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FFT Spectrum Live Wallpaper 1.0.20100908.1
Ho Lum Cheung
Edit: October 31 2015 - Added detailed purpose of app. Sorry I havenot had time to work on this.This is a simple yellow and red wallpaper that shows thefrequency spectrum of the music you're playing.It's not configurable and may not work well or at all with somedevices.Some devices seem to need a restart for the listening service towork.The math (low pass filters, frequency range) is also geared to mypersonal tastes.It uses Android's MusicVisualizer library for the heavy lifting,and thus may not support some devices' bluetooth players (and othermusic players).If anyone knows of a free application that will show a FFT(frequency/spectrum analysis) of the music currently playing (ex.from Spotify), let me know. This is EXACTLY why I made this app --to enjoy awesome violin solos. I would very much prefer to use aprofessional's work myself and will link it here if you tell meabout it. I myself used to have an app that was much better codedwhich came default with the Samsung phone.About the lack of updates: I have a day job, and nobody wouldpay big bucks for this anyway. If you want the source code, e-mailme and I will dig it up and upload to github.