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Blend Machine 1.1
Blend your friends faces and get unimaginableand funny results! Lots of fun with friends!You can mix your face with pictures of movie and pop stars orcelebrities and check how well (or bad) your face gets when blendedwith Brad Pitt's, Angelina Jolie, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber orJustin Timberlake faces.What about mixing your face with dogs, cats and even zombies!Dogify, catify and zombify yourself right now!It's a very cool app! It is a free app. It's amazing and a funnyway to merge two faces on your device. A lot of entertainment righton your phone.You can load photos from the photo gallery or take picturesusing the phone camera. The app allows you to adjust the picturesby moving your fingers or pinch zooming in and out.After blending pictures you can also save or share them onFacebook, Twitter and email.It is free! Get it and start blending faces and having fun rightnow! It's a great time killer and funny photo app!
Mob Stock - Market Watcher 2.5
A simple, intuitive and easy way to track yourstocks right on your smartphone or tablet. Designed with simplicityin mind, Mob Stock presents a clean and beautiful UI to help you totrack your investments in the stock market.Mob Stock currently supports the markets in the US (Dow Jones,S&P500), England, Brazil (Ibovespa), Germany (DAX), Canada(Toronto S&P/TSX), France (CAC40) and Australia (ASX 200). Morecountries to be added soon.You can track the stocks from the major indexes in theworld.You can add and remove your stocks and track them in a dedicatedscreen.You can check the top and worst performing stocks in a day.You can read market related news from some of the major newsagencies (RSS).You can check stock charts.If you are looking for technical analysis, candlestick charts,moving averages and so on, this app is not for you (yet!). But ifyou want a clean way to check your portfolio, you have just foundyour stock quotes app!Mob Stock is optimized for tablets. If you have a 7" or 10"tablet, this app has been designed to get most of the extra screensize.The market is chosen according to the phone languageconfiguration.This app also allows you to add widgets on the smartphone homescreen. You can add as many widgets as you want.All intraday quotes at Mob Stock are 15 minutes delayed.
Age Wizard - How Old Do I Look 1.1
How old do you look? Do you look younger foryour true age? Time to find out!Age Wizard can tell you! Based on alien-like face recognitiontechnology, this app compares your face against million others in afew seconds and tells you how old you look, your true age! Use itand check the age of your friends and find if they look older thantheir real age.Age Wizard - How Old Do I Look allows you to take a picture withyour camera or use the ones you already have in your phone.Age Wizard - How Old Do I Look allows you share the results onFacebook, Twitter and many other social apps.The age guesses are guaranteed to make you laugh.Try Age Wizard - How Old Do I Look now!Internet is required in order to Age Wizard to upload thepicture to be analyzed.Age Wizard, How old do I look, How old are you, true age, checkyour age
Tower Crush - Free Strategy Games 1.1.45
Tower Crush is an epic indie game where you build 1 tower, up to 6floors, load them with weapons, upgrade, evolve and defeat youropponents in fantastic battles. A combination of action andstrategy! Don't fear, you’ll collect Machine Guns, Cannons, FlameGuns, Bomb Launchers, Shockwaves, Rocket Launchers, Lasers, Teslas,Ice Cannons and Mighty Plasma Cannons to help defend your tower.Unleash the most devastating special powers upon your enemies inthis Combat Game. If you like tower defense games and shootinggames, you will love Tower Crush. You can also play the PVP (Playervs Player) mode in this real-time multiplayer game. Fierce TowerWarlords, time to fight! Build your tower, arm yourself and crushyour enemies! For honor and glory! FEATURES • Free to Play!! •Build a reputation for brilliant strategy & ruthless energy •Wield blazing weaponry • Construct the ultimate tower in this greattower defence game! • Up to 6 tower floors • 10 insane weapons ofdestruction • 8 brave heroes to combat your opponents (Warrior,Paladin, Undead, Orc, Viking, Wizard, Fire Elemental and a StoneGolem). • 280 levels in the campaign mode • 7 special powers (Ice,Shield, Healing, Rain of Fire, Thunder Storm, Tornado and Poison) •Ad-free play with any in-app purchase • Unlimited battles & fun• Online 2 Player game (PvP Game) is now available
Spooky Wars - Castle Defense 01.03.04
Spooky Wars is a game mixing tower defense (TD) and strategymechanics with action elements. Your objective is to lead your armyof spooky legends to victory. You build a deck, assemble yourtroops and build your castle to crush your enemies. Save yourtroops! Save your castle! Save the Kingdom! A fast pacing strategygame where you have to think fast! Choose your strategy and clashwith your enemies in this war game. Designed for tower defenselovers, but enhanced with a lot of strategy, Spooky Wars is thecard battle game you have been looking for. Collect and upgrademore than 50 cards to strengthen your army and fortify your castle.Join forces with spooky legends like Frankenstein, Dracula,Werewolf and many more. Arm your castle with powerful weapons fromBombards and Crossbows up to mighty Lasers and Teslas. Enter thearena and clash with your opponents in battles for glory andvictory. Build the strongest deck and crush your enemies. On thebattlefield, what matters is strategy and action. The enemy isracing to your castle. Don't let them destroy your kingdom!Features ⭐️ Collect more than 50 cards to upgrade your spookytroops and castle ⭐️ Play in 6 different battlegrounds ⭐️ PlayQuests in 3 different game modes ⭐️ Play with your friends andcompete in local and global leaderboards. ⭐️ Clash with yourenemies and become the best player in the world ⭐️ Gather your armyand fight for glory ⭐️ Command and control your units in battle ⭐️Addicting strategy and action gameplay ⭐️ PvP (Player vs Playercombats). Exciting 1 vs 1 battles where the best strategy wins. ⭐️Free game: play on your phone and tablet ⭐️ Strategy duelling gameReady to start? Play this card game now for free! ● DisclaimerSpooky Wars is a free game but contains optional in-app purchasesfor real money. You may want to keep it away from your kids.
The Walking Hero (Auto Battle Idle RPG MMO Game)
🏰 Save the kingdom, crush the enemies! 🏰 Join forces withotherplayers in a MMORPG style and clash against spooky legendslikeFrankenstein, Dracula, Werewolf and many more. Enter the arenaandbattle with other players for victory and glory. Use thebeststrategy against each kind of enemy. Explore a huge world mapwithhidden locations and objects for collection. The enemies areracingto your castle. Don't let them destroy your kingdom! Youstart asan apprentice and you can choose among five differentclasses:Warrior, Mage, Archer, Thief and Acolyte! You can play thisgameeither online or offline, you choose what is best for you! Youcanalso play with all the action or leave it idle (AFK)! FEATURES:⭐️Customize your character (skin color, hair, eyes, mouth, etc)⭐️Equipments (hundreds of different equipments) ⭐️ Skills(severaldifferent skills for each class) ⭐️ Missions (main quests,montershunting, item collect and daily tasks) ⭐️ Catalog (monsters,maps,scrolls, equipments, pets and cards) ⭐️ Inventory(consumables,equipments, loot and cards) ⭐️ Leaderboards (power,level, medals,etc) ⭐️ Crafting (weapons, armors, shields, helmets,etc) ⭐️ Bosses(epic and legendary) ⭐️ Events (daily and weeklyevents) ⭐️ PvP(player vs player) ⭐️ Party (join forces with otherheroes againstpowerful bosses) ⭐️ Pets (tame and collect them) ⭐️Multiplecharacters in the same account ⭐️ Special monster buffcards ⭐️Huge world map CLASSES: ⚔️ Warrior: a tank character thatuses asword and a shield freely 🧙‍♂️ Mage: a magical characterwithskills as its main source of damage 🏹 Archer: a rangedcharacterwith low health but a very high damage 🦹‍♂️ Thief: ameleecharacter with high damage and a high flee rate 📿 Acolyte:asupport character with both magical and physical capabilitiesJoinour Discord to stay up to date with the latestnews: Ready to start? Play thisautobattleronline for free! This game is in beta, some featuresmight still beincomplete or missing.
Monster Wars - Castle Defense
Build your strategy, upgrade your monsters, protect your castle,and crush your enemies in a game that combines strategy and action!Unlock epic Monsters , Giants , Weapons and Spells to became theking of the monsters. Your objective is to defend your castle usinglegendary monsters like Skeletons, Frankenstein, Dracula, Werewolfand many more. Arm your castle with powerful weapons from Bombardsand Crossbows up to mighty Lasers and Teslas. Monster Wars hasthousands of enemy waves. Enter the arena and clash with youropponents in battles for glory and victory. Build the strongestdeck and crush your enemies. The enemy is racing to your castle.Don't let them destroy your kingdom! Features ⭐️ Unlock more than50 monsters, Spells and Giants ⭐️ Tower Defense: different defenseformations will lead to distinct and surprising results! ⭐️ Destroyyour opponent in the battleground ⭐️ Compete in globalleaderboards. ⭐️ Clash with your enemies and become the best playerin the world ⭐️ Gather your army and fight for glory ⭐️ Command andcontrol your units in battle ⭐️ Addicting strategy and actiongameplay ⭐️ PvP (Player vs Player combats) coming soon. Exciting 1vs 1 battles where the best strategy wins. ⭐️ Free game: play onyour phone and tablet ⭐️ Strategy duelling game