King Of Dirt 3.0
King of Dirt lets you experience the most immersive first-personbmx, mtb and scooter action without actually stepping on a realbike. Pull some of the most epic bangers in this adrenaline-fueledarcade extreme sports game. Design the dopest wheels to yourliking, get down and dirty on the wild and thrilling dirt trails.Nail tricks like a pro and become the gnarliest legend on theleaderboards. Addition to BMX bikes and Freestyle MTB, you canunlocks Scooter and Mini-bikes! ►DOWNLOAD now to check out what 6000 000 players are already enjoying!!! Features: - Ride 6legendary BIKE and a SCOOTER! - Pull massive air in 10 epic DIRTTRAILS. - Design your very own personal BMX or MTB bike! -Experience adrenaline-fueled CHALLENGES. - Special BONUSES for thebest bmx players! - Сompete with friends! IMPORTANT: Minimunrequirement: 1GB RAM Minimum android OS: 4.1 Minimum screenresolution: 800x480
Train Tower Defense 0.6
Train Tower Defense (TD) is a reverse idea of a towerdefensegameplay. An engine driver named Thomas tries to delivergold on acargo train with many trolleys through hordes of Orcs,Goblins, andShamans. Your goal is to help Defender Thomas to buildtowers anddefend the gold cargo, retaining as many trolleys aspossible. Todo this, you need to build a train,auxiliary towers anduse theexisting abilities of the train very carefully! The pathwill liethrough the towns that the builders erected before they hadtodefend the plantations and the Royal castle from the enemies.Getto work! We know how to make mobile games, and 14 000 000playerscan confirm this, so you will definitely like our TowerDefenсe(TD). Awesome castles, towers, providing defence oftowns,peasants’ plantations on which they grow vegetables - all ofthiscreates an atmosphere of carefreeness. The builders of thistownhave done their best. The train runs through the trees andbreaksthis silence. Defender Thomas defends his trolley as much ashe canand he needs your help! Take control of the situation, takecontrolof your defences. Train Tower Defence (TD) offers: - Atrainconsisting of 5 trolleys (2 extra) - 10 types of auxiliarytowers(from a Minigun to a Tower with boiling oil) - Each train has20special abilities! - 5 different types of enemies! (From orcstoShamans) - 10 locations, which include 4 settings (Forest,Winterforest, Tropics and Cemetery) - Each TD map has its own levelofdifficulty, number of laps, and in order to pass them you needtohave not only strong nerves, but also a strong mind! Peoplewholike strategies will definetely love our TD! In our game youcanbecome builders and defenders of cities, castles, and railroads.Asa builder and defender, you can improve your skills anddevelopyour defense strategy. As soon as you leave the railwaystation, goout of town passing by a castle, you meet your enemies,who willtest your strategy and defense. As you know from the nameof thegenre, the defense is the basis of the player's strategy inTowerDefense. Do not leave your trolleys with a golden load onrailswithout your watch! Does your strategy includereinforcement,defense and construction? Excellent, download our TD,let's seewhat you are capable of! Are you ready?
Target shot 0.4
Destroy the approaching monsters with different types of weapons!
Low Fly 1.06
Fly paper plane for as long as you can fly! Only tap, tap muchasyou can! It's not an usual clicker, or some kind of runner,isflying tapper that has elements of clicker is clicks andtheplaying is taps. Want to try something new of click games? Tiredofboring tapper, clicker, runner? Then You have to interested inthistap game! Because this unusual tap-game has: - Beautifulscenery (On the way You will forests, moose, snakes, rocks, rivers,flyingbutterfly, flying seagulls, dunes, stacks - Do you paperairplaneis not afraid of stack?) - Cool nice graphics (Tap onflyingairplane, you'll see the beauty of the dunes stacks, andbeautifulnature) - Fast paper airplanes! (He can fly quickly aroundthestack, fur-tree, and all that will occur in the way of aflyingairplane) - Unusual, different from all, the gameplay (As wesaid,he's more interesting than usual runner, because you fly andclicks(taps) to change the flight path) - Long track that will testyourabilities ( let's See how you are able to concentrate andachieveyour goal, you'll have to tap when necessary, that would notcrashinto a stack or a rock, or a sand dune, and remember everyclickcan affect the outcome of this tap-game) Download and proveyou'rethe best!