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Computer Course in Hindi - Learn from Home 4.1.2
✓ Learn Computer from Home. Digital Education ✓ Online ComputerCourse for Kids class 1st to 12th ✓ Online Computer Course forProfessional in Sales, Marketing, Social Media and Accounting ✓Best Computer Course App in Hindi Language ✓ Supports Digital IndiaMovement started by Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi ✓More than 50 Lakh people learning computer from the Computer CourseApp ✓ Computer Course with Video Courses ✓ Get knowledge ofMicrosoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Photoshop, Computer Hardware andmany more topic Computer knowledge is the basic need in this fastgrowing world. You must know the basics of the computer, how tooperate a computer, how to work on Microsoft word, excel and powerpoint are essential for any professional and businessman. ThisComputer Course application is specially designed for the peoplewho want to learn the basics of the computer operations. You canlearn operating a computer in just 15 days via learning from thissimple application. This application is in HINDI and explain allthe things very clearly with images and simple text, so that anyonecan understand and learn. It does not require you to be an expertin computer programming or english to learn computer basics.Computer Course Application covers following important topics: -Fundamentals of Basic Computer Operations - Microsoft Word -Microsoft Excel - Microsoft Powerpoint - Adobe Photoshop - AdobePagemaker - Basics of Computer Hardware - Type of Printers and Howto operate a Printer - Generations of Computer and Types ofComputers - Types of Monitors (LCD and CRT) - Various Ports andModem - Tricks and Tips for daily computer use Via this app we wantto live the Digital India and Skill India dream of Honorable PrimeMinister of India Mr. Narendra Modi and help to make #DigitalIndiaand #SkillIndia. We want to reach out to the all the people, eventhe one who are living in the remote villages of India, so thatthey can learn the computer on their own using this application andcan have access to the online worlds of opportunities and growfurther. Digital India is aimed to make the India Digital, so thatthe efficiency of the work can be enhanced and at the same we canconsume the services in much better way. Today, all the Governmentpolicies and plans are focusing electronic delivery. You can applyfor passport, driving license, Aadhaar (UID) Card, Ration Card,Voter ID Card etc online using the government website and henceeveryone should be able to use the computer and this computercourse aims to provide the same. At the same time, Skill India aimsto make the people of India Skilled, so that everyone can live witha pride and grow with the technology and advancement. Developingthe Computer Skills are key in today's worlds. Even in most theprivate or government jobs, you must have exposure to the computerknowledge and skill. This application is complete FREE to use andyou can share this with your friends, family members, loved onesand all other people, so that we can help each and everyone tolearn computer. We have build this application in HINDI and in verysimple language, so that everyone can learn from this application.As India's Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modi has announceddemonetization of Rs. 1000 and Rs. 500 currency notes to curb theblack money and pushing Cashless Economy big time, ComputerEducation becomes very important for each and every citizen ofIndia. Every Indian should learn basic computer, so that everyonecan perform online transactions using Credit Card and Debit Cardand can help in builidng Cashless Economy and a better India. Youcan write your suggestions to us at [email protected]
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