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Blade Chaos: Tales of Immortals 1.0.17
Welcome to Blade Chaos, newest mobile free-to-play MMORPG!BladeChaos let you experience epic stories of the Chinese novel,TheInvestiture of the Gods. Relive through the times when kingswereoverthrown and human heroes, immortals, and various spiritswerestruggling for power. A story of romance, conflicts,militarystrategy, wars and humanity versus supernatural beingsawaits youin Blade Chaos! Blade Chaos has an advanced relationshipsystemthat let you collect and raise your own pets, marry othersand havechildren. In addition, you can be whoever you want to bewith anevolved transmogrification, which allows you to changeyourappearance at any time. Come and embark on the journey tothiswonderful world. Game features: - Guild leagues, faction wars,Epicboss fights, and many PVP features - ProfoundTransmogrificationSystem that gives you one of a kind appearance.Choose any ofbanquet attires, refreshing swimsuits, maid dresses orsprinklingarmors that waiting for you to collect! - Equip superpowerfulrelics that grant you attribute enhancements and uniqueskills.Compose your runes to get the ultimate force abilities!Theface-off of the gods and devils is imminent! -Meet yoursweetheart,be involved in a roaring love affair, and organize yourownunforgettable wedding. Blade Chaos is a free-to-play game,butplayers can purchase totally optional game commodities viain-gamecurrency. Please feel free to contact us:[email protected] Formore news on Blade Chaos, please follow uson our facebook fanpage:https://www.facebook.com/BladeChaosOfficial/
Idle Smash Heroes 1.78
One of the most popular Pixel Idle Adventure RPG game in Asia isnowavailable on Google Play Store in English! Download now forlimitedtime free bonuses! Join players from around the world!Evolve yourhero on the journey to explore mysterious lands!Recruit champions,fight intense battles, build your own town, andtake part in fun PVPclan wars! IDLE SMASH HEROES – a game likeno-other with hundreds ofthings to do. A true mobile RPGexperience! GAME FEATURES: IDLE RPGGAMEPLAY It is completely up toyou how long you want to play! Jumpin for a few minutes (or a fewhours) and manage your heroes toincrease their skills and power.Explore hidden cavern, get newrecruits, construct new towns,become an emperor. Or just chill andchat with your friends. But ifyou are busy today, don’t worry! Thegame's design is to keep youprogressing with other players on theserver. Your heroes will earnnew levels and collect resources whileyou are away. COLLECT YOURFAVORITE CHARACTERS There are over500-pixel heroes to choose frominspired by real culturalreferences! You can focus on your owncustom-made hero or gather theultimate army! Each hero has its ownunique story and unique sets ofskills. If you are into animatedpixel art, you will have a blast!FULL CUSTOMIZATION Each of 500+characters has different classes.Some of them are archer,assassin, healer, warrior, and mage. It isup to you how you wantto evolve your heroes. Do you like to playclassic arch-class or doyou like to have a hybrid class such as apaladin or a war mage?SUMMON your pixel heroes. TRAIN them withunique skills. FEED themwith the food they like most. CRAFT thegear to improve theirpower. MATCH them with alike heroes to work asa team and unlockspecial bonuses. ENCHANT them using the magicmaterials. LOOT yourenemies for gold & glory! There arebillions of possiblecombinations! EPIC ADVENTURE Experience &Explore a journeywith mysterious dungeons, random encounters, andhumorous roleplaydialogues. Avoid traps and fight epic bosses tocollect legendaryequipment. Use the loot to craft gear ordisenchant them formagical dust. Join in daily for RPG quests tounlock more levelsand thousands of events to keep you engaged!BUILD YOUR CASTLE Onceyou reach level 150, you find a suitable landthat you like. Itallows you to settle down and become a general ofyour own castle!Improving the castle and buildings around it willgrant you extrabonuses. If you are into PVP clan wars, you canfight others tobecome a king of the nation or even make your cityinto an empire!PVP GUILD WARS Play alone or with friends! There aremany PVPevents to choose from, from nation and territory wars toarena andPVP contests. You can duel against your friends or bringyour wholearmies and lead them to conquer! Questions? Contact oursupport bysending an email to [email protected]
Champions Manager Mobasaka: 2021 New Football Game 1.0.252
In collaboration with FIFPro, officially authorized by FC Bayernanddubbed by the Jon champion of ESPN. It's a World Classexperiencefor all Football Manager fans.  Thousands ofmanagers cometogether to battle it out and prove who has what ittakes to lead ateam to ultimate success.  Professionalplayers are going crazyabout this game with over 3,500,000downloads worldwide. It’s yourtime to step up and show what yougot! Tired with the traditionalsports game like FIFA or pes? CMMcould be your new choice! It is anorigin game that you cansimulator your favourite stars like Ronaldoor Messi and decide todo the right choice, to pass or shot. Can yoube the winner, useyour score to get the world champion? Features ofthe game 1)Signedsuperstar players:More than 3000 playersavailable. Officiallyauthorized by FIFPro, the game includesseveral European Leaguesand more than 3000 professional playerswaiting for your call.Build the Ultimate team ever! 2)Heroicmoment:Time to shine Everyplayer has his heroic moment,demonstrating special abilities inthe competition. Combo tacticsand skills affect your opponents toyour advantage.3)Brotherhood:Best teammates  Football is agame of teamwork;every player linking up with his best teammateswill enhance teamperformance. 4)Player Upgrade:Advance+Enhance+Evolve =Level UpThere are lots of interestingmini-games that help your playerspractice and improve theirskills. This will bring out the best inyour players. 5) Build YourStadium: Upgrade Facilities to Beat YourRivals. Increase clubprofits and win more star players by upgradingstadiums, theresearch center, parking lot and other facilities. Setup theperfect environment for you and your playersFacebook:Https://www.facebook.com/ChampionsManagerMobasaka CustomServiceMail: [email protected]  Champions ManagerMobasaka isco-developed by Capstone Gaming and OneSports.
聖鬥士星矢:正義傳說 1.0.44
冥王甦醒,日蝕降臨!《聖鬥士星矢》漫畫正版授權,直向放置型手遊《聖鬥士星矢 正義傳說》全新版本冥王篇開啟!打破歎息之墻,攻入極樂淨土,再一次拯救雅典娜!解鎖冥衣皮膚,比拼巔峰戰技,老玩家回歸專屬福利,登陸遊戲還有更多好禮! 【正版授權重溫漫畫原作】《聖鬥士星矢》漫畫正版授權,高品質畫面再現經典劇情。率領星矢眾人,在十二宮中迎戰冥鬥士;勇闖冥界,拯救女神,重奪光明!沉浸式劇情副本,喚起你心中沉睡的熱血!【即時戰鬥 超燃必殺爆發】首款直向放置玩法《聖鬥士星矢》手遊,隨玩隨停。極致3D畫面,呈現即時製熱血對戰。動動手指,釋放原著超經典必殺。天馬流星拳、廬山升龍霸、閃電光速拳,聖鬥士超燃絕技一擊爆發!【全員集結 打造最強陣容】集結!冥王黑帝斯麾下108冥鬥士!拉達曼迪斯,死睡雙神盡在冥王篇陸續登場!集齊全部聖鬥士角色,組建守衛女神的最強陣容! 【豪華聲優助陣重燃熱血】全日語配音,演繹經典必殺絕技。原汁原味的聲音再次引燃每個人年少時的熱血記憶!石川界人、梶裕貴、櫻井孝宏、花江夏樹、杉田智和、坂本真綾、福山潤、石田彰……數十位日本超頂級聲優,豪華陣容帶領玩家回到聖域、勇闖冥界,讓小宇宙再次燃燒!【戰前策略佈陣 極限翻盤】收集《聖鬥士星矢》角色,自由選擇上陣鬥士,搭配組合出專屬於你的黃金陣容!水、火、風、土、光、暗六種星象,攻擊、防禦、念力、刺客四大類別;屬性克制、技能控制,在這裡沒有最強的聖鬥士,只有更強的陣容組合。青銅聖鬥士逆襲黃金聖鬥士,上演極限翻盤的戰鬥神話!【遊戲玩法豐富 享受樂趣】搭配最適合自己的聖鬥士戰鬥陣容,闖煉獄、攻入極樂淨土;體驗鬥士試煉、記憶時空、幻境迷宮;在競技場中稱霸銀河擂臺賽,公會成員一起參與挑戰。多種多樣趣味玩法,拒絕重複枯燥!
Ultimate Football Club: 冠軍球會 1.0.2266
Ultimate Football Club: 冠軍球會 is a new generation 3D mobile footballgame with FIFPro authorization and endorsement from Juventus,Bayern and other well-known football clubs. The game is made withthe most advanced 3D engine, brings an unusual football gameexperience! Combine players' custom skills with formation system,strategy achieve the ultimate football club! ***Game Features***FIFPro authorized, Juventus, Bayern Allstars Stand By FIFProofficially authorized, update regularly every season to show youthe most realistic football world. More than hundreds of teams andthousands of players, 100% restored the pure football, find all youwant here. Serie giant Juventus officials announced, the Ronaldoaccompany you to play. Heroic Moment Innovative manipulation of"Heroic moment", full control whether offence and defence, graspthe key of the game, make a right choice at the critical moment andcontrol the game yourself, you are the best player. VariousFormation You can choose a variety of formations, andswitch-on-the-fly tactics at any time. Choose the most suitabletactics for different opponents. Hundreds of lineup options,thousands of tactical combinations, on-the-spot tactics switchingat any time, flexible formation of team lineups, free switchingbetween offense and defense, choice of the most appropriate tacticsfor different opponents, and become the gold coach PVP Real-TimeBattle The game provides a complete PVP system, to have a chat withfriends anytime, anywhere, or freely match other players. Proveyourself in the football unions and leagues, challenge your playersin other regions on behalf of your club, and become a true footballmaster. Upgrade Your Football Superstar Customized playerattributes, each football player has his unique skills, use theiriconic stunts to make a name for themselves in the football world.Superstar develop plan, players break through multiple dimensions,inspire the unlimited potential of the team, and build an ultimateclub. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UFCHK Custom serviceemail: [email protected] Voice actor information: MarcusPittman(https://www.g-angle.co.jp/voice/narration/studio_narrator/en_eu/659)Ultimate Football Club: 冠軍球會 is co-developed by Capstone Gaming andOneSports.
關於我轉生變成史萊姆這檔事:魔物之王 1.16.0
《關於我轉生變成史萊姆這檔事:魔物之王》是一款主打策略對戰玩法的角色扮演手遊,由《關於我轉生變成史萊姆這檔事》動畫正版授權,並有原作者伏瀨老師參與監修!遊戲通過最尖端3D卡通渲染技術,將動畫中的魔國聯邦呈現在玩家眼前。在遊戲中,玩家可以「召喚魔物」、收集原作出場角色,組建強大魔物戰鬥陣容。遊戲更獨創「吞噬」玩法系統,讓玩家培養出專屬於自己的利姆路!聯動期間,馬丁亞斯、琉璃、阿爾瑪、伊莉絲將從異世界穿越而來,降臨坦派斯特聯邦國! 【轉生史萊姆,展開異世界冒險】史萊姆生活的開始。上班族三上悟被過路魔刺死,回過神來已經轉生到異世界。可身體竟然是史萊姆!獲得了叫利姆路的名字,開始了在各種各樣的種族所蠢動的這個世界,以“建立一個不問種族、快樂生活的國家“為目標的史萊姆人生--!【動畫正版授權,原作者參與監修】《關於我轉生變成史萊姆這檔事》動畫正版授權,玩家扮演朱拉・坦派斯特聯邦國的建立者「利姆路」,通過劇情關卡、魔物討伐等豐富玩法,回味原作經典情節,參與到魔國聯邦的日常活動中去,體驗成為魔物之王的滿滿成就感!原作者伏瀨老師參與監修,嚴格保證劇情的原汁原味,讓玩家在遊戲當中,重溫這個伴隨著劍與魔法的新「人」生(史萊姆生)!【超高人氣角色集結,連攜技制霸戰場】召喚魔物,動畫人氣角色紛紛登場!《關於我轉生變成史萊姆這檔事:魔物之王》匯聚蘭加、朱菜、紅丸、紫苑等眾多魔國聯邦成員,由玩家親手組建一支強大的魔物軍團!遊戲中,登場的英雄們劃分為輸出、防禦、輔助等多種類型,九宮格站位發揮角色屬性特長,展現最具策略性的戰前佈陣!派遣擁有著濃濃羈絆的英雄上陣戰鬥,更能夠觸發破壞力驚人的連攜技!電光火石之間,用暢快又酷炫的連擊技能,全方位壓制敵人!【獨創史萊姆系統,培養魔物之王利姆路】《關於我轉生變成史萊姆這檔事:魔物之王》打造獨一無二的「史萊姆」系統,百分之一百還原動畫中的「捕食者」——利用遊戲當中的「吞噬」玩法,給史萊姆餵食不同的道具碎片、材料,可以激活不同的戰鬥屬性與技能!就像動畫中的利姆路那樣,一邊戰鬥、一邊變強!選擇屬性、抗性各不相同的利姆路核心技能,搭配不同的魔物英雄,培養出獨屬於玩家自己的利姆路!再偷偷説一句,史萊姆不僅可以吞噬,還可以戳戳哦~最新技術實現的流體材質,保證滿足你想戳史萊姆的願望!【高清華麗畫面,隨手截屏都是桌布背景】《關於我轉生變成史萊姆這檔事:魔物之王》使用最新3D實時渲染技術,實現愈加精細絢麗的次世代畫面,讓每一次截屏都可以直接用做手機桌布!同步再現動畫酷炫技能,零距離享受頂級視覺效果!【超豪華聲優陣容,讓耳朵懷孕!】《關於我轉生變成史萊姆這檔事:魔物之王》邀請超一線聲優,傾情獻聲,充分滿足動畫粉絲、聲優粉絲心願!超豪華陣容,呈上最完美聽覺享受!利姆路CV:岡咲美保 井澤靜江CV:花守由美里 蜜莉姆CV:日高里菜 紅丸CV:古川慎 紫苑CV:M·A·O 朱菜CV:千本木彩花蘭加CV:小林親弘 戈畢爾CV:福島潤 哥布達CV:泊明日菜 【官方資訊】FB粉絲頁:https://www.facebook.com/SlimeMobile客服郵箱:[email protected] 【分級資訊】※本遊戲內容涉及暴力(無血腥畫面)、性(部份角色穿著凸顯性特徵之服飾),依遊戲軟體分級管理辦法分類為輔15級。※本遊戲為免費遊戲,但遊戲內另提供購買虛擬遊戲幣、物品等付費服務,請依個人興趣及能力進行適度消費。※請注意遊戲時間,避免沉迷,長時間進行遊戲,容易影響作息,宜適度休息及運動。本遊戲由艾瑞爾網路股份有限公司代理,如有疑問,請以本遊戲客服管道聯繫。
Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice
The 2022 brand new Saint Seiya-themed mobile game, “SaintSeiya:Legend of Justice” is about to be officially launched![Officialauthorization to revive the original manga] Adapted fromSaintSeiya series and under the original writer KurumadaMasami'ssupervision! Classic plot reproduced by high-qualitypictures. Inthe company of Seiya, Ikki, Shiryû, Hyôga, Shun, youcan enter thesanctuary, challenge the 12 gold knights, smash theMaster'sconspiracy, and save the goddess Athena! 【Real-time fiercebattle,burning your cosmo】 Play the 2022 brand new "Saint Seiya"mobilegame anywhere and anytime which shows you heart-beatingbattleswith 3D screen. Release the classic skills, Pegasus MeteorPunch,Rozan Rising Dragon Blow, Flying Phoenix on your finger![Collectknights to create the strongest team] The 88 Knights underthegoddess Athena assemble! Phoenix Ikki, Dragon Shiryû, VirgoShaka,Gemini Saga...Gather your favorite knights to form thestrongestformation for guarding goddesses! 【Strategic formationturns defeatinto victory】 There are six elements of Water, Fire,Air, Earth,Light and Darkness, four types of Protector, Warrior,Assassin, andSkilled Knights, attribute restraint and controlskills, there isno strongest knight but only stronger formation.Bronze knightscounterattack gold knights, staged battle myths ofturning defeatinto victory! [Tons of content provides you much funto enjoy] Formyour teams, challenge the Twelve Palaces; experienceKnight'sTrial, Memory Space, Maze of Visions; dominate the GalaxianWars,and participate in the challenge with guild members. Varietyofgameplay awaits you! [Classic voices redolent of youthmemory]Dubbed by dozens of Japanese top voice actors, Saint Seiya:Legendof Justice will awaken your youth memory, lead you back tothesanctuary, let cosmo burn again!