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Anagramic 1.8
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Find all the words in a set of letters againstthe clock!★ 3 game modes★ 5 difficulty levels★ Over 1900 different possible games in free version★ Upgrade for almost 50,000 different possible games★ Statistics on your performanceNote: 1.1 update fixes two crash bugs and extends thedictionary, among other improvements!
Hextile live wallpaper 1.8
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This is a futuristic-looking interactive livewallpaper.To-do list:* Self-illumination in edge shading mode.* Periodic animations.* (building on periodic animations) daydream support.* Look again at scrolling. It looks hard to do correctly on someLaunchers (Samsung Touchwiz, HTC). Some other wallpapers emulateit, but don't work for direct page selection.Version history:v1.0: initial release.v1.1: configurable colours.v1.2: correct black background when freshly installed (configproblem).v1.3: implement more suggestions and fix bugs: lockscreen rotationfixed, allow disabling of highlights and shading, center tilelayout, fix colours on older devices.v1.4: implement another suggestion: option to colour only gapsbetween tiles. also fix slight height padding layout problem.v1.5: implement another suggestion: option to scroll withhomescreen position. This will only work on devices with launcherswhich support scrolling wallpapers (notably, not SamsungTouchWiz).v1.6: back out scrolling support. it might return in the future,but for now it was a little under baked.v1.7: correct crash in touch handling at same time as screenrotation.
Anagramic Premium Key 1.0
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This app unlocks the whole set of gamesinAnagramic.See: