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IBM Verse 202204010021
****IBM Notes Traveler is now IBM Verse! You're ready for the future.IBM Verse replaces Notes Traveler and will continue to work withyour existing Traveler servers.****Get ready for mail that understands you, for less clutter and moreclarity, for connecting you to the people who matter to you most.Cloud-enabled, designed for mobile devices, and powered by IBM'sanalytics and advanced search, IBM Verse works for you, not theother way around.With IBM Verse for Android devices, you can:•See mail from people important to you•Set people you interact with often as Important•Mark mail as Needs Action•Manage items that need follow up•Track who owes you a response and when•Work with your calendar seamlessly•Interact with all of your contactsThis app is compatible with IBM Traveler server version andlater fixpacks, as well as 8.5.3 Upgrade Pack 1, 8.5.3 Upgrade Pack2, and 9.x. To get started, contact your administrator for youraccount and company configuration information.If you're interested in using this application with IBM SmartCloud,see this URL forfurther information.If you do not have IBM Traveler deployed in your company, but wantto try it out for free, register an account on IBM Greenhouse, afree IBM product trial site:, thenfollow the instructions to configure your IBM Traveler account: is that simple to get started!If you are an end user and experiencing a problem, please contactyour company IT help desk. If you are an IBM Traveler administratorexperiencing a problem, please open a PMR with your IBM customernumber. In addition to rating the app, you can tell us what we havedone right or what we can do better by emailing IBM mobile softwareengineering directly at [email protected] more information about IBM Verse go to the official productwebsite:
IBM SmartCloud Meetings
Don't miss another meeting! Attend IBM SmartCloud online meetingsfrom your mobile device and easily view live presentations,including shared desktop and slide presentations.IBM SmartCloud Meetings is a full-featured online meetings service,designed for businesses of all sizes. IBM SmartCloud Meetingsenables you to quickly and confidently share information, givepresentations, and demonstrate software in a security-richenvironment. Think of IBM SmartCloud Meetings as your personalconference room – always ready when you need it. Practical andaffordable for today's businesses, IBM SmartCloud Meetings helpsenhance team productivity, shorten sales cycles, and contain travelcosts.With the IBM SmartCloud Meetings app, you can join IBM SmartCloudonline meetings directly from your mobile device, view sharedcontent, view the meeting participants list, and chat with othermeeting attendees.Features:-View live shared desktop content, presentations, anddocuments.-View the list of meeting participants.-Participate in group and individual chats.-Get the presenter's attention by virtually raising your hand in ameeting.Joining a meeting:1. Dial into the audio conference before joining the meeting.2. Launch the application.3. Enter the meeting ID from your meeting invitation. (This can befound in the last numbers of the web address. For example: meeting ID is 111-111.)4. Press the “Join Meeting” button.5. Alternately, select the “Recent” tab and press a previouslyjoined meeting.For more information about IBM SmartCloud, visit the product website:
IBM Event Connect 5.0.10
IBM Event Connect is the mobile companion forIBM North America conferences. It provides the power of IBM Socialand Mobile technology to make your event experience extraordinary.

Use the Event Connect app to quickly find and scheduleconference sessions and activities. Interact with other attendeesand speakers - before the conference starts and after it ends - allfrom your phone or tablet! Staying up-to-date is easy withautomatic notifications of conference or event news, updates andhighlights. All the information and content is updated andmaintained in the app. You'll know where to be. You won't miss athing.

The IBM Event Connect app also maintains your information formultiple IBM conferences in one place. It allows easy access topast and present conference information - and most importantly toyour network contacts. The information is always available fromyour phone or tablet.
The following conferences, and more, will be accessible toregistered attendees:IBM Insight 2015, 2014IBM Vision 2015IBM Amplify 2015IBM Empower 2015IBM ConnectED 2015IBM InterConnect 2015IBM PartnerWorld Leadership Conference (PWLC)IBM Digital Experience 2015, 2014
IBM Inform 1.2.8
The IBM Connections Cloud Inform app providesIBM Connections Cloud clients up to date information, status aswell as push notifications when changes occur.IBM Inform serves as a convenient new complement to IBMConnections Cloud status communications for administrators and helpdesk professionals.IBM Inform provides the following features:- Current overall status and individual service status for aselected Data Center- Details on service status as updates occur- Push notifications when a service’s status changes- Sleep mode allows you to temporarily pause pushnotifications- Ability to select which services you monitor and receive pushnotifications for- Last seven days of service history- Selected services will provide response time graphs- Upcoming scheduled maintenance informationIBM Inform has adopted a continuous delivery model and will beupdated frequently with new features!