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MUSYNX 2.3.3
Brand new independent rhythm game - MUSYNX nowon Google Play!-High quality graphics using each pixel of the retina screen tocreate beautiful game images !-No matter your screen size or finger thickness, we guarantee youan enjoyable gaming experience!-With professional sound processing and high quality audio, MUSYNXwill bring you the ultimate audio experience.-Let melodious sounds flow from your fingertips with every singletouch. Experience the fun of playing real sounds and tunes!-Our classic game design allows you to identify each dropping noteat the highest speed. Play to the tunes of popular songs and starssuch as M2U!-We will never stop updating and improving our gameinterface!
MUSYNC+ 1.4.7
大好評音ゲー「MUSYNC」、配信開始!(音楽コレクション1と音楽コレクションSPが追加されました。)-M2U、PaulBazooka、Vocaloid中国公式キャラクター「洛天依」「星塵」などの楽曲盛り沢山。!O(≧▽≦)o-洗練された究極の画質。(⊙ω⊙)-端末を選ばないらくらく操作感!(≧Д≦)ノ-最高の声と音、未だかつてない旋律をお届け。(*≧ω≦)-スクリーンをタップするたびに、指先で楽譜を紡ぎ、奏でる 自分だけの唄!o(≧w≦o)、-求めるのは最適感度、触れられる音を体感せよ!(≧o≦)ノ-最新だけど定番、落ちてくるリズムをタップ&ホールド。-新曲も続々実装!Very popular sound game"MUSYNC", delivery start!(Music Collection 1 and music collection SP has been added.)-M2U, PaulBazooka, music plenty of such Vocaloid China OfficialCharacter "Rakuten'yo" "Hoshichiri". ! O (≧ ▽ ≦) o- Sophisticated ultimate image quality. (⊙ω⊙)- Easy operation feeling does not choose the terminal! (≧ Д ≦)Roh- The best voice and sound, deliver unprecedented melody. (* ≧ ω≦)- Every time you tap the screen, spinning the music at yourfingertips, just myself play the song! o (≧ w ≦ o),- Ask the case experience the sound of optimal sensitivity,touched! (≧ o ≦) Bruno- It's the latest classic, falling tap the rhythm-and-hold.- New song one after another implementation!