Infinity Games, Lda Apps

Square Paint 1.6.6
A logic game that is also relaxing. Fill the area with squares
What, The Fox 2.1.0
Not another adventure game
Traffix 3D - Traffic Simulator 5.4.4
Manage traffic and avoid accidents. Collect special cars whiledoing it.
Eureka - Brain Training 2.5.2
Enjoy more than 50 mini-games and hours of brain-boosting fun
One Line - One Touch Puzzle 2.6.1
Test your Brain and check your IQ Score with the ONE LINE Puzzlegame.
Zen Squares: Flat Rubik's Cube 1.7.6
Connect the squares by color in a Rubik's Cube inspired puzzle.
2048 Shapes 1.7.2
Merge and Match Shapes like in 2048, but better.
Fireballz 1.3.7
A War of Ice and Fire
Decipher: Brain Test 2.2.0
Test your Brain and logic skills in a minimalist game
Hex - Anxiety Relief and Relax
Relaxing with simple levels, stress and anxiety relief, and apeaceful game.
Traffix: Traffic Simulator 7.91
Control the traffic flow. Decide when the cars can pass and avoidcrashes
Package Inc - Cargo Simulator 3.0.5
Simulate a Cargo Delivery & Distribution System
Railways - Train Simulator 2.4.4
Manage all railways in this immersive train simulator game
Laser Overload: Electric Touch 1.13.9
Touch electricity as you connect laser lines in a grid puzzle game.
Energy: Anti-Stress Loop
It's the perfect game to relax and challenge you. Anti-stress andcalm, enjoy.
Laser Quest 2.6.1
Use magic lasers to illuminate the sacred gems in beautifulminimalist worlds.
Harmony: Relaxing Music Puzzle 4.6.0
Calm your soul with relaxing sounds. Use the line to reflect themusic notes
Maze: Puzzle and Relaxing Game 4.5.0
Relax with endless journeys and challenges in a multi-labyrinthgame.
Destination - Focus Training 1.1120
Destination trains your focus. Strengthen your mind by solving 100+levels.
Spider Solitaire Plus 1.8.16
Classic Spider Solitaire. Play an immersive cards game
Connection - Stress Relief
Relax, Connect & Reduce your Stress.
Wood Blocks 3D 4.7.7
Improve your logic with infinite hours of fun with this minimalistblock puzzle
Sudoku Plus 1.3.6
Sudoku classic puzzles. Challenge your brain and test your logicskills!
Shapes: Anti Stress Therapy
A mind relaxation game merging music, art and minimalism
Solitaire Plus 1.9.18
Relaxing, fun, and classic Solitaire card game. Can you pass allchallenges
Pipes - Anti Stress Plumbing 1.6.8
Connecting the pipes and cultivating relaxation in a uniqueplumbing game.
PuzzleTwist: AntiStress Jigsaw 2.4.5
Twist it, Snap it, Show it! Till you see it! Do not stop!
Power On: Energy Flow 1.7.1
Correctly direct the flow of energy and turn on the lights
Swipe: Satisfying Clicks 1.1.1
Slide your finger to feel the ASMR provoked by the clicking sounds& vibration
Fluffy Run 0.66
A relaxing race game with an endless track and minimalist music.
Linea: An Innerlight Game 1.2.3
Enjoy this beautiful puzzle game and discover each character'sunique story!
Furzies: Mergedoku 0.0.24
Beautiful furzies block doku puzzle. You’ll like our puzzlechallenge.
Pack & Match 3D
Cuddle Up with Puzzles: Cozy Matching Delight!