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Garden Balls 1.1.18
Pin Balls UP – Puzzles and gardening combined! Are you a puzzle fanwho also loves gardening? Ever wondered how you could combine yourtwo favorite hobbies into one major grand adventure? You couldalways grow a hedge maze, of course, but it would take a while andnot all of us have the space. Or sit in your yard doing jigsawpuzzles, but what happens when a nasty rain hits the skies? Well,now there’s finally another option — you can test your logic 🧠 intricky physics-based puzzles while also tending a garden ofbeautiful pot plants as they blossom and grow in this fun andoriginal game. Give your plants the food they need! ★ Slide pinsand move sections to guide the little colored nutrient balls downthe pipe to your hungry plants. Autogenerated levels means anendless stream of new puzzle challenges and the chance to go onearning rewards and upgrading your garden endlessly. ★ Over 30puzzle-game mechanisms give your logic a real workout. Make surethe balls don’t escape, multiply their number on the way down, andavoid hazards including fire and explosions to ensure your littlegreen friends get the goodness they need. ★ Delightful originalgraphics, fun animations, and beautiful sound design enhance yourpuzzle-solving entertainment. Plus, extensive personalizationoptions include over 50 different skins for balls and 50 differentdesigns of pins, so you can ensure your puzzles are aestheticallypleasing as well as rewarding. ★ Collect two galleries of flowersand nine different plants — sunflower, anthurium, cactus, myosotis,narcissus, pansy, protea, strelitzia, and tulip 🌼. Then tend, feed,and combine them to lead them through a unique sequence of growingstages till they finally blossom in a riot of gorgeous blooms. ★Don’t forget the watering! In this game, watering isn’t just anessential gardening exercise, it’s also a way to boost your idleincome. And it’s not the only one: there are loads of other ways toget free bonuses including bonus levels with free coins and coinrewards for returning players. Gardening was never this much fun!Engage your puzzle-game brain, get your nimble green fingers movingand escape into hours of logic fun. Work with the laws of physicsand plot the optimal course for the balls, then let them loose, andwatch as they shoot down the pipes with an immensely satisfyingclatter. Whether you’re looking for something casual or you want agame to spend your whole day with — you’ll find something thatstrikes just the right chords. You’ll never need gardening orjigsaws again!