Wiwo 1.0.2
With Wiwo, you can play and learn English words and store theminyour long-term memory.
Gheysar 2.43
40 مرحله جذاب با اسلحه ها و مراحل مختلف گذری بر تهران قدیم
SportMob - Live Scores & Footb 3.4.0-gpr
Football Live Scores, Soccer News, Full Coverage of Leagues, Teams,and Players
Backgammon - Free Online Game 4.4
Best Online Backgammon with Different Leader boards andSpecialTournaments. Backgammon, an ancient game originated in theMiddleEast, dating back to 5000 BC. One of the earliest backgammonboardshas been discovered in the Burned City with 60 pieces and twodicescarrying a shape of serpent. This game has undergone manychangesthroughout the history. Backgammon has got appeal for allagegroups and is a fun 2-player boardgame. However, challengeraisesas this game could not be played with one player alone andplayingwith a bot is not very fun, but Backgammon Online is here tofixit! How? There are always worthy opponents ready to play fromallaround the globe. Any of your friends could play as youropponentor your opponent could be randomly chosen from thousands ofplayersonline. You may also be challenged by any player to keep youup!What makes Backgammon Online so special? - Awesome graphicsanddesign creates a realistic environment - Challenge yourfriendsonline through notifications - Play online with playersaround theglobe - Regional/Global leaderboard with share ability -Receivecoins for your wins, hold tournaments and buy special items(newfeatures) - Various new playing boards and in-game music tobeadded in upcoming versions