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Erich Sann: Scary academy
The evil game erich sann will defeat you!
Smiling-X: Horror & Scary game
Can you beat up The Boss ? An horror game with weird people tryingto catch you
Smiling-X 2 Counterattack! 1.8.7
The time has come to defeat the evil corporation and help thecorporation to organize and to defeat them. Go through differentareas and reestablish control of the supplies by defeating theterrifying threat in each of them Fear cannot defeat you, face itwithout fear and solve each of the mysteries that you will face.Each area that you must explore will be totally different, withwonderful landscapes and excellent graphics where you will have tocontrol a different type of resource. Download the new fun of ourfamous scary game now and enjoy the following features: .-Different enemies in each location .- Personalized jumpscares atall times .- Fun puzzles to solve to reset each station .- Hiddenareas to discover and funny creepy moments .- Hide anywhere andavoid being caught You are recommended to play with headphones andenjoy our immersive atmosphere. If you like horror games, Smilingwill be your next favourite game!
Smiling-X Zero: Haunted Hotel
Discover the secrets of the hotel. Few have ever solved the enigma
Terror and Survival: NG Story
Travel to the underworld in a nightmarish story wrapped in terrorand fantasy.
Scary Doll:Horror in the wood 1.4.3
Try to rescue your daughter and solve all the puzzles that willlead you to her. The evil is inside Emily and you must be brave andhelp they. Embark on a great adventure of action and suspense in alost house in a forest and find out what happened. An scary gamewith an evil doll in a funny adventure where you must break thecurse. Discover the story about stepmother Emily when began. Youwill be able to explore the exteriors of this cursed forest beingcareful not to fall into that enigmatic sinister well. Find out howto enter the barn without falling into the clutches of evil anddon't be afraid of what you might find inside, you will need toolsto keep moving forward. Some features: - Dinamyc hint system, youcan get a missed item by a videoreward - Fun puzzles: solve funpuzzles in order to advance in the story and discover the secret -Different locations to explore in a dramatic and terrifyingenvironment. - New enemy: You never thought such a small enemycould be so dangerous! - Narrative cinematics: Discover importantmoments and how past actions led to this whole mess! - Originalsoundtrack: Immerse yourself in the dark forest with immersivemusic and unique character voices. - Help system: If you get lost,you can use a help system with information about each step andobject needed to continue advancing. - Different difficulties: Playat your own pace and explore safely in ghost mode. - A terrifyinglyfun game suitable for everyone! If you want to enjoy an experienceof fantasy, terror and fun, play "Scary Doll" now. Action andscares are guaranteed in this scary game. It is recommended to playwith headphones for a better experience in this horror game.
The curse of stepmother Emily 1.3.5
In a gloomy log cabin in a dark and distant forest, my memorieswere locked up where I would never want to return in any horrorgame. After that battle with Bo-Peep in the toy world, many thingshappened and very strange things happened while trying to rescueSanta and my father, many scary stories, terrifying fights,unexpected scares.... but it all happened! Enjoy the new stepmotherEmily game and complete all the achievements. Say hello to yourneighbor and complete all funny pranks! A long time passed and youknow that you could not turn the page without knowing what happenedto that wicked stepmother who tormented you in your childhood. Whydid she always treat you so badly? What was the reason that Emilythe stepmother was always angry? What happened after thedestruction of the strange totems? maybe there was a totem missingthat we couldn't see? I think I'll go back to that cursed cabin inthe woods and find out what strange spirits are clouding this poorwoman's soul. Emily, it is time to pay you a visit. If you havecomments and suggestions, do not hesitate to write to us [email protected] Chapter II coming on next release!
Cursed Emily:great horror game 1.8.2
Your girlfriend Emily went a few days ago with her friend Claire tothe cabin in the woods for a vacation. She and her friend found anold Ouija board in the cabin, so they started playing with it, anddiscovered the horror that was haunting them! .... We can't tellyou more, you have to go find out what's going on with this horrorgame! If you like horror games with some puzzles to complete, findout how to break Emily's curse and rescue your girlfriend safe andsound. Features: - You can play this scary arcade game offline. -Stunning 3D graphics - Find the pieces and make a weapon to protectyourself. - Plenty of places to hide from this demon - Rescue yourgirlfriend from the scary evil monster. - Intense gameplayexperience and atmosphere If you like scary games this isdefinitely your best horror game, with a creepy jumpscare thatwhile you have the anxiety of a good escape room action game. Note:It is recommended to play with headphones on. Can be playedoffline. This horror game is not recommended for children.IndieFist games await your comments and suggestions!