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LifeSim: Life Simulator, Casino and Business Games 1.3.7
Tired of your real life daily routine? Ever dreamed ofbecomingsomeone else? Recall your most ambitious plans, use yourpotentialto the max and make your wildest dreams come true in theLifeSim! 💰LifeSim is a fun and interesting way to make your lifewhatever youwant it to be! It’s the most versatile and rich incontent lifesimulator game available. Work your way up from thevery beginning,go through all the challenges and achieveoutstanding success inyour personal life and career. 👍 MAKE YOURCHARACTER 👍 Hey, this isyour virtual life so guess what... you canchoose your own looks! 👍PICK YOUR CAREER AND GET TO THE TOP 👍 Whatcareer path will youpursue? You can become a successful politician,an ambitiousstartupper or perhaps you'd rather get into showbusiness? Startfrom nothing and choose your own way to success andmaking money! 💵👍 BUY HOUSES AND CARS 👍 What kind of accommodationwill match yourambitions best of all? Do your best to earn enoughand purchaseyour dream home. Then decide what kind of car willcomplete yourimage of a successful person! 👍 DEVELOP RELATIONSHIPS👍 From thefirst date to full family with kids - relationships playimportantrole in our life, so choose your partner wisely and be agoodpartner yourself! Will your relationship be a big part of yourlifeor will you become a career-driven nerd? This family simulatorwillgive you a number of tips on how to start and developyourrelationships. So get ready to experience the mostromanticadventures in your virtual life! 👍 KEEP HEALTHY WORK/LIFEBALANCE 👍Just like in real life, good health is crucial for yourwell-being!So bear in mind that your Mood and Health bars should beat a highlevel at all times! Sounds similar to survival games?Well, it iskinda similar. You actually start as a tramp and yourwork your wayup to success. 👍 LIVE YOUR DREAM LIFE 👍 LifeSim isfull ofactivities to follow and so many opportunities to try! Youcan goto the gym and beauty salon, try your luck in a casino (andbecomea billionaire? 💰 Who knows…), sing in karaoke and... OMGchangeyour gender and look in a surgery clinic! Anything ispossible inLifeSim! Realize yourself in this easy to play but hardto masterlife simulator game! Lead a life from poor to rich! GoodLuck! Hey,are you still reading this? Hurry up, download the gameand startyour dream life now!
LifeSim 2: Career, Business & Life Simulator Games
A career, job & life sim game where you can become a famousHollywood celebrity.