⚫ Infinity Orbit 1.2
Simple but Addictive, fast-paced arcade game! Tap on screen to jumpon higher orbits. Avoid obstacles, catch powerups and don't let thegravity pull you in.
Equilibrium: Light Circle 1.43
Features: Calm game: Space games aren’t very relaxing, butEquilibrium is as calm as taking vacations on the moon. Itsuniversal rules and minimalist design will let your ideas flow andyou will think faster than a meteor! Universal odyssey: Get intoorbit to save the Earth from oblivion! You must alight the auroraand extinguish the dark nebula to circle the planet with light andsolve the enigma. Then you can return home! King of space games:Going from Mars to Jupiter, Equilibrium is a dystopian odysseywhere you need to be bright as a comet and fast as a meteor. Youare the alien: Alien adventure mode across 200 levels and 20immersive galaxies. Once you master it, you cannot stop playing.Return home: Usually the sci-fi stories are about space missions,Jupiter ascensions or alien attacks. Equilibrium is all aboutalight mystic shapes and create symmetries as fast as you can! Freeto play: Equilibrium is available in every planet and is 100% free!Draw minimalist lines to reflect the shapes and alight thesymmetry! Equilibrium: Light Circle is the drawing game where youneed to create a light flow by reflecting the aurora with a singleline. Fast as a comet and furious as a meteor, you will get intoorbit – from Mars to Jupiter – until you illuminate the wholeuniverse and return home. Can you save the planet from a darknebula? Symmetry after symmetry, Equilibrium is different from allthe other space games. This calm drawing game merges the universaland simple features of the relaxing brain-teasers with a spaceenigma. Its minimalist design and mesmerizing soundtrack willconquer your attention! There is a colossal dark nebula coveringthe planet Earth and the absence of light is destroying theuniverse. All you need to do is draw a light circle around theplanet, illuminate the universe and return home fast! Have you wentto the moon? Did you visit Mars or Jupiter? Accept the challengeand solve the enigma! Equilibrium: Light Circle is your chance toflow free into orbit and discover the mysteries of the universe.Even astronauts will be jealous of this universal odyssey! Startdrawing as fast as a comet, create calming symmetries andilluminate the aurora. Circle by circle, you need to keep calm andalight the nebula causing this dark equinox. Bright as the moon,each symmetry will provide more and more light to the universe,helping you to return home. Are you ready to this space adventure?Let the enigma begin! Free of the space games clichés, Equilibrium:Light Circle is the fusion between a minimalist flow free game anda space mission. On this calm game you don’t need to think fast norhave special training to get into orbit across Mars, Jupiter or themoon. Safe from any meteor or comet, feel free to illuminate theaurora anywhere, anytime with anyone from your circle! Based onuniversal rules, the equinox game stands out from other space gamesthat talk about Mars, a meteor or an alien. Reminiscent of the flowfree games, Equilibrium creates the perfect balance between a moonadventure and a minimalist brain enigma. Perfect to relax, you canplay it on the bus, during your lunch break or at home. Just alightthe aurora and illuminate the dark nebula! Ready to ride a comet onthe most relaxing of space games? When you are into orbit, youbecome the alien!
∞ Infinity SLICE
What if... we could have a Minimalistic Puzzle Game where youjustslice to score? This is "∞ Infinity Slice", a cool puzzle gamethatyou can actually play eternally! A puzzle game when in practiceyouhave the possibility to reach an infinite score - As long asyoukeep slicing and slicing and slicing. The rules are simply:Slice,obey to the rules of physics and don't cross any of theobjects.This is how Infinity Slice works. A minimalistic gameplayisprovided with one object and you need to slice without crossingtheobject and by making sure that it stays in the highlightedarea.More objects will show up. The more objects you are able toput inthat area, the higher will be your score. We have also madethegame compatible with Google Wear, so that you can slice withyourSmart Watch infinitely. If you are looking for a stressrelievinggame, then Infinity Slice is the game you will want toplay. How toPlay ∞ Infinity Slice? Jut Slice. You'll figure how toplay bycontinuously slicing. How many levels can I play? There arenolevels. But the more you slice, the higher score you can reach.Howcan I save my game progress? • The game will connectautomaticallywith Google Play Games; • You can verify your scoreand progress onthe Leaderboard Icon from the main screen; If youface any issuesreach us by e-mail at [email protected] Do Ineed to payanything to play Infinity Slice? No. The game is 100%free. Thereis no need to pay anything for the game. You may opt tobuy gemsand use them for power-ups, though. Do you like our work?Connectbelow: • Like: •Follow: •Visit: Concept, development, designandcopyrights: Infinity Games
SudoBlocks 1.5.1
SudoBlocks provides a genius twist on Block Games with the input ofthe Sudoku Mechanics and new strategic features. This is what youget: -Make 3x3 squares OR complete lines to keep the board clean;-Know which tile is coming next so you can better develop your gamestrategy; -Night Mode and several other templates; -Undo - Did youplace a tile in the wrong place? Tap "Undo" and do it again;-Destroy - Is a block messing with your board? Tap to Destroy it;-Rotate - Rotate clockwise one of the three tiles to be used; -Swap- Change one of the 3 tiles you were offered; With a clean andclassic black and white layout, you can feel you are playing thegame as if it was in a paper journal. We have transformed a commongame genre, block games, and added the cleanliness and minimalismyou are used with Infinity Games. SudoBlocks is a tile-matchinggame that provides 3 games modes: 1. Standard - The game mode youare used on any block game but with power-ups and strategicmechanics as mentioned above. 2. Timed - You have a specific timeto score as many points as possible. Combos can increase youravailable time. 3. Relaxing mode - We know you are used to relaxingwith Infinity Games, so we couldn't forget an endless, relaxingmode. Make sure you try this mode. SudoBlocks offers a fantasticblock game + sudoku experience, powered with minimalism, strategy,relaxation and brain food. Play and compete with your friends bychecking your score against theirs on the Leaderboards.
Wood SudoBlocks 3D - A Better Classic Wood Puzzle 2
Wood SudoBlocks 3D is a free classic block puzzle game in wood.It'sa variation from our minimalist game: SudoBlocks. You willplay in a9x9 board and your aim is to fit blocks of differentformats in thegrid. The game follows the classic wood format ofblock games butwith additional tweaks from the Infinity Gamesteam. Welcome to thenew way of playing block games! WoodSudoBlocks is a 3D wood puzzlegame with a single player mode. Itcan also be played offline. Youmay also compete with your friendsusing our leaderboard feature.Make sure you score as high as youcan by destroying as many WoodBlocks as possible. Find 8 templatesto place the wood and also usethe dark mode when you want. Thereare other variations, like Neon,Gold, Metal, or Marble, if youdon't like wood. We'll add many morewood themes and variations inthe coming future. How to Play WoodSudoBlocks 3D Puzzle Game? ✓First, drag and drop the blocks in the9x9 grid; ✓ Then, fill arow, a column or a 3x3 square to eliminatethe blocks; ✓ Make sureyou always have room to add blocks; ✓ Thegame will end if thereisn't any space to add new pieces; But, youhave several power-ups:✓ Undo Power-up. If you've placed a woodblock wrongly, just undo;✓ Switch Pieces. If a wood piece isn't theone that will help you,just switch it; ✓ Rotate Wood blocks. Youcan also rotate the blockto make it fit where you want; ✓ Kill. Youcan kill a specificblock that is messing with your wood puzzlegame. It's worth tonotice that you may play this classical woodblocks game in 3different modes: ✓ Standard as described above; ✓Timed Mode with atime limit to place the wood; ✓ Relaxing whereblocks never end! Ifyou like this classical approach to woodblocks, make sure youfollow us at: Instagram: @8infinitygamesFacebook:
BRAIN FEVER: Maths Challenge 1.7
Mental arithmetic… Some of us love it. Many of us would give a legaway to not deal with it again. Brain Fever is the puzzle gamewhere add, subtract, multiply and divide is fun. Clock will beticking and your goal is to quickly reach the presented numberusing as many numbers as possible. The score depends on thecalculation size: the more numbers you use, higher the score willbe! Logic and creativity walk side by side here – every time,everywhere –, exercising and teasing both sides of your brain! Yourmath teacher will believe you are suffering a kind of a geniusmutation after experiencing the way you easily solve all thearithmetic calculations. We promise you lots of fun, improved mathskills and concentration power! We demand intelligence! Be careful!Some of our levels may cause you a BRAIN FEVER! Do you like ourwork? Connect below: • Listen to our stories: • Learn more about us: • Show us your love: • Follow our steps:
Package Inc. Lite 1.08
Package Inc. is an inspiring delivery simulator, created by thesamedevelopers of Traffix and Railways. This is a lite version,whereyou can try Package Inc. for free. If you like this game,check outthe full version for new levels, surprising features, andnewchallenges. Both versions are available without ads. PackageInc. isa beautiful game about designing a delivery system for agrowingcity. Build a connection between different hubs and feedmultipledestinations, like factories, police stations, cafes,libraries,boutiques, salons, hotels, pizzerias, pet shops, orschools. As newhubs are active and there is an increase in demand,you can redesignbuildings’ position to keep your delivery processas smooth andefficient as possible. Speed and storage capacity arealso essentialto keep the delivery network running withoutinconveniences. Howlong can you keep the orders moving? Features:• Gracefullyminimalist and beautiful visual design; • Learnmanagement stuff ina never-ending fun way; • Original soundtrackand immersiveexperience (headphones are a must!); • Multiple goalsto achieve inreal-world cities; • Several upgrades (some hidden)to improve yournetwork; • Variety of moods: from extremelyrelaxing to superthrilling; • Expand from a small town to a bigcity. Package Inc.has an evocative visual design and shares thesame minimalistfeatures of Infinity Games' previous titles. Thegame starts at avery relaxing pace but rapidly turns into athrilling experience.Every game is unique because the growth israndom in each city. Yoursuccess is highly dependent on thequality and speed of yourdecisions. Goals: • Deliver as manypackages as you can; • Operatefor many days; • Add multipledestinations; • Speed up deliverytimes; • Increase storagecapacity. Infinity Games aims to providethe best game experiencewithin its titles. We love showcasing newminimalist puzzle gamesand making people think while relaxing. Doyou like our work?Connect below: Facebook:
Laser Overload 2: Power Joy
Power up the energy grid! Solve relaxing puzzles to build the cityof light
Bullet Overload 1.2
Bullet Overload is the newest puzzle from makers of Laser Overloadand Laser Overload 2. The goal is to set all the elements of thepuzzle to point the guns at the bad guys and eliminate all of them!How to play> The gameplay is very simple yet entertaining. Tapon elements to rotate them. When the puzzle is completed the"Shoot" button will blink. Tap on it to fire the bullet! If you'restuck you can always get a hint. Gather cash to unlock differentguns. Change your appearance the way you like best! Features: ▲Free- The game is completely free. You don't have to pay anything toplay this puzzle game. ▲Offline - You don't need internetconnection to play Bullet Overload. You can play this puzzleshooter even on the air plane! ▲A lot of mechanics - As youprogress through the game a lot of new different mechanics appear.Explosive barrels and teleports are only few of them, but they are▲A lot of guns - Try out different weapons, but be aware thatbazooka really kicks. Contact Send us your suggestions and feedbackas we are always looking to add new special levels and features:[email protected]