Labirinth 2.0.4
"Labirinth" is a fascinating game representing a maze through whichyou should roll a ball going round the obstacles and hit it intothe finishing hole as fast as possible. The labirynth ball is movedby the accelerometer of your device that ensures that your controlof the process is maximally simple and comfortable. Unusual mapsand different levels of their complexity make the game interestingand accessible to all the users, including children aged 3 to 5.Key features: ✔ There are multiple map sets in “Labirinth”; theyare divided into the following levels of complexity: easy, normal,hard, original. The ‘original’ set includes a lot of originalcolorful maps with the labyrinth patterns of interesting locationsand objects and exceptional teleport holes that help to passdifficult levels. In addition, you can open a secret level bymoving a ball on the home page of the game through a certaincombination. ✔ Change the ball depending on the level of thepuzzle, choose the appropriate speed, rebound force, andmaneuverability, and you will be able to go round all the obstaclesand and hit the ball into the maze finishing hole as quickly aspossible. ✔ In the course of the game you can receive additionalrewards for the tasks completion if you hit a ball into a holewithin a definite time limit etc. ✔ Share your results in socialmedia by competing for the achievements with your friends. ✔Flexible settings allow to turn on and turn off sounds, backgroundmusic, and vibration when meeting obstacles, choose the interfacelanguages, and calibrate the accelerometer for a better position ofthe labyrinth and accuracy of handling. ✔ A map editor that can befound on the developer’s official website enables you to createyour own locations with interesting mazes and levels of complexityfree of charge. This labyrinth game is available in 14 languages:Russian, Ukrainian, English, Polish, Italian, Spanish, French,Portuguese, German, Azerbaijanian, Hindi, Chinese, Korean, andJapanese. ✔ FAQ: ☆Follow our news!☆✔ ✔ ✔✔ ✔
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