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Old MacDonald had a Farm - Rhymes & Songs For Kids
Old MacDonald had a Farm is a sing-along app with funny interactiveanimations and sounds and an absolute delight for kids which willkeep your toddler hooked! Old MacDonald's farm features variousinteractive elements like Cows, Ducks, Dogs, Cats and Pigs. Watchyour Kids squeal with excitement when they see Cows dancing, Pigsplaying with mud, Dogs barking, etc. FEATURES OF OLD MACDONALD HADA FARM ARE: 🌟 Lots of surprises with animations, sounds of animals,and interactions 🌟 Kids will have fun laughing and smiling at thefunny characters 🌟 Kids will learn a popular nursery rhyme andenjoy at the same time 🌟 The lyrics are easy to understand and arealso displayed on the screen so that a child can try to read andsing-along 🌟 Completely ad-free Get the Amusing Nursery Rhyme - OldMacDonald had a Farm for your kids now!
Wheels On The Bus - Rhymes & Songs 2.4
Wheels on the Bus is a fun app with interactive nursery rhymes andthese rhymes are specially made for children to learn new thingsand along with having fun and enjoying their screen time This appwill help your tots to learn this famous nursery rhyme in theirkindergarten-age easily. This app can also be used by parents andteachers for teaching rhymes to kids and make learning process funand entertaining. Once downloaded, this rhyme can be playedanytime, anywhere at anyplace for your kids to learn. Features: *No Ads. * Completely free! * 360-degree camera view. * No internetconnection required * Suitable for all kids under the age of 7.Hurry up and download this app for your children, kids, andtoddlers now!
Nursery Rhymes & Kids Games
Nursery rhymes, early learning kids songs, toddler games & funactivities!
1st Grade Kids Learning Games 1.7.7
Play & learn educational games for kids & toddlerpreschooler class activities
🐍 Snakes and Ladders - Free Board Games 🎲 6.6.5
****This is the official King of Snakes and Ladders**** Enjoy theultimate 🐍Snakes and Ladders game🐍 a.k.a 'Chutes and Ladders' witha new twist. This is not the regular snakes and ladders board gamebut a brand new format of the same! This Snakes & Ladders boardgame is the perfect snake game for adults and everyone. 🐍? Snakesand ladders which is also called "Chutes and Ladders" is an ancientIndian board game, played by the King and the people of its kingdomcenturies ago. It is now enjoyed by people of all ages with family.It is a perfect family game. Adults and everyone else can havehours of fun playing this dice board game. 🎲🎲 Snake and ladder isalso known as ‘Chutes & Ladders’ in some countries. Whatever bethe name, rules are all the same! Be the King and win the game. 👑🏆Snakes and ladders new app is a simple snake game race contest andthe one who reaches the top first is the Master or King. You haveto roll the dice and play turn by turn with your friends or family.Have hours of fun while traveling in train, bus or airplane nowwith Chutes and Ladders. No internet connection required.🏃 Playsnake and ladder game in 4 different modes for free: - Player 1 vsComputer 🎲 - Player 1 vs Player 2 🎲🎲 - Player 1 vs Player 2 vsPlayer 3 🎲🎲🎲 - Player 1 vs Player 2 vs Player 3 vs Player 4 🎲🎲🎲🎲Features of Snakes & Ladders for - New Free Board Game are: 🐍FAST GAMEPLAY: Use the speed modes to finish and win games faster!⚡ 🐍 VARIOUS THEMES:: Pick your favorite theme and begin playingright away. 🏔 🐍 FOR ALL AGES: This game is so easy to play, anyonecan enjoy it. Adults can play together with anyone in the family.Snake and ladder game is your ideal family pass time! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 🐍CHOOSE YOUR COLOUR: You can customize your avatar with yourfavorite color. 🌈 🐍 PLAY OFFLINE: Play this snake and ladder gamefor free, anytime and anywhere without an internet connection. 😎📱 🐍MULTIPLAYER: Play with up to 4 players at a time. Select your gamemode and start playing. The one who wins in the King or Master! 🥇 🐍NO IN-APP PURCHASES: We strive to make your experience the best andhence we have no purchases in the app. It is completely free toplay! 💯 Searching for snakes and ladders 3D game? Look no further!This snake and ladder game is given a 3D effect for the bestexperience. Do you like to play Ludo? If you love to play Ludo andother board games, you will definitely love this new Snakes andLadders! 🐍 Download and play this ultimate board game - Snakes& Ladders now! 🐍
ABC Phonics Games for Kids 2.4.0
Develop your reading skills in this phonics and spelling learninggame for kids!
Tizi Town: My Play World Games 6.9.4
Create your own storyline in Tizi home & visit my city life& princess town!
Fábulas y Cuentos Infantiles 2
Ten popular children's classic stories and
Cooking Games for Kids and Toddlers - Free 2.1
Become a professional chef in your very own kitchen with thisguided cooking game for kids. Prepare delicious dishes and serve itto the customers. FUN experience for kids is guaranteed! If you arein search in for a fun baking and cooking game for your kids &toddlers, then this is the perfect app for you! These funrestaurant games will give your toddlers endless play time. Becomethe next big chef by playing amazing cooking games! Take ordersfrom hungry little animals and prepare the food that they want toeat. Which dish will the animals pick from the menu? Find out inthis app! Help our little friend Obbie to run his restaurantsuccessfully. Learn to chop veggies and assemble the ingredients!Make delicious recipes and feed the hungry animals right away. Helpthem pay the bill too! Everything in this restaurant game worksjust like an actual restaurant! :D Features of the app are: 🍔Cooking games for kids and toddlers have an interactive userinterface. 🍔 No internet required. Kids can enjoy this gameanytime, anywhere. 🍔 Cute animations and hilarious reactions fromthe characters! 🍔 100% Kid safe environment. You don't have toworry about your child stumbling upon unsafe content! 🍔 You canenjoy playing with this app for FREE! 🍔 We have NO ADS or annoyingpop-ups in this app! Why you should download this app for yourkids: - Kids will learn various recipes which they can recreate inreal life along with parents! Make burgers, pizzas and cupcakes!! -Watch Obbie transform into various kitchen tools! Kids will learnthe purpose of kitchen tools through these games. - Kids will learnto make the right choices of ingredients. - Learn how things workin a restaurant's kitchen - the fun way! - Kids will enhancecreativity and imagination while playing with Obbie and all theawesome animals! So go ahead and DOWNLOAD the app NOW to have funin this restaurant!
Tizi World Princess Town Games 2.6
Come to tizi town, Play with little princesses & enjoy livingin a wonder world.
🏥 My Hospital Town: Free Doctor Games for Kids 🏥 1.2
It's time to become a doctor and cure patients in your ownhospital!🏥 My Hospital Town - Free Doctor Games for Kids is anexcitingpretend play game for you. See what it's like to work in ahospitalin this hospital game. Enter the huge hospital withmultiple roomsand explore every corner. A lot of people arefeeling unwell, so youneed to quickly help them feel better. Givethem proper medicines,injections, check their heart rate, takex-rays, put bandages andlots more. It's just like a real hospital!💉 Create your own storyusing your imagination in this hospital.You can do a lot in thishospital! Make people sit on the chairswhile they wait for theirturn to see the doctor and give themcoffee to drink. This isn't anordinary hospital game, it'ssomething totally unique! Play doctorgames in this pretendhospital and have tons of fun. Here's what youget in My HospitalTown - Free Doctor Games for Kids: • 5 differenthospital rooms toexplore including waiting room, recovery room andmore. •Characters including patients, doctors and nurses. •Interactivepretend play. Touch, tap and move every object! • It'scompletelyFREE! This app is perfect to boost your child'screativity skills.It is a fun-filled interactive environment withendless fun andenjoyment for your kids in their own town. So goahead and startplaying now!
Tizi Town: My Princess Games 5.1.1
Play with princesses & explore dollhouse & cruise in MyTizi Princess world game
Brain Games for Kids–Brain Trainer & Logic Puzzles
Sharpen your child's brain through exciting challenges! Thisuniquebrain development program for kids is guaranteed to boostyourchild's logical thinking skills and memory. Kids of ages 6-8willabsolutely love to solve these logic puzzles! These games aresofun that even adults will enjoy playing them. If you're aparentlooking for brain games for kids, this is the right choice!In thisapp, you will find lots of memory games, brain booster gamesandlogic puzzles specially made for your young learner. Byplayingthese kids brain games, your child will.... *Startthinkinglogically *Boost memorization skills *Improve concentrationandfocus *Get an eye for detail *Become sharper every day! Checkoutthe games in this app that will enhance your child'scognitiveskills: Match the cards: Memorize the card within secondsand matchit with the right one. This is one of the classic memorygames tosharpening memory! *Patterns: Complete the pattern bydragging theright object. Kids will learn to think carefully anduse logic!*Match the pairs: Make correct object pairs and win thegame. Thisis yet another brain booster! *Match the shadow: Matchthe objectwith its shadow. Observe carefully! *Half Coloring:Choose theright colors and complete the half colored painting. Thisdevelopscreativity and artistic thinking of the child. *Tap TapPuzzles:Create a full image by tapping the parts of the puzzle.Your kidswill surely enjoy this kids puzzle! *Missing Pieces:Complete thewhole jigsaw puzzle by fitting the piece in the rightplace. Thisis a kids favorite logic puzzle! *Odd one out: Find theodd one outfrom the rest of the images and tap on it. Improvesobservation andthinking. Key Features of the app: * Encouragingreward animations!* Funny & cute characters that will make yourchild laugh. *Completely kid-safe environment! * Super simpleinterface speciallymade for kids. * No annoying ads! We strictlyfollow no ads policy.* Pay a minimal amount and play UNLIMITED fora year. Download NOWand join this brain development program. It's100% fun and TOTALLYeducational!
My Monster Town: Restaurant Cooking Games for Kids 1.5
Do you want to be a chef 👩‍🍳 in your very own restaurant? Thenthisrestaurant pretend play app is perfect for you! Create yourownstory and set your imagination free! This game will help kidsandtoddlers learn everything about a restaurant through play! Cook🍙,bake 🍞 and fry 🍳 mouthwatering food items and create yourownrecipes. Bake yummy cupcakes and feed our hungry monsters 👹.Thereare many customers who are waiting to be served deliciouspizzas 🍕,tacos 🌮, burgers 🍔, sandwiches 🥪 and more! Get ready tomanage yourrestaurant and be the MasterChef of your own kitchen. 🍩Show offyour Culinary Skills Be the #1 chef 👩‍🍳 and serve deliciousfoodfrom the menu to your valued diners. Create unique recipes ofyourchoice and display your talents! Tap and move everything onthescreen to discover magical surprises 🎁! 🍩 Manage yourownRestaurant! Pick your favorite fruits 🥑, chop veggies 🍅, bakefoodin the oven or use the mixer! There's so much to do inthisrestaurant's kitchen that your child will never be boredofplaying! 🍩 Be the Masterchef of your Kitchen Give customersthebest dining experience! Entertain them all with a musical🎵performance on stage! Light up some candles 🕯️ for acozycandlelight dinner. Feed them some yummy food. Loads of funisguaranteed! Features of this app are: 😃 9 awesomemonstercharacters to play with! 😃 Perfect for kids of ages 3-8. 😃Touch,tap and move everything. Lots to play, explore and discover!😃 Noannoying ads or pop-ups. Completely safe for kids. 😃 Nointernetconnection required. Play offline! Perfect for travel. 😃 Noin-apppurchases. 100% free! Download the best restaurant pretendplay appnow and create your own adventure!
Brain Games for Kids - Free Memory & Logic Puzzles 1.0.0
Brain Games for Kids - Free Memory & Logic Puzzles introducesaset of brain exercise for your kids and is proven to be thebesteducational app because of its content. This app is for kids ofPreK and K. It has free, exciting and educational games for kidssuchas match the numbers, copy the mosaic, ball and cup, slidethenumbers, puzzles, connect the pipes and mirror paint. Let yourkidsbrillance soar through Brain Games for Kids - Free Memory&Logic Puzzles This app is carefully designed for kindergartenkidsto help them grow, learn and have fun. It is completely safeandproves to be the best kids game to help your child learn andevengive parents some off time. With two separate sections forPre-Kand K, we have around 15 games. PRE-K Section: ✔ Match theNumbers✔ Match the Veggies ✔ Match the Fruits ✔ Match the Animals ✔Copythe mosaic K Section: ✔ Match the Numbers ✔ Match the Veggies✔Match the Fruits ✔ Match the Animals ✔ Ball and Cup ✔ Connectthepipes ✔ Slide the Numbers ✔ Mirror Paint ✔ Puzzles We haveamazingand interactive games from which your toddlers can learn alot.There are jigsaw puzzle games where your child can enjoy cutefarmanimal images. Connect the broken pipes to water theplants.Increase your kid's concentration power by playing copy themosaic& mirror paint games. Fun Brain Games in the App: 🧠Puzzles:The classic and logical puzzle games for kindergarten kids🧠Connect the Pipes: Make sure all the parts of the pipeareconnected to water the plants 🧠 Slide the Numbers: Arrangethenumbers in ascending order and wait for the magic 🧠 MatchtheCards: Improve your kid's memory by matching the same cards 🧠Balland Cup: Increase the ability of your kid to concentrate byfindingthe hidden ball in the cup 🧠 Connect the Wires: Lighten upthe bulbby connecting wires and much more!!! Features of BrainGames ForKids are: • No IAP • Easy and simple interface • Fun braingamesfor kids from 2 to 4 years kids. • Brain training at an earlyage.• Jigsaw puzzle games for kids. • Coloring games for kids.•Connect the pipes games for kids. • Increases concentrationpowerof your child. • Completely Free. • Learn & Play at thesametime. Reveal your child's brilliance and help their braingrow-DOWNLOAD “Brain Games for Kids - Free Memory & LogicPuzzles”today. 🧒
2nd Grade Kids Learning Games 1.0.4
Learning games for kindergarten. Reading, spelling & math gamefor 3-5 year olds
Kindergarten Sight Word Games - Learn Sight Words 0.5
Learn Sight Words with 5 Fun Games! Help your childrenbecomeconfident readers and increase their vocabulary, spellingandliteracy skills. Sight words are commonly used words which aremostfrequently repeated in books. 'Kindergarten Sight Words' appmakeslearning enjoyable for toddlers through funny animationsandbeautifully designed graphics! ** Why will parents love thisapp?** - Kids will learn 200+ sight words easily. - This appwilleducate, entertain and keep your kids engaged. - Improveyourlittle one's reading and vocabulary skills. - Perfect for kidsinpreschool, kindergarten and grade 1. - Learn sight words fromtheDolch sight words list. ** Why will kids love this app? ** -Funnyanimations will make them giggle with joy. - Kids will learnwordsand phonic sounds through amusing games. - The app is veryeasy touse! - Colorful graphics and cute characters. - Variousgames whichinvolve fishing, archery, rockets, balloons and feedingcutemonsters! ** Here are the games included in this app: ** -SpaceAdventures - Shoot the Words - Feed the Monster - Let's GoFishing- Pop the Words The Game "Lets Go Fishing" is completelyfree.Unlock the remaining 4 Sight Words games via in-app purchase.Ifyou need help or have any feedback, email [email protected]
ABC Alphabet Tracing for Kids - Baby Songs & Games 1.0.2
Learning ABC for Kids is easier now with ABC Alphabet TracingforKids - Baby Songs & Games. Play fun ABC games & songsforbabies to help your kids learn ABC, Alphabet tracing, phonicssongsin a cool and amazing way. ABC Alphabet Tracing for Kids -BabySongs & Games is an ABC learning app that makes your kidslearnABC with fun ABC games and baby songs for preschoolandkindergarten kids. There are a lot of fun and awesome ABCgames,ABC songs for kids and babies to read & write the ABCalphabet.The best thing is that there are a variety of ABC alphabetgames& baby songs to play and enjoy while learning alphabets atthesame time. It's a great way to learn ABC while playing. Thevarietyof games include a lot of tasks for children to complete.Each andevery game is focused on enhancing the skills and memory ofthechild. The alphabet games will help toddlers to learn ABCveryquickly. Features of the App are: 1- Totally Ad Free, Nointernetrequire. 2- Seven amazing ABC games for toddlers,Phonicsactivities, Tracing games and many more for kids to play andlearnABC with fun. 3- Cute and cool animations that grab theattention& will keep your child busy for hours. 4- Pleasantbackgroundmusic for children to listen to ABC songs for your baby.5- Simpleand easy to use! So join Dubby Dino and his friends andlearn ABCAlphabet tracing & phonics in a fun way! Download ABCAlphabetTracing for Kids - Baby Songs & Games now!
My Monster Town - Playhouse Games for Kids 1.3
Enter the weird world of monsters and play in their monsterhouse!In this monster home, you will find tons of funny andstrangethings to play with! Spend endless hours having fun in thismonsterdollhouse. Play with all of the strange looking monsters andbeentertained! Explore the whole monster playhome,kitchen,restaurant and the super wacky playground. Are the monstersfeelinghungry? Don't worry! There's lots to eat like fruits,veggies,desserts, meat and more! Tap on everything you see and moveobjectsaround. Look for hidden surprises and unveil all them inthismonster play home. If you love halloween, then this monsterfamilyhome is perfect for you! Features: 👻 Explore and play pretendin 3big monster playhomes 👻 11 weird and wacky monsters to playwith! 👻Have a picnic on the playground packed with fun stuff! 👻Lots ofsurprises to make kids giggle with joy 👻 Completely Ad-free!Checkout all the rooms and the entire playground right away. Createyourown story and boost imagination! It's time to get spooooky.👻Download now! 😄
My Pirate Town - Sea Treasure Island Quest Games 1.4
Ahoy matey! Ready to begin ye Pirate Adventure? If you love to roleplay as a pirate and create your own stories featuring a treasureisland, then this is the app you need! Play pirate ship games andbe the pirate kings in this exciting world filled with hiddentreasures. In My Pirate Town—Sea Treasure Island Games for Kids youwill get to play with hundreds of objects related to pirates andcreate imaginative stories of your own. With loads of pirates, youcan pretend to play sea games, or act like a pirate thief instealth games. But beware! If you get caught, you will be put intothe dungeon. Go on a quest and travel across the fantasy world inyour pirate ship and live the life of a pirate. Here's a glimpseinto what you can do in My Pirate Town—Sea Treasure Island Gamesfor Kids: * Touch, interact and play in 10 unique locationsincluding a pirate ship, cafeteria and more! * 24 different typesof funny-looking pirate characters for you to play with. *Completely safe to play! We always keep our pretend play appstotally kid-safe. * No internet connection required. Play Offline.Perfect to stay engaged for hours. So, arr you ready to play? Thendownload My Pirate Town—Sea Treasure Island Games for Kids now!
Tizi Spot The Difference Games 1.9
Find the difference! Enjoy challenging levels in this differencesgame. Spot it!
Animal Town - Baby Farm Games for Kids & Toddlers 1.0.2
It's time to become a farmer and meet farm animals in thispretendplay app! Baby Farm Games for kids & toddlers is a funapp forevery toddler. With Dubby Dino, your child can take a lookaroundthe huge farm and do TONS of exciting farming-related stuff.😍 Onceyour kids start playing, they will stay engaged for hours!Kidswill feel delighted and entertained. What can your child do inthisapp? ⭐Play with farm animals of your choice. There are cows,pigs,chickens, horses, goats and sheep! ⭐Explore the huge farmareafilled with various objects. ⭐Super cute and adorablecharacters toplay with! ⭐Pick veggies and collect them in baskets.⭐Feed yummyfood to all the animals. ....and so much more!! This isnot justanother farming game, it’s a role-play adventure! Kids cancreatetheir own story as they play and enjoy. What will kids learnfromthis Farm Game? 🐮 Cultivate kindness by caring for littlefarmanimals 🌾 Learn to plant fruits and vegetables in your farm💪Understand hard work and effort required in farming 🧠Stimulatecreative thinking & fine motor skills 😍 Enhanceimagination andstorytelling skills Features of Baby Farm Games: ✔️Interact witheverything in the app and see what happens. There aresurpriseseverywhere! ✨ ✔️ Includes cute, funny, cheerful andfriendly farmanimals. ✔️ Perfect baby educational game for 5 yearolds and below✔️ Offline Mode: No need for an internet connection✔️ 100%Kid-safe and age-appropriate ✔️ NO ADS or in-app purchases✔️Open-play environment for kids to do whatever their heartdesires!😍 So get ready to play pretend in your very own Farm inthese BabyFarm Games. Download the app right away! If you enjoythis app,don't forget to give a 5 star rating and review us! Wewould loveto hear from you. For Contact / Feedback / Support, writeto us [email protected]
Garbage Truck Games for Kids - Free and Offline 2.2
Let your Kids join our Chomping Monster - Crunchy in his truckrideadventure where he drives three trucks, the first one is agarbagetruck 🚛, the second one is a fire truck 🚒 and the third oneis anice cream truck 🚐 help our Chomping Monster - Crunchy completehisduties while he drives his truck through the city. An all inonetruck game for kids which has garbage truck 🚛, ice cream truck🚐,and fire truck 🚒 games. What all activities will kids gettoperform in this game? Garbage Truck 🚛 - Drive the garbagetruckthrough the city 🏙️ with our chomping monster - Crunchy andhelphim clean the city by picking up the garbage 🗑️ and dumping itinhis garbage truck. Fire Truck 🚒 - One of the best firefightergameswhere you begin with dressing up your firefighter withhisfirefighter's jacket, helmet, and boots, then you make yourfiretruck ready with all the essentials such as fireextinguisher,first aid kit, water hose, and other items. Then thelast step isto drive the fire truck through the city 🏙️ and put outthe fire inall the fire 🔥 affected areas. Ice cream Truck 🚐 - Anice creamtruck game which will make you feel an ice cream maker 🍨,all youhave to do is drive the ice cream truck through the city 🏙️andmake delicious ice cream 🍦 according to the choice of thechompingmonsters you meet on the way. There are a variety ofcones,flavors, and toppings to choose from, make sure you feed allthechomping monsters. Chomping Trip 🚚 - Go on a ride with thechompingmonsters in their truck and pop eggs 🥚 to feed them. Kidlohas comeup with these fun and entertaining truck games to inculcatethevalue of cleanliness in children. These truck games are thebestway to instill knowledge among children. Features: 😃InteractiveTruck Games. 😃 Kids Friendly Interface. 😃 Offline Access& NoAds. 😇 Childrens' Safety: We understand the safetyprotocols forchildren and hence follow a strict "NO ADS policy"since childrenat this young age should not be exposed toinfluencing ad content.So all our kids app have absolutely NO ADS.😇 Garbage truck gamefor kids consists of 4 truck games out of which'Garbage Truck'game is free. The rest three truck games can bepurchased in a packof 3 games deal for US $ 0.99. It's a one-timepayment for the restof the truck games, so it's an amazing deal. Sohurry up anddownload this game now!!
Geography Games for Kids: Learn Countries via quiz 0.0.7
Kidlo Geography Games are a fun way to introduce kids totheGeography subject.🌎 With this geography quiz app, kids willlearnabout Continents, Countries, Flags, Maps, World map🗺️,Landmarksand more through flag quiz, map games etc! It covers allthecardinal topics of Geography, ideal for first-grade students.Thesefun first grade learning games includes various interactivegameslike map games, puzzles for kids, geography quiz tolearncountries, capital etc, learn world map, learn flags and manymore!Learn Geography with these fun kids games: 🌎1) Capitals oftheworld: Tap on the Country Capital and drag it towards thecorrectFlag of the Country to complete the level. 🗺️2) Countries oftheworld: A World Atlas will be displayed on the screen and aCountryname will be given. Locate the Country using the magnifyingglass.🌎3) Continents & Countries: Drag and place theCountrybelonging to the given Continent to create a tower and clearthelevel! 🗺️4) Learn flags with unique flag quiz: A colored Flag ofaCountry will be displayed on the screen, after few seconds,theflag would be re-colored and the task at hand is to color theFlagcorrectly. 🌎5) Landmark puzzles for kids: A jumbled puzzle ofsomefamous monuments would be given and it has to be rearranged toformgiven the monuments. Features of Geography Quiz Games for Kidsare:⭐ Interactive and child-friendly layout ⭐ Based on 1stgradesyllabus ⭐ Completely ad-free content ⭐ Fun and engaginggamesChildren's Safety: We understand the safety protocols forchildrenand hence follow a strict NO ADS policy since children atthisyoung age should not be exposed to influencing ad content. Soallour kid's apps have absolutely NO ADS. Download these firstgradegeography games and learn world map, flags, countries,continents,landmarks and more easily! If you love these games thendon'tforget to rate & review us!
Kids Spelling & Reading Games 2.1.2
Learn to read with reading & spelling educational games forpreschoolers.
Poly Puzzle Color By Number Design - Art Therapy 1.2
Experience the new type of color by number games. IntroducingPolyArt Coloring Pages - Color By Number for Free for all agegroups.Now pass your time doing something very creative. Thebestanti-stress therapy app to reduce your daily life tension.Choosefrom the variety of artwork images and just follow thenumbers andfill in the colors.You can zoom in & zoom out tocolor eacharea perfectly. Coloring is an anti-stress therapy andPoly ArtColoring Pages - Color By Number for Free will give youmore senseof achievements. Have fun in this relaxing paintingexperience,refill the energy and let anxiety fade away throughcoloring games.Our coloring app is really a fun way to transformordinary picturesinto a masterpiece. Put all things off and startenjoying a uniquedrawing art therapy right away! How to play: ✔Select the color .✔Identify the target area either by number oroutline. ✔Play like ajigsaw puzzle Features of the app are: ★Simply tap to pick colorand paint ★ Lots of beautiful drawings tocolor ★ Share yourcreations with family and friends ★ Pinch to zoomin/out, easycoloring games! So sit back, relax and release yourstress bycoloring daily. Download Now and have endless hours offun!
Science Games for Kids - Grade 1 Learning App 0.0.9
Do you want to make science fun and exciting for your kids?Then"Science Games for Kids" is perfect for your child! 6interestinggames make early science concepts super easy to learn!Kids willenjoy and learn at the same time. The topics covered inthis appare based on curriculum followed worldwide and areapplicable tokids in the 1st grade all around the globe. Kids willlearn thefollowing concepts through fun games: - Sink and Float:Kids willhave to decide whether the given object on the screenwould floator sink. Then they can see what really happens! - Statesof Matter:Observe the object given on the screen and tap on solid,liquid orgas accordingly. - Five Senses: Listen to the instructionand dragthe correct sense from the 5 senses! - Sorting LivingandNon-Living Things: Help the Chomping Monster by putting thelivingand non-living things in the correct section of the train! -Livingand Non-Living Things: Help Mr. Rabbit collect the livingandnon-living things in this fun game. - Seasons and Clothing:Dressup the character correctly according to the season youselect!Explore and enjoy! The game 'Seasons and Clothing' isabsolutelyfree to play and the other games can be accessed by asmall in-apppurchase.
Spelling Games for Kids - Learn to Spell Words 1.1
Hone your kids' spelling skills with the help of Spelling GamesforKids. Learn 900+ spellings with kids' favorite thingslikeballoons, trains as well as a funny Chimpanzee andDinosaur!There's something for every kid between 4-8 years! -Featuring theOriginal Fun Spelling Chimp Game Learning how to spellEnglishwords is fun with the Chimp! This game has a colorful junglethemewith a funny Gorilla dancing after every correct answer.Spellcorrectly and clear levels as you go! - Clumsy Dino Whathappenswhen a Dino is clumsy? He falls and breaks his teeth. Kidswilllove to fix his teeth by dragging the letters to make thecorrectspellings! - Spelling Train Choo choo! Here comes the train!Makethe correct spellings of words and fix the bridge to help thetrainmove ahead. - Spelling Balloons Kids will enjoy making thecorrectspellings with balloons! - Shoot the Vowels Kids can learnwhichvowels are used in a word through this fun game! ** Whywillparents love these games? ** - Kids in kindergarten andpreschoolwill learn correct spellings and pronunciations ofhundreds ofwords. - It will boost their vocabulary and sharpentheir spellingskills. - Each letter and word is spoken out loudwhich makes iteasy to learn and understand. - Parents will lovethat their kidswill be well-versed with spellings at an early age!** Why willkids love these games? ** - Games which entertain andeducate -Funny and cute characters - Colorful and interestinggraphics Fewgames are free. Unlock the rest of the games via in-apppurchases.Download Spelling Games for Kids & start your kids'learningjourney right away!
Avatar Creator - Doll Maker Games 1.9
Do you want to create your own avatar? Would you like to haveyourown character creator that you can share with your friends?Thendownload Princess Avatar Creator now! In this doll maker, youcanmake your own emoji and share funny animations with yourfriends.Make your avatar however you like and have lots of fun forhours!What can you do in this princess avatar creator? * Tons ofcustomoptions to choose from: Select various options to createyourcustom character. Choose a skin color, hair style, haircolor,facial features, accessories, clothes and so much more. *Bringyour dolls to life: Decorate your character withawesomeaccessories and add funny animations to your doll! Use itlike anemoji in all your online conversations. * Choose uniquebackgroundsand stickers: Beautify your character with amazingstickers andbackgrounds that you can share as GIFs or photos!Perfect forwhatsapp or snapchat! Features: * Tons of things tocustomize inyour avatar! You will never get bored of making dollversions ofyourself and your friends. * Exciting and coolanimations to add! *Simply tap items to apply to your avatar. *Save in your phone orshare your character with the world! So, goahead and show off yourcreativity. Make your own emoji with thisprincess avatar creatornow!
My Dino Town: Dinosaur Train Game for Kids 1.1.0
Explore the Dinosaur train game from Dubby Dino Series forkidswhich is free! Ride Dinosaur Train through the desert, on topofthe sea, across the bridge, look around the beautiful natureandenjoy riding with our cute dino. Dinosaur game for kids andbabiesis a full-time entertainment game in a playful way. Dino KidsTrainRide is a simple game for kids as well as toddlers, to makeitinteresting we have added small and easy levels such as poppingthebubbles, taking down the obstacles and many more. We welcome youtoour Dubby Dino Series. Our first app from the series istheDinosaur Train - Riding Games For Kids & Toddlers!!! Watchoutfor more apps in these series.Enjoy this Dinosaur Train ridealongwith babies & toddlers and have fun & enjoy thejourneythrough the beautiful nature. Now the kids train games canbe fun,happening & interesting. Ride kids train as well aslearn withour cute little dinosaur whom we love to call Dino!!!Dino is upwith a train ride for all the kids & toddlers outthere whowould love to explore and more importantly who would lovetotravel. If you are a parent who faces the issue of keepingyourchild entertained for a longer hour then this app is justperfectfor your little one. Dinosaur Train - Riding Games For Kids&Toddlers app have no in-app purchases or third-partyadvertising.We understand your privacy that's the reason westrictly follow noads policy. These open-ended play experiences arethe perfectstarter apps for little ones. Watch out for more apps inthisseries Fun things to do: 🦕Face your obstacles- Face alltheobstacles that come along your way and crush them down 🦕PopTheBubbles- Pop the bubbles in the sea while you are enjoying theride🦕Ride at different levels- Ride the train through water,jungleetc.. Key Features 🦖Never-ending game - It's a never-endinggameyou can play all the levels without getting out. 🦖Play WithCuteCharacters That's You See - Beautiful and cute charactersarewaiting for you. 🦖Learn About Different Shapes - Learn the namesofthe shapes and patterns. 🦖High Definition Quality - Why toadjustfor a normal quality game when you have HD game 🦖No Ads-Westrictly follow no ads policy for our little ones. 🦖CompletelyFree- Now all these features completely for free We areanaward-winning company devoted to entertainment for kids. Wemakeapps for kids worldwide. We bring thoughtful design to life.Forkids. For parents. For giggles. So get ready to travelwithdinosaur games for kids which is for free by the way. DownloadNowand let us know how much your lil ones love our app.
Kids Word Search Games Puzzle 1.9.8
Find words in these word search game & make your lessons morefun and engaging!
Telling Time Games For Kids - Learn To Tell Time 1.0
Teach your kids how to tell the time in a new, fun andinteractiveway. Telling time is a difficult job for kids and thisapp willhelp your child to tell the accurate time. It will alsodevelop thelogical skills which are required for time telling.Learning whilePlaying is the best way to train the brain. Bestfeatures of thisapp: - Funny clock animations and sounds to keepkids entertained.😂 - Learn how to read the clock and set the timeon the clock in aninteractive way! 😁 - Feed the hungry monsterclocks by tellingtime! 😛 - Help Mr. Clock to hop all the way to thetop! - UnlockGifts by setting the correct time! 🎁😍 - Pop Balloonsand set highscores!🎈 - Increase the concentration by matching thetime cards -Colorful graphics and cute animated characters.😊 - Kidswill loveto move the hour and minute hand to set the correct time.- The appis very easy to use! The app is developed by the samedevelopers ofKidloLand. The app aims to help kids to grow throughthe use ofinteractive play and learn feature. The Game "MonsterClock" iscompletely free. Unlock the remaining 4 telling time gamesviain-app purchase. If you need help or have any feedback, email [email protected] So Hurry Up and Download the app now!Comeand play Today!
My Cat Town - Cute Kitty Games 2.1.1
Cuddly little kittens in the cat home, dancing, playing andmingling with you.
Tizi Town - My Pet Daycare 1.4
Welcome to my pet daycare & enjoy amazing pet care games withlittle live pets.
Baby Coloring Games for Kids
Baby coloring games for kids. Learn to draw & color in 150+Kids coloring games.
Toddler Games for 3 Year Olds+ 1.5.1
Learning games for kids of ages 2-4 years.Games for kindergartners,Download now
Learning Games for Kids 12.9
Learning Games for Kids! 600+ fun brain games, kids' puzzles &educational games
Tizi Animal Town - House Games 1.5.4
Visit the pet hosptial, go camping & stay happy together inthis fun pet world!
🎈Balloon Pop Games for Kids - Balloons Popping 1.0
Give your toddlers fun time every day with toddler games balloonpopgame. It is very simple toddler game, just tap and pop!😄Thistoddler games balloon pop game for kids will help yourtoddlerbuild their concentration. These popping games are perfectforinfants, toddlers, and preschoolers. These balloon pop gameswillhone your child's hand-eye coordination when they have to taponthe moving balloons. Features of Toddler Games Balloon PopGameare: ⭐ Ideal toddler games free for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 year olds⭐Age-appropriate content ⭐ Includes 7 mini-games ofinteractiveballoon pop game & bubble popper games ⭐ Cuteanimatedcharacters to delight your kids ⭐ Easy-to-navigate and100%kid-safe We have some fun toddler games that your kids wouldenjoy:🎈 Surprise eggs: Look what comes out when you tap on the eggstocrack them open. Each egg has a different surprise hiddeninsideit. Hurry up and play this fun baby games now! 🎈 Yummycandysplash: Who does love candies? We have taken the love forcandieson a different level. Tap on some colorful candies to seehow theysplash. 🎈 Feed the Dino: These cute little dinos are veryhungryand their food is flying away. Tap on the balloons to makethe fooddrop in their mouth. 🎈 Flying Dino: Cute little dinos areflyingaway with the help of these colorful balloons. Don't letthemescape your sight so easily. 🎈 Underwater adventure: Our dinois onan underwater adventure. Help him burst all the bubblesquickly.Have a fun time tapping and popping these bubbles. Thereare morefun toddler games. To explore all toddler games &install theapp now and have fun. So what are you waiting for?Download ToddlerGames - Balloon Pop Game for your little one now!
KidloLand Kids & Toddler Games
Educational kids games for 2, 3, 4, 5 year olds with 2000 toddlerlearning games
My Tizi Town Daycare Baby Game 2.4.6
Take care of babies & toddlers to be a babysitter in the city.Play Now!
Bedtime Stories for Kids 2.1.4
Read 240+ bedtime stories for kids. Fun storytime with storybooksfor children!
My Hospital Town Doctor Games 2.12.3
Hospitals & doctors need help! Be a doctor at Tizi hospitaltown games for kids.
Tizi Town - My Airport Games 2.5
Be an airport manager & flight attendant in your airplane &run the airport!
Toddler Games for 2+ Year Olds 1.8.4
650+ Toddler games for 2, 3, 4 year olds to learn ABC, Numbers,Shapes & Colors!
Preschool Math Games for Kids 3.0.4
Preschool Math Games with fun and educational math activities forkids
Coding Games For Kids 2.9.0
Improve your kids' problem solving & critical thinking skillswith Coding Games.
Coloring Games for Kids: Color 5.10.0
Learn to draw and color with 700+ coloring pages in Coloring GamesFor Kids app.
Toddler Games for 2-3 Year Old 4.1.6
Educational toddler games for 2 & 3 year olds with 1000+toddler learning games!
My Princess House - Doll Games 2.7
Create your own storyline with beautiful little princesses &rule your kingdom.