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Phone Profiles
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PhoneProfiles is not more maintained. If you want, installPhoneProfilesPlus and in Editor menu use function"Backup/restore"/"Import data from PhoneProfiles". Configure thedevice for life situations (at home, at work, in your car, sleepoutside, ...) with one click. Only manual configuration. Forautomatic device configuration check my applicationPhoneProfilesPlus. **** Please report me bugs, comments andsuggestions to my mail. Speed up the especially bug fixes. Thankyou very much. **** *** Please help me with translation, thank you:https://crowdin.com/project/phoneprofilesplus *** features: - forphones and tablets (tablet UI) - source profile - add, edit,duplicate, delete profiles (Editor) - activating profile with clickfrom popup window (Activator) - notifications: status bar, toast,notification icons style - application theme - light/dark - widgets- icon, one row, profile list - shortcut into profile - "drag anddrop" profiles reordering (Editor) - import/export profilespreferences into sdcard profile features: - ringer mode, soundvolume, speakerphone, sounds, airplane mode, automatic datasynchronization, mobile data, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, screentimeout, screen brightness, screen auto-rotation, run application,launcher wallpaper, lockscreen on/off, Wi-fi hotspot, power savemode, lock device, connect to SSID - airplane mode: from Android4.2 only on rooted devices - GPS: for not-rooted devices only viasecurity hole, when found in device - NFC: only on rooted devices -temporary profile activation - Interruptions (Android 5.0), reqiresroot - Mobile data requires root for Android 5.0 - Lockscreenworking only for non-secure lockscreen - Power save mode requiresroot Source code (free of use): -https://github.com/henrichg/PhoneProfiles
Phone Profiles Plus
Henrich Gron
Automatically configure the device for life situations.