy IdleGameplay Justtap to start mining or automate digging and idle. PlayIdle PocketCrafter: Mine Rush your way: tap, mine, click or idle.Dig deepinto dark mines and harvest rare ores. Chop trees and bealumberjack! Hunt down fierce enemies and use their loot tocraftpowerful gear! ❤️Craft New Gear Use the materials from theminesand forests to craft and upgrade your gear for digging,hunting andlumberjacking. Idle or dig; better gear is just a tapaway!❤️Automate Everything Automate mining, wood cutting andhunting.Idle without a single tap and dig up a fortune! ❤️Free toPlay IdleGame Everything can be achieved without paying! ❤️Retire&Relax Retire your hero to gain prestige currency, which can beusedto buy powerful, permanent dig upgrades like lightning fastrushmining. Tons of idle equipment and weapons are just one tapaway.❤️Go Shopping The island's stores are ready to sell theirbestitems to you. Buy rare items with a tap to dig &harvestfaster. Choose your play style, idle or tap. Visit the Mayortocheck our your pet collection, achievements and more. Lovers oftheretro digging and crafting games won't be able to put downthisaddicting idle mining game. Go on a epic tap adventure, exploretheisland and craft epic mining gear andweapons!___________________________ Welcome to the island! IdlePocketCrafter: Mine Rush uses optional cloud saving feature whichallowsyou to play on multiple devices for your convenience. Contactus:Email: [email protected]
Epic Monster TD - RPG Tower Defense 98
In Epic Monster TD - RPG Tower Defense, uncover a fantastical worldof powerful elemental monsters and high-tech military robots!Command a team of monsters to defend the homeland from the invadingrobot armies! In this epic fantasy tower defense game, you take therole as commander of the United Monsters Alliance defense force.Your task is to manage a defensive position around several of theentrances to the Monster's homeland. Earn resources, upgrade yourmonsters, unlock items, and stop the enemy at all costs! EpicMonster TD - RPG Tower Defense Features Epic RPG Tower Defense: -Unlock powerful elemental monsters. - Complete daily missions andachievements. TD Gameplay - Command units with a tap. - Offlinegold earnings. Epic RPG - Fantasy RPG-based world and classes. -PvP Tournament hosted twice a week. Lovers of tower defense gameswill love this idle RPG. Go on an epic quest, explore a fantasticworld, battle robots and monsters, and defeat epic bosses in EpicMonster TD - RPG Tower Defense!
Tower Defense Heroes 71
In Tower Defense Heroes, uncover a world of heroes and monsters!Stop evil creatures from raiding innocent lands! Command a team ofheroes to defend the remaining stockpiles! In this fantasy towerdefense game, defeat monsters to earn resources, tap to upgradeheroes. Create a team of heroes and place them in strategicpositions to defend against an endless swarm of foes! Your maingoal is tower defense; use your heroes to stop the monsters fromreaching the treasure. Tower Defense Heroes Features Epic TowerDefense: - Fend off an Orc Horde and Epic Bosses - Daily missionsto complete Epic RPG - Fantasy RPG-based world and heroes - PvPTournament hosted twice a week Master Your Party in Tower DefenseHeroes! Enjoy it online or offline!
Space Captain: Galaxy Shooter 2.5.6
If you like space shooter games, Space Captain: Galaxy Shooterisfor you! Space Captain: Galaxy Shooter is an shooter game thatletsyou captain an attack ship and shoot your way through thegalaxy!Start tapping to blow your enemies out of the sky. Buildattackdrones, collect resources, customize your pilot, assignskillpoints, and explore space! Download now and start navigatingthegalaxy! Space Captain: Galaxy Shooter FEATURES Shmup Gameplay ●Letyour missiles fire and droids and fighter shoot assist you! ●Tapto shoot and earn currency! ● Upgrade Your Captain: Earncurrencyand find fighters for your Fleet! Space Shooter Upgrades ●Shootacross space! ● Captain new fighters to improve your shooting!●Evolve your strategy! Unlock special fighters to retake thegalaxy!Upgrade Your Ship ● Position Your Ship: Catch Powerups toupgradeyour ship & fighters! ● Research special incrementalabilities!Massive upgrade tree! ● Rewards to permanently upgradeyour shipare everywhere! Space Captain: Galaxy Shooter is theperfect spacegame for fans of shmup fun. Fly through the cosmos asyour captainretakes the universe!
Idle Hero Defense - Fantasy Defense 49
Battle orcs and pirates in this fantasy tower defense game, asyoudefend against waves of enemies charging your base! This idleTDgame lets you create a team of heroes – knight, ranger, mageandmore – to defend against an endless swarm of vicious foes!Castspells, earn gold, upgrade heroes and complete daily missionsasyou save the day in this Idle Tower Defense game! A fantasy gameofheroes and monsters, Idle Hero Tower Defense makes youthecommander. Like other tower defense games, your heroes willfightoff evil foes, gaining gold, leveling up, and unlocking newheroesas you defend your tower. As a tap game, you recruit, train,andcommand your heroes from the touchscreen. Incrementalgamemechanics mean your heroes will grow as they fight,survivingagainst ever-worsening waves of monsters and fightinguntil theywin. As a tower defense game, you need to defend yourparty at allcosts to progress! IDLE HERO TOWER DEFENSE FEATURES -PvPTournament hosted twice a week - Fend off pirates and evilmonstersin tower defense themed mini-games - Fantasy RPG-basedworld andclasses - Retro game-inspired graphics - Daily missions tocomplete- Strategy game tactics and units - Idle game mechanics letthegame play even when you’re busy - Clicker game features tocommandunits with a tap FANTASY HEROES TO THE DEFENSE - Collectheroes toform your party - Cast spells to empower your units ordefeat foes- Earn gold, discover tomes and collect equipment -Battle Orcs andbosses to survive as long as possible
Idle Plague
Spread the plague in this idle microbe adventure! NOTE: 50% ofNetRevenue from Idle Plague is being donated to Save theChildren.Idle Plague is an idle microbe adventure through the humanbody!Play as a microbe, spread the plague and infect hosts one byonewhile exploring the beautiful 3D low poly organs 🎨! Set off onyouridle plague quest and spread the plague by recruitingfellowmicrobes! Your tap microbe will need help from his friends👬🏽! -Upgrade your microbes and bacteria & spread the plague 🐛-Spread plague to hosts one by one - Idle & upgrade bacteriatoproduce toxins ️ - Unlock organs and explore idle gameplay -Mutateyour idle microbes to evolve ⚗️ - Fuse idle plague bacteriatocreate new microbes - Fight immune bosses for special gifts ⚔️-Addictive “Microbe Ranger” events for more idle plague -Evolvespecial boosters ⚡️ Challenge yourself in idle strategyanddiscover your next addiction in this unique plague game👋!IdlePlague Key Features: - Fun idle plague tapper -Beautifulhand-crafted 3D low-poly game - Inspired by real organs,bacteria& microbes - Plague spread skill tree - Immune bossfights -Idle events - Lots of upgrades & mutations - Addictivegameplay
Clicker Knight: Incremental Idle RPG 28
Clicker Knight: Incremental Idle RPG Travel through thewilderness,slaying monsters and collecting epic loot in this IdleRPG! Tap tocast spells, upgrade your hero with unique abilities andcraftpotions to defeat your enemies! Assign your stat points andclickto win in Clicker Knight and epic incremental idle RPG! Thisis anunique RPG clicker game. You’ll have to battle monsters,sellequipment, upgrade your skills, craft potions and cast spellstodefeat tough enemies. Tap furiously to find hidden treasure intonsof different zones, making sure your tap hero has enoughgear,health and items to keep progressing in this incrementalRPG!Clicker Knight: Incremental Idle RPG Features: Explore! - Useyourtap powers for epic loot! - Each zone is packed withtoughmonsters. - Craft unique gear and craft potions in an epicclicker!Battle Monsters - Battle for rare loot! - Tap any monsterthatcomes your way. Unlock Pets -Unlock many different kinds ofpetsand level them up to evolve them. Each pet has a uniqueandpowerful ability! Collect Loot - Your idle hero needs epic loottosurvive! - Find hidden loot and customize your hero. Tons ofSkills-Over 30 Skills you can learn in each of the 3 skill trees.-Over15 additional Prestige system buffs! Guilds -Recruit guildmembers-Build your guild hall -Compete to have your Guild be#1Incremental Clicker Action - Play as much or as little as youlike!- Your hero keep leveling up even when you are offline -Return tocollect the loot and riches your hero collected while youwereoffline! Lovers of RPG games and incremental clickers won’t beableto put down this idle monster battling RPG. Go on an epictapquest, explore zones to battle monsters and defeat thetoughdungeon bosses. You never know what could creep up on yourhero-keep your tapping reflexes sharp in Clicker Knight!
Ninja Prime: Tap Quest 1.0.2
Tap through the galaxy, hone idle ninja quest skills againsttheShogun, tap to defeat space horrors, and carve out your revengeonthe empire in this unique Tap RPG! Allocate skill points,completequests, collect unique items, and upgrade your way acrossspace inNinja Prime: Tap Quest! This is a Space RPG Quest game likeyou’venever seen. Battle ronin, train your ninja jutsu, tap toupgradeyour skills and choose your abilities to survive the Shogun.Tap toattack, collect resources and use your abilities to questthroughspace and slay slavering savages serving the schemingshogun! NinjaPrime: Tap Quest Features: Tap to Explore Space-Discover Galaxieswith unique game-altering mechanics! -Go onQuests to reclaimPlanets and earn resources! -Collect resourcesalong the way as youquest & upgrade new tap ninja skills!Battle Ninja Hordes -Face off against the Space Mercs, Cosmic CultNinja, and TechnocratAlliance! - Strategically select the best ta-skills for eachquest! - Battle the fearsome Dark Shogun to surviveand craft rareloot! Craft Ninja Gear - Collect resources to unlocknew tapabilities! - Collect items and use them carefully tomultiply yourpower at the perfect moments! Tap Ninja Action - Aunique genrefusion - play as much or as little as you like! - Yourninja keepscompleting quests without you! - Return to tap andcollect the lootand riches your hero collected while you were away!Lovers of retroRPG games and incrementals won’t be able to put downthis questfilled ninja epic. Go on an epic tap quest, explore spaceto battlemonsters, and defeat tough cosmic bosses. Master theCosmos inNinja Prime: Tap Quest! Enjoy it online or offline!
Clickbait - Tap to Fish
Tap to fish and get hooked on Clickbait: Tap to Fish, theidlefishing tycoon game of 2019! Upgrade your bait, capture rarefish,expand to new lakes and become an expert angler! This is anidlefishing game like you've never seen. Boat your way to biggerlakes,automate your fishing operation, unlock new perks, reelininvestments, and let a new generation of fishermen carryyourlegacy to conquer the biggest lakes! Clickbait: Tap toFishFeatures: Become an Idle Fish Tycoon -Discover & CatchRareFish! -Expand to new fishing lakes! -Upgrade yourequipment!Limited Time Events - Get Hooked on Limited Time Eventsto catchrare fish! - Strategically select the best idle skills foreachsituation! - Tap Fast to Catch the Most Fish! Catch Exotic Fish-Each lake has tons of exotic fish to catch! - Idle the dayawaycatching 100's of varieties of fish! Retire & Keep Idling -Aunique genre fusion - play as much or as little as you like! -Passyour fishing pole to the next generation for big bonuses! - Taptofish or let your nets do the work for you! Lovers of fishingandidle games will be hooked on this epic fishing adventure.EnjoyClickbait:Tap to Fish, the idle fishing tycoon game of 2019
Idle Well: Dig a Mine
Mine and dig your way down the well in Idle Well: Dig a Mine! Crafttools and resources to construct the tallest Tower! The better yourtower is, the deeper you can dig. Dig the deepest to win in thismining adventure RPG. This isn't your Mom's mine/dig/craft game(she didn't make it)! Set auto dig to mine automatically and gettons of resources while idle. Find and recruit NPCs to help youdig! Get a huge team of NPC miners in this RPG. Idle Well: Dig aMine Features: Idle Gameplay ● Tap to dig deeper! ● Tap to build acivilization! ● Mine to earn ore! Dig Up Upgrades ● Tons ofDifferent Buildings w/ Upgrades! ● Hire Generations of Miners IdleWell: Dig a Mine, hit the motherload today!
Rad Dude
Survive in the end times, craft wasteland weapons in thisuniqueIdle Survival RPG! Use skill points and prestige your wayacrossRad Dude: Doomsday Survival! This is a Survival idle gamewhere youcraft & tap to survive the end times. Tap to useskills andslay the cesium crusted criminals of cataclysmiccollpase. RadDude: Doomsday Survival Features: Idle WastelandSurvival - Idle& Absorb Radiation - Craft Companions like BLOODBOT IdleAction - Battle Cat Wizards to claim Radioactive ControlRods -Build a Balanced Party: Survival is key Craft Gear &Mutate -Defeat enemies, loot and to build weapons for survival -TriggerMutations into New Classes with Radiation! Master theWasteland inRad Dude: Doomsday Survival!
Idle Quest Heroes
Tap into an epic idle RPG adventure. Train your team to becometheheroes they can be and lead them in epic idle quests. Letthembattle through the Worlds of Elements: earth, fire, wind, waterandice and hordes of enemies. On this wonderful RPG journey,you'llcollect shards of Idle Power and shape them intolegendaryartifacts. Eventually, these artifacts will make yourheroes strongenough to battle and defeat the Bosses of the Worlds.Now, let thetapping begin! Game features: ★ Unlock and trainheroes, upgradetheir skills and create a truly heroic party ★Battle through 5different game worlds: Earth, fire, water, ice andtesla ★ Collectthe shards of the Elements of Idle Power and usethem to craftpowerful artifacts ★ Collect trinkets and equip yourheroes withtheir powers ★ Click yourself strong enough to beat thetoughbosses of 500+ levels ★ Earn Idle progress while offline ★Becomethe idle hero in this ultimate hero management game
Idle TD: Heroes vs Zombies 63
An endless swarm of evil zombies are invading from The Darkness… itis up to you to stop them! As commander of the Heroes of Light,you’ll defend what’s left of the world in Idle TD: Heroes vsZombies. This never-ending take on tower defense puts you in chargeof powerful Heroes trying to stop evil zombie invaders fromreaching The Light. Strategically place allies like Earth Surferfor extra-speedy attacks, or use Light Bringer for heavier damage.And if things get real dicey, just wipe the map clean with afirestorm spell! Eradicating zombies gives you upgrades to bolsterpower, speed, and other stats - and the more zombies youobliterate, the more Heroes you’ll unlock. Idle TD: Heroes vsZombies’s menagerie is filled with awesome heroes, like surferswith guns and fire blowing wizards. Discovering new heroes is partof the fun. Like any loyal pal, Idle TD: Heroes vs Zombies takescare of itself when you’re away. Come back in a few days to claimoffline progress and resources to power up your defenses. Thosezombies don’t sleep - but neither do your heroes. Features: -Unlock 40 unique heroes, all of which have different skill setsthat make tower synergy crucial to success. - Strategize by placingup to 10 heroes at a time. Determining the most effectivecombination of their skills will keep you entertained andspeculating for weeks! - Rotate through several different maps,each of which requires different strategies to defend mostefficiently. - Bi-weekly PvP tournaments give this casual game acompetitive edge. - Discover countless upgrades, research, spells,artifacts, technology, and more to level up with a variety ofdifferent resources. - Several rewarding mini-games such as ZombieSwarms, Grave Diggers, and Evil Scientists. - Offline progressrewards you even while the game is closed! - Complete tons of dailymissions and achievements. - Fantasy RPG-based world and classes. -Non-stop, endless gameplay! Idle TD: Heroes vs Zombies is a perfectblend of the Idle and Tower Defense genres. The game is endless andcan mostly play itself without much interaction. However, animmense amount of strategy is required to play efficiently andplace well against your peers on the leaderboards. Go on an epicnever-ending quest, explore a fantastic world, battle heroes andzombies, and defeat epic bosses in Idle TD: Heroes vs Zombies!
Idle Wasteland: RPG Survival 1.0.303
Crawl through rad radiation, fight mutants in the wasteland andcarve out a shelter in the fallout in this incremental Idle RPG!Use skills to prestige across Idle Wasteland: RPG Survival! This isan Incremental Idle RPG game like you’ve never seen. Tap to upgradeto survive the rad end of times. Tap to capture idle creatures,fight mutant hordes and build armor to withstand the radioactivefallout! Idle Wasteland: RPG Survival Features: IncrementalSurvival - Idle & dig up scrap - Craft rad gear to withstandthe fallout Idle Action - Battle against Mutant Mobs - Use yourAbilities Carefully: Survival is key Craft Gear - Mine scrap tobuild rad armor for survival - Collect items to craft new idleweapons - Craft components for epic loot to survive the falloutMaster the Rad Apocalypse in Idle Wasteland: RPG Survival!
Tap Tap Dig - Idle Clicker Game 2.1.1
If you enjoy clicker games, Tap Tap Dig is perfect for you! Tap TapDig is an incremental idle clicker game that lets you take controlof a miner and dig deep into the planet’s core! Just start clickingto mine. Bring along special mining helpers, collect coins,diamonds, and more! Upgrade your miner and helpers to increase yourDPS and reach uncharted depths. Digging for gold has never beenmore exciting! Tap to start, then upgrade your helpers and hirebenefactors to help you dig deeper, faster. Unlock a pirate helper,construction slime, a miniature black hole and more! Still notstrong enough? Collect fossils and trigger a Big Bang to boost yourdigging power even further! Download now and start digging for goldin one of the most addicting incremental idle clicker games! Howfar can you dig? TAP TAP DIG FEATURES Idle Clicker Gameplay ● Tap:Swing your pick-axe! ● Tap: Squish earthworms and earn diamonds! ●Dig: Earn coins and fossils! Incremental Upgrades ● Collect 12helpers to dig for you! ● Hire benefactors to unlock unique bonuses● Evolve your digging strategy! Unlock special mysteriousbenefactors to lend a helping hand, fin, or claw! Upgrade YourMiner ● Gold Miner: Unlock prospector skills and dig even faster ●Research stat bonuses and profit! ● Rewards to permanently upgradeyour prospector are everywhere! Idle Mining ● Earn coins even whenyou're not playing ● Bonus - enjoy cool bonuses from our unique adreward system ● Achievement system - show off to your friends! TapTap Dig is the perfect incremental clicker / idle game for fans ofendless fun. Tap the day away digging for gold, diamonds, fossils,and more! Bring along friends like Rocky the loyal dog, Mack “TheAnchor” pirate, and Jack Hammer the construction worker and getdigging today! Tap, Tap, Dig - can you dig it? Become a gold diggerin one of the newest free mining games and download now! Want moreinfo about Tap Tap Dig or want to know what else we're working on?Follow us on Twitter or Like us on
Tap Craft: Mine Survival Sim 1.1.10
Tap to craft and dig deep into Tap Craft: Mine Survival IdleSim,the idle crafting game of 2021! Build a bustling idle town, diguprare ore, expand to new islands and become a survival expert!Thisis an idle crafting game like you've never seen. Mine upraremetals, grow food to feed your thriving idle settlement, unlocknewbuildings, craft new items, and expand to new islands in TapCraft:Mine Survival Idle Sim! Tap Craft: Mine Survival Idle SimFeatures:Become an Idle Survival Expert - Dig & Mine Rare Ore!- Expandto new islands! - Upgrade your idle settlement! Craft YourTown -Craft Tools to Dig Out a Civ! - Idle and Watch Your TownThrive! -Use Tools to Construct Buildings to Craft Further! MineRare Metals- Dig into the earth to unearth treasures! - Multipletypes of oreto dig! Retire & Keep Idling - A unique genrefusion - play asmuch or as little as you like! - Harvest Resourcesor let your towndo it for you! Lovers of crafting and mining gameswill be hookedon this epic survival adventure. Enjoy Tap Craft:Mine SurvivalSim, the idle mining game of 2021!
Tap Tap Dig 2: Idle Mine Sim 0.5.4
Have you ever wanted to dig to the core of a planet with crazydiggers including a T-Rex, a zombie, and a unicorn? Tap Tap Dig 2:Idle Mine Sim is an idle game that lets you take control ofProspector Pete Jr. and mine the core of several planets. Collectmoney, diamonds, warp cubes, and craft items! Spend money toupgrade Pete Jr. and mine the planet cores. Collect fossils andtrigger a Big Bang to super-charge your dig! Spend fossils to hireidle benefactors for big money. Craft items to give yourself a realedge. TAP TAP DIG 2: IDLE MINE SIM FEATURES Idle Mining Gameplay ●Tap to mine! ● Tap to destroy obsidian & earn fossils! ● Dig toreach the core! Upgrades ● Hire 12 miners to mine for you! ● Unlockbenefactors to earn special money bonuses ● Spend tokens to upgradeentire planets! Craft ● Collect items to dig faster ● Craft betteritems for bonuses! ● Recruit more crafters and make all the items!Rewards ● Crack open geodes for special mine rewards ● Completetasks and earn diamonds ● Mine for chests and collect bonus itemsTap, Tap, Dig 2: IDLE MINE SIM – you can dig it! Want more infoabout Tap Tap Dig 2: Idle Mine Sim or want to know what else we'reworking on?
Idle Monster Frontier - team rpg collecting game 2.2.0
Collect monsters and combine them to become the epic heroes of thefrontier in this idle RPG. Long ago, the Old Gods, heroes of aforgotten era, united their tribes to purge The Darkness from themonster world. Now, The Darkness has returned, and the Old Gods areblind to the threat. It's up to you to collect monsters from everytribe, and combine them to save the world from endless darkness inthis idle rpg. If you're looking for a monster collecting gamecombined with an idle rpg game, look no further. MONSTERS AS HEROESBuild a team of heroes by collecting monsters. There are over 150,and more to see. Merge monsters to double their power to prevail inmonster battle. MERGE MONSTERS TO LEVEL UP Unlock monster fusion tomerge monsters into legendary heroes. Combine monsters to unlockextra slots for skilling. SKILLING YOUR MONSTERS Each monster hasup to 6 skill slots, depending on their rarity. Epic monsters andLegendary monsters have more skill slots. Skilling is just asimportant as leveling. IDLE CLICKER GAMES MECHANICS With generousoffline progress and offline earnings, your monster heroes neversleep. You can even capture monsters offline! Sit back and watchthe idle action game unfold while your legendary heroes clash inthis auto RPG. Prestige to the next level when you're ready formore epic monster collecting. AN ENDLESS FRONTIER TO EXPLORE Theidle adventure never ends. With incremental mechanics and nodamage, distance, or level caps, this endless auto idle rpg game isnot your average monster collecting game. Monsters adventurethrough the frontier and win monster battles to collect monstersand gold to bring back to your base. Discover new areas andstrategies. AUTO RPG WITH POTIONS AND SPELLS Adventures alwaysstart at your home base. Command your monster team to explore thefrontier, then sit back while auto rpg mechanics take control ofthe monster battles. You can use potions and spells to help yourmonster team battle. HOME BASE BUILDING Level up your home base tounlock potions and spells. New options for skilling and leveling upunlock as you reach new distances and buy buildings. Exploremonster fusion in the Secret Lab, and participate in monstersacrifice at the Altar for permanent boosts. DEFEAT EPIC BOSSES ANDCLIMB THE TOWER After you prestige, your monster team can enter theTower to battle legendary heroes and epic monsters. Defeat everymonster team in battle to climb the tower. Collect gems and monsterrewards for every victory. Idle Monster Frontier Heroes Discord:
Idle Zombie Superhero 1.0
Survive in the zombie apocalypse and recruit super heroes inthisunique Idle Survival RPG! Use special attacks and prestige inIdleZombie Superhero! This is a Survival idle game where yourecruit& tap to survive the hordes of zombies &supervillains. Tapto use skills and slay the criminal cadavers ofmonstrousmiscreants! Idle Zombie Superhero Features: Idle ZombieSurvival -Idle & Defeat Waves of Zombies - Recruit Super HeroesandVillains! -Over 8 unique Zombie Punching Playable Characters!IdleAction - Battle Monsters, Zombies and Super Villains - BuildaBalanced Party: Survival is key Upgrade Your Heroes &CollectCostumes - Defeat enemies and Unlock Powerful Combo Skills-Recruit and train new party members Fight to Survive in IdleZombieSuperhero!
Idle Zombie Shelter: Build and Battle
Idle Zombie Shelter is an idle game where you fight against wavesofzombies to get gold and resources. Use resources to buildandupgrade your own shelter. The bigger your shelter becomes, themoresurvivors will come and give you useful items and resources.Useall your collected resources and upgrade your weapons, hirenewsoldiers and get to the top in the multiplayer rankings.IDLEZOMBIE SHELTER FEATURES ● Defeat large numbers of zombies!●Collect gold and resources! ● Build your shelter! ● Upgradeyourweapons! ● Hire new soldiers! ● A comprehensive skill systemwithmany different options! ● Compete with other players intheranking! Idle Zombie Shelter - defeat zombies and build yourownshelter!
Idle Grindia: Dungeon Quest
Idle Grindia: Dungeon Quest is an epic Idle RPG game. Youtakecontrol of a lone hero that takes on the challenge of craftingthemost powerful weapons and defeating menacing bosses. IDLEGRINDIADUNGEON QUEST FEATURES Fight Enemies ● Equip items toincrease yourpower! ● Level up and use skills for powerful attacks!● Tap tohelp your hero! Craft ● Craft new weapons! ● Enhance andAwakenequipment for more power! ● Unlock new weapons and armorsbybeating bosses! Pets ● Tame tens of pets that fight with you!●Each pet gives unique bonuses! ● Grow your collection of pets!RPGGameplay ● Craft and Upgrade weapons! ● Defeat enemies! ●DiscoverDungeons and Bosses! ● Catch and train new Pets!