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Slime Defense - Idle Tower Defense 1.6.3
In Slime Defense Heroes, discover a fantastical world ofthousandsof slimes! Stop evil slimes from raiding your keep! Erecttowersand defend your remaining stockpiles at all costs! In thistowerdefense game, you must defeat slimes to earn resources,upgradetowers, earn runes to unlock powers and assign peasants toyourtower defense. Customize your towers and place them instrategicpositions to defend against an endless swarm of viciousslimes!Your main goal is tower defense; use your heroes to stop theslimesfrom reaching the treasure. Slime Defense Heroes FeaturesEpicTower Defense: - Fend off a Slime Horde and Epic Bosses -UpgradeYour Towers with Runes and Peasants - Defeat Thousands ofSlimes TDGameplay - Build Poison, Fire, Ice & Lightning Towersto pushback hordes of Slimes - Upgrade and Combine Runes tocustomize yourtowers Upgrade Your Castle - Use Peasants to repairyour castle -Grow and assign Peasants to man your towers Masteryour towerdefense art in Slime Defense Heroes!
Idle Sword 2: Incremental Dung 0.99
Click & Tap in this SUPER TOUGH Dungeon Crawler RPG! Over200,000 Installs!
Swarm Simulator: Evolution 1.7.16
What is this? A game for ants?!? Hatch a quintillion bugs. Conquerthe UNIVERSE!
Idle Mine RPG
Mine Ore, Idle As Your Dwarfs Work & Craft Upgrades in IdleMine RPG!
Rocket Valley Tycoon - Idle Resource Manager Game
Incremental Resource Management & Retro Style Game! Tap &Click to Build Rockets
Holyday City Tycoon: Idle Reso 5.4
Be a business tycoon! Town builder idle game of resource management& investment
Dungeoning: Idle Dungeon Crawler
Create a party of heroes, dungeon crawl & loot in anincrementalRPG. Tap your heroes through caves, level up in thedungeon andcollect powerful RPG upgrades. See if your heroes cansurviveDungeoning: Idle Dungeon Crawler, an epic incrementaldungeoncrawler. This dungeon crawler will goad you into gargantuancaves ofghastly ghouls. You’ll have to crawl, upgrade equipment&incremental skills to crawl deeper into dungeons & cavespackedwith loot. Level up idle heroes to find treasure in a pixeldungeon,making sure your heroes have enough gear, health and itemstosurvive a dungeon disaster. Dungeoning: Idle DungeonCrawlerFeatures: Crawl Through Dungeons - Caves & Dungeons packthelandscape. - Each pixel dungeon is packed with elite monsters.-Engage in incremental boss battles! - Explore Dungeons in anepiccave crawler! Battle Monsters - Battle monsters to collectrareloot & enchants! - Reach the final cave and defeatfearsomefoes! Collect Resources: Build Your Party! - The Caves&Dungeons are packed with collectibles! Collect them all! -Investto Upgrade Your Heroes! - Find hidden loot and customizeyourheroes with the epic gear. Incremental Action - Play as much oraslittle as you like! - Your heroes keep leveling up even whenyouare offline - Return to collect the loot and riches yourheroescollected while you were away! Lovers of dungeon crawlersandincremental RPGs won’t be able to put down this idle cavecrawlinggame. Go on an epic quest, explore dungeons to battlemonsters anddefeat the tough dungeon bosses in Dungeoning: IdleDungeonCrawler!
Idle Pocket Crafter: Mine Rush 1.0.431
Tap to dig gold, craft, trade and make money in this freeincremental idle game.
Epic Monster TD - RPG Tower De 108
Command a team of elemental monsters in Epic Monster TD - RPG TowerDefense!
Tower Defense Heroes 71
Defend Your Tower against orcs and monster in Tower Defense Heroes
Space Captain: Galaxy Shooter 2.5.6
If you like space shooter games, Space Captain: Galaxy Shooterisfor you! Space Captain: Galaxy Shooter is an shooter game thatletsyou captain an attack ship and shoot your way through thegalaxy!Start tapping to blow your enemies out of the sky. Buildattackdrones, collect resources, customize your pilot, assignskillpoints, and explore space! Download now and start navigatingthegalaxy! Space Captain: Galaxy Shooter FEATURES Shmup Gameplay ●Letyour missiles fire and droids and fighter shoot assist you! ●Tapto shoot and earn currency! ● Upgrade Your Captain: Earncurrencyand find fighters for your Fleet! Space Shooter Upgrades ●Shootacross space! ● Captain new fighters to improve your shooting!●Evolve your strategy! Unlock special fighters to retake thegalaxy!Upgrade Your Ship ● Position Your Ship: Catch Powerups toupgradeyour ship & fighters! ● Research special incrementalabilities!Massive upgrade tree! ● Rewards to permanently upgradeyour shipare everywhere! Space Captain: Galaxy Shooter is theperfect spacegame for fans of shmup fun. Fly through the cosmos asyour captainretakes the universe!
Idle Hero Defense - Fantasy De 49
Defend the base in this idle fantasy game of heroes, orcs, piratesand strategy!
Idle Plague
Spread the plague in this idle microbe adventure!
Clicker Knight: Incremental Id 28
Loot Filled Idle RPG! Tap Craft Loot to become an IncrementalClicker Knight!
Clickbait - Tap to Fish
Tap to fish and get hooked on Clickbait: Tap to Fish, the idletycoon game!
Idle Well: Dig a Mine 1.3.4
Build , Craft and Dig a Mine in Idle Well!
Rad Dude 0.820
Carve Your Survival from the Irradiated Husk of an ApocalypticWorld.
Idle Quest Heroes
Tap into an epic idle RPG adventure. Train your team to becometheheroes they can be and lead them in epic idle quests. Letthembattle through the Worlds of Elements: earth, fire, wind, waterandice and hordes of enemies. On this wonderful RPG journey,you'llcollect shards of Idle Power and shape them intolegendaryartifacts. Eventually, these artifacts will make yourheroes strongenough to battle and defeat the Bosses of the Worlds.Now, let thetapping begin! Game features: ★ Unlock and trainheroes, upgradetheir skills and create a truly heroic party ★Battle through 5different game worlds: Earth, fire, water, ice andtesla ★ Collectthe shards of the Elements of Idle Power and usethem to craftpowerful artifacts ★ Collect trinkets and equip yourheroes withtheir powers ★ Click yourself strong enough to beat thetoughbosses of 500+ levels ★ Earn Idle progress while offline ★Becomethe idle hero in this ultimate hero management game
Idle TD: Heroes vs Zombies 63
Command a squad of heroes to slay an endless swarm of evil zombies!
Idle Atomic: RPG Survival 1.0.303
Crawl towards survival in the wasteland in this Idle RPG!
Tap Tap Dig: Idle Clicker Game 2.1.8
Tap to dig with your pick axe! Mine riches in a fun idle clickertapping game!
Tap Tap Dig 2: Idle Mine Sim 0.6.0
Tap to dig for gold with your pick axe! Get rich in a fun idle minesim game!
Idle Monster Frontier - team r 2.3.0
Catch and train monster heroes in this idle rpg. Collect, combine,conquer!
Idle Zombie Superhero 1.0
Superheroes must save the world from hordes of zombies!
Idle Zombies: Build and Battle
Idle Zombie Shelter - defeat zombies and build your own shelter!
Idle Grindia: Dungeon Quest 0.4.003
Defeat enemies, craft powerful items and collect pets in this epicIdle RPG game
Idle Money Ball: Cash Smash 0.1.9
Play Idle Money Ball and let the balls smash pegs and earn coins!